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5 Essential Tips for Cost-Effective Mobile Application Development


Guess I have a billion-dollar idea! Yes, this mobile application could be the next big thing to dominate the application store.

But wait, what about the costs of development? It might burn a hole in my pocket. Isn’t there a more

accessible, cost-effective way?

We believe that’s the situation of a majority of innovators and entrepreneurs to be. The process of mobile application development is primarily related to huge investments and massive fortune. When it comes to app development, nobody thinks that there could be an easier way, but here it is.

Interestingly, people have and are still developing applications within a limited budget.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Development

There’s no single factor to decide the costs. The factors affecting development can depend on a number of variables like:

  • iOS or Android app development or cross-platform app
  • Features of the App – Simple, Complex, or, Medium functionalities.
  • App hosting and security costs.

Knowing the right blend of factors that contribute to your application is necessary. The better you know, the more are your chances of developing an ideal app in a cost-effective manner.

Let’s uncover some tips to help you develop a cost-effective application.

Key Pointers for Pocket-Friendly Mobile Application Development

1. Consider Outsourcing your project

Hiring in-house talents can be an expensive affair. When you decide to opt for cost-effective development opportunities, outsourcing makes for a sound decision.

Outsourcing your projects gives you the flexibility to select from a global pool of professionals. Moreover, costs of development are also influenced by geographical locations. When you outsource your mobile application development, you have a higher chance of getting a variable range of development.

Outsourcing your project saves time, effort, and costs as well.

2. Prioritize Features based on Development Cost vs. User Needs

Let’s say you want both payment gateway and live-streaming features for developing an app like Netflix. Now, it is no rocket science to understand that these features come at a cost.

But does this mean you should ditch such primary features for your app? No, because there will be no point in using the app then.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the core USP of your app and prioritize individual features. This way, you cut off one of the costs and can focus better on user needs.

3. Utilize Templates for your App Design

Designing the UI and UX is probably the most challenging part of the job. Mobile application development from scratch is undoubtedly a costly affair.

So, what’s the smarter way? Go for free UI kits and templates available online.

These free but elegant design prototypes can be the turning point of the entire development process. To make the most out of such designs, you can get them customized by your development company.

4. Go for a Cross-platform app

Developing an application for either Android or iOS can be confusing. On the other hand, developing individual applications for both can be a costly affair.

Here, going for a cross-platform app could be your best solution for cost-effective app development.

Cross-platform apps are similar to native apps and can also run smoothly across platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS. These applications are developed using a variety of methods and are low on maintenance as well. Further, the reusability of their codes makes it one of the most viable solutions.

Here are some development technologies used by developers of cross-platform applications:

  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Ionic
  • Titanium
  • Cordova
  • Flutter
  • And several others.

5. Keep a tab on the Maintenance Costs

You cannot simply skip out on maintenance; application maintenance can be the breaking point for your budget.

For instance, you’ll need different third-party applications to run notification, marketing, payments, and other such features.

Now, of course, you have access to free alternatives, but nothing beats the maintenance costs.

Go for a Cost-Effective Mobile App!

Developing your first-ever mobile app might be a daunting task, and outsourcing your project might

seem uncomfortable. There’s no denying it!

Remember, with over 2.87 million and increasing smartphone applications; not everybody started with an in-house team. Lastly, when developing a cost-effective mobile application development, don’t compromise with the core features.