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Xnspy iPhone Spy App: A Detailed look into Features and Performance

There is a large number of iPhone spy apps available in the market that ensures to log almost everything a device does while promising to remain hidden. Compromised devices are easily traceable through GPS that can be used to access call logs and text messages. Configuring such software on iOS devices seem to be questionable due to their improved security method, but top-rated spying apps for iPhone like Xnspy have made this task easier than ever before. Xnspy for iPhone is our top pick because it is the only spy app currently offering highly advanced features with enhanced performance. Here’s what you need to know about the features and performance of this iPhone spy app.

A Legitimate Use

iPhone spy apps, by their very nature, are designed to snoop on others. For this very reason, spy apps are considered illegal. Most spy apps are marketed in a very broad way, but Xnspy is marketed as a legitimate security tool. Parents use it to keep tabs on their kids’ digital activities. With the rising digital threats – online predators, virtual kidnapping, child pornography, and many others – parents prefer to spy on their kids’ devices to ensure their digital safety. With the proliferation of technology, cybercrimes are increasing and have become more costly for organizations. With this rising threat, it has become essential for organizations to keep up with the development and learn how to keep their confidential data safe. Most of the employers use spy apps to monitor the activities of their employees to prevent data breaches.

Xnspy is one of the most advanced iPhone spy apps that enable the user to track all the activities of a person via their iPhone. Xnspy tops the best iPhone spy apps list for 2019 due to its extensive device compatibility, reliability, and advanced spying tools. Xnspy is functional with all the latest versions of iOS and works in complete stealth mode. With its no download, iPhone spying can never get any easier. Once subscribed, you can access all the information by simply logging in to your Xnspy web portal. You have to make sure that the device you want to monitor is connected to the internet and has iCloud backup enabled.

Setting up

iCloud spying is Xnspy’s best security tool offered to concerned parents and employers who have been looking for an easy spying solution. Xnspy’s configuration set up is simple and neat. You have to make sure you have the following:

As mentioned above, you have to make sure that iCloud backup is enabled on the monitored device.

Step 1: Use the credentials you have received via email to sign in to your Xnspy web account

Step 2: Select iOS as your platform and from the next window click on iCloud setup

Step 3: Enter the iCloud credentials of the device you want to monitor

Step 4: From the list of registered devices with the iCloud credentials, choose the device you want to spy on

Step 5: Click Finish to complete the setup

Important Note: Xnspy iPhone spy app can work on iOS versions 6.X, 7.X up to 12.3.2

Pricing and Packages

Xnspy offers two editions based on the offered features. According to your spying needs, you can choose the right tool.

Basic Edition

Xnspy Basic is available for three different pricing plans: Monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Its one-month subscription will cost you $29.99 per month. You can buy a three-month subscription for $41.99 per quarter. For an annual subscription, you will be billed $4.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

Premium Edition

Xnspy Premium offers all the advanced spying tools that can be purchased by opting one of the three available pricing plans. Xnspy Monthly will cost you $35.99 per month. On the other hand, its long-term plans are more beneficial if you want to save some money. The quarter and annual subscriptions are offered at $59.99 per quarter and $89.99 per year, respectively.



Before buying, reviews are one of the best ways to assess the performance of an app. Overall, I have read positive reviews of the customers on popular reviewing sites implying that Xnspy has highly satisfied customers. Most of the customers have appreciated their customer support services, reasonable pricing, and enhanced features. Even most of the experts have recommended Xnspy as a top-rated spying app for iPhone. Here I have mentioned customer reviews posted on the reviewing website Site Jabber:

“It did the job – The most amazing feature is the instant notifications, as I don’t have to scroll through all the stuff of my kid’s phone. I have added specific words and phrases, and Xnspy alerts me whenever he uses those words in texts or emails instantly. The app offers all the claimed features, and it did the job very well. Overall, I am satisfied with the app and signing off this review with 5 stars.”Vijay K.

“Satisfied – So far this is the best parental monitoring app. I have tried a few apps before, but for the money, Xnspy offers the most features. It has solved all my concerns regarding monitoring my teen’s photos, chats, calls, emails, and even browsing history. Installation was simple, and it is easy to use and view all the info that it gathers from my kids’ phones.”Adnan J.

Should you get it?

Xnspy, as an iPhone spy app, is a reliable and efficient spying tool. At a time where digital threats and cybercrimes have become major concerns, Xnspy can be very beneficial for those who want to keep an eye on digital activities of a person. Though spy apps can be used for the unethical purpose, therefore, the user must consider all the legal aspects for using such services.


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