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Top 15 Best Proactivanet Alternatives In 2022


A contemporary IT service management tool is Proactivanet. It is designed to support service management professionals in their daily tasks. You may view all information from incidents, notifications, planned and unplanned work, open tickets, and more on the dashboard.

It also includes a tonne of pre-built connectors and workflows. It is a cloud-based tool that aids company owners in achieving their objectives, enhancing their offerings, and reducing costs. Proactive monitoring, ticket routing, and business case management are all included in the basic solution.

It generated a comparison table for you that is simple to understand to make things easier for you. All the equipment required for various IT services, including help desk software, asset management, remote control and monitoring, application administration, and much more, may be found here.

You may manage your entire business in addition to the standard tools for an IT administrator. It is, in a nutshell, the best programme for managing IT services.

Top 15 Best Proactivanet Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about proactivanet alternative here are the details below;

1. Cherwell Service Management

Small and medium-sized enterprises can use Cherwell Service Management, a cloud-based IT service management system. It enables businesses to efficiently, promptly, and affordably manage their IT services and support operations. Also check Software Service

It provides customers with a quick snapshot of their whole IT service portfolio, including all tickets and problems, making it simple to identify bottlenecks or potential areas for development.

Its goal is to provide the best IT service management tools to businesses of all sizes.

Setting up and managing your IT service desk is simple with this software.

Once you’ve taught your users, you can configure it easily and intuitively because it was built on the premise that you should be able to do everything with a few simple clicks. This is another Proactivanet alternative.

It enables the delivery of top-notch IT services by IT service providers and their clients.

Service providers may increase productivity and profitability, lower risk, and strengthen their brand thanks to the unique built-in operations intelligence it has. Overall, the service management solution is seamless.

2. SolarWinds Service Desk

The straightforward, integrated support solution SolarWinds Service Desk, which is a component of the SolarWinds IT management portfolio, enables enterprises to pro-actively provide support for the whole lifecycle of their technological investments. This is another Proactivanet alternative.

It supports the modules for the Help Desk, Knowledge Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, and Change Management.

It gives organisations the ability to simplify and automate routine IT support tasks like IT service requests, change management, and asset management.

It allows your IT team access to all of your client information from nearly any device because it is a web-based application (desktop or mobile).

With SolarWinds Service Desk, you can empower your help desk to perform more while streamlining your IT services and providing quicker issue resolution.

Customers will be pleased as a result of your help desk working more effectively with your IT staff and handling routine non-technical queries more quickly.

It resolves issues more quickly the first time, breaking the cycle of reopened tickets, thanks to a visual overview of IT, feature-rich ticketing, and extensive network monitoring. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal service management solution.

3. ServiceDesk Plus

An ITSM tool called ServiceDesk Plus is assisting businesses in changing the way they provide IT services.

It is a collection of procedures and instruments that aid businesses in providing effective IT services to their workers, business partners, or clients.

They can define their IT service strategy, delivery and design procedures, responsibility assignments, and other operational duties across the entire lifespan of IT services with its assistance.

The secure modern method of managing IT requests and incidents specific to your domain is ServiceDesk Plus.

This is another Proactivanet alternative. It is an app that was created using the new Share Point App concept and was made to function across all significant platforms.

With its cutting-edge ITSM solution, your staff can complete tasks more quickly and devote more time to the important things.

You may handle events and requests, work together on problems and solutions, and react more quickly with its assistance. It is an ideal service management solution all around.

4. AI Service Management

An IT service management tool called AI Service Management assists in automating IT help desk, IT service desk, and IT support ticketing systems.

IT helpdesk and IT support ticketing system-related issues can be greatly reduced with the aid of an AI-based ticket management system. It was developed with the help of artificial intelligence, which helps your service desk prioritise critical work and makes sure incidents are treated quickly.

Service level agreements (SLAs) can be set, notifications and key performance indicators (KPIs) can be tailored to your needs, problems can be prioritised, and more.

It enables you to manage the IT requirements of your clients very effectively, with a minimum amount of delays and maximum client satisfaction.

Understanding each of your employees’ strengths and limitations enables you to better plan your strategy and deliver effective training to your workforce.

Additionally, it helps you make sure to provide all of your clients’ service demands top priority so that nobody gets ignored. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal IT service management tool.

5. BMC Remedy Service Management Suite

Built-in self-service features in the BMC Remedy Service Management Suite allow service desk staff to swiftly locate and approve work requests, track their progress, and offer status updates while enabling end users to effectively handle their own issues.

It offers capabilities that make it simpler for enterprises to plan, manage, and control the service lifecycle as well as monitor and analyse the effectiveness of their IT services.

The majority of medium-sized and large-sized businesses use the system.

The market leader in IT service management software is BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite.

Leading businesses in the financial, insurance, insurance services, and government sectors utilise the programme to manage and optimise their IT operations. This is another Proactivanet alternative.

It manages service levels, provides customers with more visibility into the functioning of their IT infrastructure, and warns of future outages.

It’s the greatest IT service management software overall.

6. Ivanti Neurons for ITSM

A stand-alone solution called Ivanti Neurons for ITSM gives business and IT professionals the insights they need to deliver proactive, self-service IT.

The solution is made specifically for IT service management procedures and is based on open standards like OASIS SLIM and the Neural Network Exchange Format (NNEF).

It lessens the complexity that older tools cause IT workers to deliver services that are quicker, more responsive, and more affordable.

With intelligent, self-learning IT service management software, users may take use of the most recent technological breakthroughs, such as cloud, containerization, virtualization, and big data, to boost automation. It provides ITIL v3 compliant agents, workflow, dashboards, and reporting.

It enables ITSM users to automate intricate operations, increasing productivity and lowering total cost of ownership. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal IT service management tool.

7. EasyVista service manager

This is another Proactivanet alternative. The utility-based IT service management software EasyVista Service Manager is simple to use and comprehend. It enables businesses to easily and quickly launch their IT service management operations. Also check condo management software

The best thing is that this solution is provided at a reasonable cost, is adaptable to your company’s demands, and won’t eat up much of your time. On the fly, it can effortlessly manage your IT service desk.

You can examine and manage open cases, monitor technician activity, communicate with users, and more with just a few clicks.

You may examine the statuses of technicians, closed case information, active tickets, and outstanding cases (with alerts). You can use it to make new cases and see their specifics.

It will automatically deliver notifications to the tasks and contacts for book cases and technicians working on tickets.

It can maintain vendors’ contact information. It’s the greatest IT service management software overall.

8. System Center Service Manager

IT departments employ System Center Service Manager, an IT service management tool, to provide business value. In order to enhance the quality of the service, it manages the network equipment, servers, and IT endpoints.

It includes every facet of IT service administration, including problem management, monitoring, alerting, diagnostics, and configuration. It can be set up locally or on the cloud.

The company may properly manage its servers, network equipment, and services with the help of this solution. It guarantees adherence to the corporate service level agreements. It offers features like a self-service portal and automated guided support.

The complete IT service management process is integrated and automated by this comprehensive solution.

System Center Service Manager gives you the tools you need to deliver high-quality services at a lower cost, including the ability to manage change requests, incidents, and automated processes.

This approach can help you establish a service-based company. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal IT service management tool. This is another Proactivanet alternative.

9. SAP Solution Manager

You may rapidly and successfully plan, install, and manage your IT applications with the aid of SAP Solution Manager, a software programme for managing IT services. It offers a single solution for all of your company needs and enables you to improve cloud administration, optimise your solution portfolio, and upgrade your applications as needed.

It is a SAP R/3 option module that offers an integrated view of all IT services and the management tools for them.

It benefits IT departments to offer knowledge bases, automation, self-help tools, and workflow management to end users. You can receive proactive notifications on your devices with SAP Solution Manager.

It also provides a straightforward approach for you to look up the solutions to your questions from any location in the world.

The home page of this software has a number of social media buttons at the top. You can easily share the page with your friends and coworkers using this application’s capability. It’s the greatest IT service management software overall.

10. TeamDynamix ITSM

This is another Proactivanet alternative. The first ITSM solution that give free unlimited users, unlimited storage, unlimited users, and everything on a minimal budget is TeamDynamix ITSM, a contemporary IT service management software.

You can operate and manage your entire IT service as efficiently as possible thanks to the comprehensive set of functions it offers.

You can centralise all of your information using real-time reporting and monitoring, making it easier to manage different cloud-based services. Your staff will be able to access it from any location, and it is also simpler to utilise.

Your team will have quick and simple access to the data it needs thanks to straightforward tools and visualisations for data-oriented work.

It provides service managers, business managers, and IT support employees with the capacity to manage IT services.

This solution’s ability to be implemented as an on-premise application or as a SaaS solution makes it stand out from similar products. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal IT service management tool.

11. CA Service Management

You can manage and control your IT infrastructure with the aid of CA Service Management, an IT service management tool. It offers a solitary platform for IT service management that coordinates various divisions—from IT to product development and customer support—in order to boost client happiness and company outcomes. This is another Proactivanet alternative.

By concentrating your efforts on the proper tasks, you may be more productive and efficient thanks to this tool’s robust set of features for incident, problem, change, and release management. All the tools and platforms your IT department uses to manage IT services and incidents are integrated with it.

To easily get the appropriate info at the appropriate moment to improve decisions. You can automate tasks and gain business insight from your IT data through its interaction with CA Technologies and 3rd party systems, producing tangible results for clients, partners, and your bottom line. It’s the greatest IT service management software overall.

12. Alemba Service Manager

A contemporary IT service management tool is Alemba Service Manager. It is made to be used by small and medium-sized businesses that are searching for an easy, economical, and effective way to enhance the services they provide. It caters to the requirements of all sizes of enterprises. This is another Proactivanet alternative.

There is no need for comprehensive training because it is made to be simple and intuitive to use. It offers total visibility over work orders, incidents, and assets from a single, practical location and has an intuitive interface.

It enables your staff to concentrate on addressing events rather than having to go through a variety of systems thanks to full integration with popular IT management solutions, including our own Lifesaver Helpdesk.

It’s easier to make sure that your company always has the right people in the right places with complete data on personnel availability.

It is completely scalable to satisfy the needs of your customers. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal IT service management tool.

13. Service Management Automation X (SMAX)

SMAX is a service management tool that can assist you in improving the way you manage your IT services.

It is a full-featured IT service management system that provides you with everything you need to manage your IT more effectively. IT is managed using a straightforward three-phase process called Plan, Build, and Run. Each stage must be completed in order and cannot be bypassed.

A three-phase cycle makes it easier to arrange the jobs in the appropriate order, which facilitates efficient planning.

You can maintain your IT infrastructure, improve the effectiveness of your company processes, and offer consumers efficient and effective services thanks to the programme.

This is another Proactivanet alternative. It addresses the most prevalent issues with IT processes that IT firms are currently dealing with, including audit gaps, service performance, and cost of operation.

It allows you to automate and maintain control over your activities throughout the full IT Service Lifecycle and effortlessly interacts with your current IT infrastructure. It’s the greatest IT service management software overall.

14. ChangeGear

The next-generation IT service management tool for ITIL and ITSM compliant service management is called ChangeGear. All the capabilities needed for incident, problem, access, and change management for businesses of any size are included, and it offers a contemporary user experience. It is a unique solution with a variety of features that may adapt its operations to your working preferences and needs. Also check  atom software

It is made to address the difficulties faced by IT service management teams and help desks.

Its goal is to give efficient, effective IT services that are in line with corporate objectives. This is another Proactivanet alternative.

Its main purpose is to give IT professionals ITSM tools, doing away with the necessity for various tools and overlapping solutions. You don’t need to invest in further hardware or infrastructure because it is provided as a service.

It can help you provide excellent IT services that are in line with your organization’s objectives, however of whether your business is just getting started or currently has several service desks. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal IT service management tool.

15. ControlDesk

ControlDesk is a cutting-edge IT service desk application created specifically for companies like yours. You will be able to manage all of your IT service requests, incidents, and a full array of potent IT software tools with ease using its help desk software. This is another Proactivanet alternative.

It enables you to quickly obtain comprehensive information on the who, what, when, and where of each service request so that your team can concentrate on finding solutions at work.

It is intended to be user-friendly and adaptable enough to support sizable Enterprise IT environments. You get a trail of audits, tracking for SLA compliance, detailed reporting, alarm indicators, and much more. Both a self-hosted version and a cloud-based solution are offered.

It has been developed with the philosophy of “we don’t do everything ourselves” and can therefore be easily extended per customer needs by integrating 3rd party Apps. It provides support for several speeches, such as Java, Visual Basic, C++, PHP, and Python.

Overall it’s the greatest IT service management software.

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