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19 Best Painting Services Singapore Providers In 2022

painting services Singapore

This post will explain painting services Singapore. Glancing to add a splash of colour or brighten up your home with a new coat of paint? Local painting companies are capable of painting your painting or other substantial painting services. To assist you in creating the ideal painting look for your house or place of business, several painting service companies also provide painting design services. Discover more about Singapore’s Best Painting Services by reading on. To read more articles like this:

19 Best Painting Services Singapore Providers In 2022

In this article, you can know about painting services Singapore here are the details below;

1. Reliable Painting

One of the most well-known businesses in Singapore offering professional painting services is Reliable Painting. Their qualified and experienced team is their main USP. The Covid safety guidelines are adhered to. They serve a wide range of clients and complete more than 250 projects annually for a long list of grateful clients. This is another painting services Singapore. Also check property management Services

Additionally, their painters receive training in a variety of products, including Nippon, Dulux, ICI, Jotun, etc. Additionally, they have completed tasks while working with specialist paints like Benjamin Moore and Gush. They also specialise in modest interior waterproofing projects, plastering and repair, and mould repair.

Key Differences

  1. Singapore’s most affordable painting prices
  2. has experience painting a variety of property kinds, such as private apartments and landed property.

Costs / Price Spiral

Below are some suggested pricing that are available upon request:

Customer Testimonials

I’m thrilled with the way my room turned out. They performed a wonderful job painting. Our cement job was also completed. I’m also happy about that. Overall, the work was excellent. All of my inquiries about the services were clarified and answered by David, who also followed up. pleasant encounter

2. Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has established the bar for perfection when it comes to high-end paints for your home. Since their founding in 1883, they include been dedicated to fulfilling their founder’s dream of creating the best paints and finishes. Benjamin Moore became a member of a family of businesses led by Warren Buffett when Berkshire Hathaway acquired them in 2000. This family of businesses is characterised by sustainable brands that stand out from the crowd of rivals. This is another painting services Singapore.

Today, Benjamin Moore is a top producer of high-end interior and exterior paint coatings for homes and businesses. To ensure the quality of their paints, they produce their own resins and unique Gennex® colourants using their patented waterborne processes. Every time you paint, Benjamin Moore paints are designed to help you get stunning, long-lasting results thanks to their unmatched collection of real colours.

Key Differences

  1. Rate paint quality
  2. Benjamin Moore Paints are very long-lasting, astonishingly fade-resistant, and eco-friendly. Gennex’s invention makes it possible for our zero-VOC paints to maintain their zero-VOC status even after being tinted with Gennex colourants, something that would be impossible with a generic, all-purpose colourant.
  3. Widespread Color Portfolio
  4. Their colour range is full of inspiring hues that turn ordinary rooms into amazing environments, with better than 3,600 shades ranging from bold deeps to flawlessly pales.
  5. Skillful Workmanship
  6. At Benjamin Moore Paints, we take great pleasure in the quality of our paints and our adept craftsmanship. You may depend on them for a seamless painting experience because they offer straightforward price packages for various property types and in-depth expertise.

Customer Testimonials

I’m using Benjamin Moore paints for the first time today. I must admit that I am truly happy with the calibre of Momo and Win’s paintwork. Prior to beginning the painting project, they took a lot of time to cover the space to protect the furniture and floors from paint stains. My wife and I are given a very patient tour of the paint selecting procedure by the sales representative. He even checks to see that the workmen are accurately painting the entire apartment. Both their service and Benjamin Moore paint come highly recommended.

3. Painting Guy SG

For both HDBs and condos, offers dependable house painting services. Painting over 100 homes in Singapore has contributed to their exceptional job. They believe in providing high-quality and great painting jobs, and their skilled contractors are trained in painting and have at least five years of experience. Additionally, can offer guidance on the shades and kinds of paint that are best for your painting requirements.

Key Differences

  1. Every painter has a minimum of five years of experience.
  2. Apply at least two fresh coats of paint to every wall.
  3. Painting outside walls with rock climbing gear (a less expensive option to scaffolding)

4. Meptech Painting Services

A company with 11 years of painting experience is Meptech Painting Services. They provide painting services for residential and commercial properties including HDB, condos, landed homes, and businesses.

All of their painters have backgrounds in commercial painting. Their painting services

come with a guarantee that lasts at least a year.

Key Differences

  1. Experienced painters with a lot of professional training
  2. able to handle characteristics of all sizes.
  3. All of their painting services come with a one-year warranty.
  4. Reasonably priced painting packages for residential and commercial buildings.

5. A&J Painting

A&J Painting offers consumers house painting services (home owners). No subcontracting and not working for the main contractor or the ID/ Designer to offer the best direct price and services To assure excellent painting services for your wonderful property, they only employ singapore Professional Painters. Along with painting, the organisation offers handyman services including electrical, air conditioning, floor polishing, plumbing, and drilling holes for picture hangings. This is another painting services Singapore.

Key Differences

  1. Outstanding Painting Service
  2. An array of services

Customer Testimonials

“Alvin is very prompt with his communication and has helped to prioritise to start their work for my house on phrase 2 – first day. The painters are both very nice and is excellent in their painting work completed less than 2 days with good touch-up that looks flawless like new. A&J Painting is highly recommended for paint services. After finishing their work, they absolutely need to help sweep my house clean!”

6. Paint Service Singapore

Offering the most trusted painting services island-wide, they provide a fresh coat of paint to make your house or commercial building seem more vibrant, from studio apartments to workplaces and HDBs. They have been in business long enough to understand how to provide our clients with high-quality, expert painting services at reasonable prices.

Key Differences

  1. Interior design professionals
  2. Superior Paint
  3. The ability to paint both commercial and residential properties

7. 5 Star Painting

The most affordable painting services in Singapore are provided by 5 Star Painting. Every Singaporean home will have access to affordable painting, according to their commitment. All of Singapore’s clients receive excellent services from their team of painting contractors, who are committed to doing so. They will always maintain high standards for quality while keeping their pricing low for everyone. This is another painting services Singapore.

When you select the company’s services and contractors, they ensure that you receive high-quality services. They offer you a long-lasting finish for your Singapore home with even their most affordable paints, which are of the highest calibre. You may easily colour any room, house, HDB, or condo while working with our skilled, dependable, and expert contractors.

Key Differences

  1. Reputable painting services
  2. An enthusiastic painting of painters
  3. A wide range of services, such as interior and exterior painting

Customer Testimonials

I was looking for painting services when I came across 5 Star. I called Joshua after reading the positive reviews, and he quickly arrived for a site study a few days later. He provided a suitable quotation in addition to some insightful recommendations.

A bunch of very polite and skilled relatives came to paint the house during those days, and they worked quite hard and were very accommodating. During painting, all furniture and floors will be shielded. Joshua also gave me instructions on how to care for the paint job once the job was finished.

I am really happy with the service and encourage customers to think about 5 Star.

8. Cozy Painting Services

You may rely on Coozy Painting for assistance at every level of the design process, from consultation to completion. From the beginning to the completion of the process, they’ll offer you their professional guidance at each stage. They are among the most reliable companies there are for painting in Singapore. They excel at developing unique and fashionable solutions for your house or place of business. Whether you want a strong splash of colour or a more subtle change in hue, they will work closely with you to confirm that you have the colours and design you want.

Key Differences

  1. Free on-site estimate
  2. Electrical and plumbing services

9. Singapore Painters Compared

Are you interested in learning which painting services in Singapore are the most affordable? We’ve found a website that’s ideal for you. You may compare painting service providers all throughout Singapore on the Singapore Painter Compared website. You may easily connect with only the most reliable companies on their huge list. This is another painting services Singapore.

In Singapore, they provide dependable painting services. By giving you a customised quote rather than a general pricing for the area, they can help you save time and money. Your area’s and the painting requirements can be handled by their team’s mapping technology, resulting in more accurate price estimates that are sure to match your budget.

Key Differences

A sizable worldwide directory

  1. Reliable price estimations
  2. Free estimate is offered

10. Colour Creative Painting Services

If you currently reside in a location that is far from the city, you might be unsure if professional painters are still active in your area. Fortunately, Colour Creative Painting Service covers the entire island of Singapore. Their qualified and talented contractors have been advising clients on colour selections and design as well as carrying them out in a tasteful and professional manner for more than ten years.

Key Differences

  1. Complete domestic painting services
  2. Personalization is used in interior design

Customer Testimonials

Instead of merely pricing, James came down to look at the area and provide a recommendation as to whether or not the sealer was necessary. I needed the painting job finished quickly because I was in a rush. He was able to fit in a holiday that the guys often don’t work (appreciate this). The painting job was excellent, and my house now has a new look.

11., which was established by Paintland in 2012, is based on the premise that Singaporean households seek affordable, high-quality paint jobs performed by painters with experience. They attempt to elevate painting services to a professional occupation and offer Singaporeans who desire good paint projects a platform to quickly locate painting contractors. They offer a prompt and expert service because all of their painters work for them in-house and are available to start the following day!

Key Differences

  1. Uses NIPPON paint that is 100 percent guaranteed
  2. There is a 2-year warranty on every paintwork.
  3. ACRA-registered painting business (53230884X)
  4. Interior painters and project managers

Customer Testimonials

expert assistance. Patrick’s crew did an excellent job, and he is very helpful.

12. Nippon Paint

For residential furnishings, skyscrapers, commercial buildings, and industrial structures, Nippon Paint provides both interior and exterior painting services. You won’t need to stress about how much paint or other materials you’ll need because they offer the highest quality paint at great prices. This is another painting services Singapore.

Their painting services come in affordable packages, making it easy for you to plan out all of your expenses. The packages are categorised according to how many sectors they will be working on. If you’re unsure of what you want to paint, they also provide themes and palette possibilities. In addition to offering painting services, they also provide a variety of top-notch paint materials. Call Nippon Paint right away for a quote or further details!

Key Differences

  1. DIY paint advice
  2. A variety of paint products are available.
  3. Special offers and deals are available

Customer Testimonials

Had Ken’s crew, which included their supervisor Ao, paint the room. The team provided excellent service and did very meticulous job. I want to thank the staff one more and give Nippon Paint a perfect 10 for home painting.

13. PS Painting Service Singapore

One of the best picture firms in the area if you need expert painting services for your house, condo, HDB, office, or room. PS Painting Service Singapore provides a range of excellent painting services at upfront, affordable costs, and they only work with high-quality materials. Their staff of office and home painters has more than 20 years of experience, and they’re prepared to assist with the painting job your home or office needs!

Key Differences

  1. Transparent and affordable pricing
  2. An available team of painters for homes and offices
  3. Reliable service

14. Clean Worthy

Singapore’s CleanWorthy is a painting business. They believe that straightforward pricing and customer service should be the standard for all companies. You can trust CleanWorthy because they specialise in home and office painting services. Painting jobs have occasionally been stressful, but with CleanWorthy’s expert and dependable painters and reasonable prices, you can relax knowing that your task will be finished correctly and quickly.

Key Differences

  1. Superb Group Of Pleasant Painters
  2. Reliability and cleanliness
  3. Excellent Services

Customer Testimonials

Excellent customer service, promptness, and responsiveness. 100% clean air conditioning ledge. Take out the bird nest and waste. Well done!

15. SG One Stop Services & Repair

However hard we strive, our houses will never be perfect. It’s comparable to how deterioration affects our other possessions. SG One Stop Services & Repair can be helpful in this situation. This company, which goes by its given name, is well known for offering a variety of home improvement services, including painting, plumbing, electrical work, masonry work, window and door installation, landscaping, and more. This is another painting services Singapore. Also check condo management software

Even though we value SG One Stop Services & Repair’s extensive array of services, we suggest them for a different reason. It’s due of the employees of the business. You see, SG One Stop Services & Repair is composed of experts from several fields who work together to make a highly effective, reliable team. Therefore, SG One Stop Services & Repair can take care of all of your home needs. To put it another way, it’s more effective and efficient than hiring a different person for each home issue.

Key Differences

  1. A timely and competent crew
  2. A vast selection of services, such as handyman services

Customer Testimonials

Excellent service; the electricians who arrived were polite and knowledgeable. They completed their work swiftly and well.

16. Painter Cube


The Painter Cube offers a full range of interior painting services. They offer wallpapering, wall and ceiling repair, waterproofing, wall mural art, and wall painting in addition to providing wall painting for HDB houses, condos, landed properties, and commercial properties, giving them a one-stop shop for almost all of your wall-related needs.

Key Differences

  1. No cost touch-ups
  2. Services for painting wood floors are offered

Customer Testimonials

Exceptionally sincere and competent service. The painting crew arrived at the scheduled time and did their utmost to finish the job with meticulous craftsmanship. Great work at a reasonable cost. Thanks!

17. Stamford Paint

Maybe you’re planning a home repair project and require a painting that can paint houses in Singapore to a high standard. In order to schedule your paint job, Stamford Painters may provide you with an exact price and a project manager. Paint with the best painting company in Singapore. They will be available to help you through the painting process, respond to any questions you may have, and ensure your complete satisfaction. This is another painting services Singapore.

Key Differences

  1. Offers prompt assistance, high-quality painting at affordable prices, and perfect craftsmanship
  2. Services for dry wall partitioning, floor polishing, and professional painting

Customer Testimonials

My unit had excellent painting and marble polishing work from the Stamford Painters crew. We were treated kindly and accomodatingly by Jewel & Mazed as well. George, their project manager, also arrived to make sure the workers were acting appropriately. I’ll suggest it to my relatives and friends.

18. Nouve

A one-stop shop for residential renovations and upgrades is Nouve Home Services. They offer a variety of services, including expert moving and house cleaning, interior painting, air conditioning cleaning, curtain dry cleaning, and even marble polishing. Once your planning is done, you can rely on them to handle everything.

Key Differences

  1. Skilled and competent contractors
  2. Moving and safeguarding flooring and furnishings

Customer Testimonials

The team performed a fantastic job with our handover and helped us relax during the stressful shifting process. I heartily endorse them.

19. Services Schulze Pte. Ltd

A company that specialises in remodelling and interior design is called Service Schulze Pte. The parent firm, Service Schulze, has been in business for almost 15 years and has remained active in offering services in numerous nations during that time. Although they sell materials, they primarily use them for their remodelling and interior design projects. For usage in these projects, wall and floor panels can be purchased. This is another painting services Singapore.

Key Differences

  1. Foam tiles and moulding
  2. Unique wall decor
  3. Renovating the ceiling and painting the walls

Painting Services Singapore

The businesses we’ve mentioned above that offer painting services in Singapore deliver excellent work at reasonable costs. Numerous delighted clients adore the superb painting they have got. Therefore, before choosing a painting service for your subsequent paint job, be sure to examine the many painting services that are offered.

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