About That Clock In The Mac’s Dock


Wait! What? There’s a clock in the Mac’s Dock? Uh, no. The only real clock we get in macOS High Sierra (or previous versions) is the Date & Time feature in System Preferences and the time displayed in the Mac’s Menubar.

What’s the deal with that? Time is an important feature of our lives. Even the Clock app in iOS is vastly superior to the Dat & Time options in macOS. Calendar in the Dock displays the day of the month. Where’s the time? If time and alarms are important to you, then try DClock.

Half Baked Time

Apple’s Date & Time feature in macOS Sierra is half-baked. Clock in iOS is fully baked. That’s the gold standard for the basics of time– world clocks, stopwatch, timer, bedtime, alarm. Clock has it all. Date & Time has squat other than time and only in the Menubar.

DClock is more fully baked but not quite there yet. But, it’s in the Dock.


See? A nice analog clock that’s easier to view than the Date & Time in the Mac’s Menubar. Plus, it comes with a few useful features Apple seems to think Mac users don’t need.

Alarms? Hello? Apple. Are you there, Apple? People need alarms.

DClock has alarms.


Alarms are set much the same way as Clock on iOS but with fewer features. Set the alarm time for everyday, every weekend, or just a single alarm. What’s missing is the option for additional alarm sounds, but it will display within Notifications (not as useful as on iPhone or iPad).


Wait! There’s more!

DClock also has a built-in Stopwatch which works much like the Clock in iOS. It displays the timer, the Start and Stop button are the same button, but there’s also a built-in lap button and lap timers are displayed and visible. There’s also a Dark Theme to match your Finder selection.

What’s missing in DClock are the options for World Clocks to display cities in different time zones, the handy Bedtime function within Clock on iOS, and a bevy of additional alarm sounds.

DClock for Mac

There’s much to like, including the price. You’ll get change from a dollar. You can also setup multiple alarms. What’s nice is the inclusion of a visible analog clock in the Mac’s Dock. I like that.


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