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The Best Property Management Services of 2022

property management Services

This post will explain property management Services. Property owners may experience stress due to managing numerous properties. The top property management companies can guarantee a high degree of professionalism while giving you more time to concentrate on expansion. These days, a lot of people are showing an increased interest in real estate, and you might be one of them.

You are permitted to own a sizable number of residences, apartment complexes, or commercial premises. Property management may not initially seem to be all that tough when you first begin purchasing homes.

It could get more difficult to manage your holdings if you add additional rental units and tenants. Rent payments or contract violations may occur if you try to handle your properties yourself. You may concentrate more on real estate acquisition and investment if you hire a top-notch property management company to look after your property.

The Best Property Management Services of 2022

In this article, you can know about property management Services here are the details below;

It could be challenging for you to accept letting someone else handle things if you enjoy DIY projects. However, investing in one of the best property management firms will be profitable in the long run. Even though hiring a top-notch property management company could be expensive, you’ll prevent concern, legal issues, and time and money losses.

Several tax deductions can also help you lower your expenses. What factors should you consider before choose a property management firm for your properties?

This article examines some of the top property management firms and provides advice on how to conduct a thorough study.

Best general

  1. Greystar
  2. Cushman & Wakefield, runner-up
  3. Lincoln Property Company offers the best owner assistance.
  4. WinnCompanies is the fourth best sustainable solution.
  5. BH Management Services offers the BEST RESIDENT SUPPORT.

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Property Management Companies

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the more properties and tenants an owner has, the more challenging the situation may become. Contracts must be reviewed, tenants are moving in and out, and it’s probable that the plumbing and appliances need to be changed.

You might not have the time to deal with tenants and contractors if growing your real estate firm is your first priority. The following are the important things to think about while assessing property management businesses.

Residential vs. Commercial Management

Different property management companies could have various goals. A company will typically concentrate on either commercial or residential property management. Some people might allow both, but with different corporate divisions. Knowing what kind of property management company to use for your properties is a smart idea.

For instance, you might decide to hire a property management company that specialises in commercial property management if the majority of your properties are stores, eateries, or apartment buildings.

It makes sense to work with a business that specialises in residential property management if you own numerous homes or multifamily structures.

NMHC Ranking

The National Multifamily Housing Council, sometimes known as NMHC, is the industry’s top trade association for apartments.

It generates a ranking of the top developers, managers, and owners of apartments every year.

Being recognised here is an honour since NMHC carefully considers a variety of factors, including the number of units handled and operational regions, when selecting the best property managers.

Additionally taken into account is the division of housing into market, student, and elder housing.

The ranking of a company should be taken into consideration even though it shouldn’t be the only one when picking a property management company.

Businesses that have received NMHC rankings are reliable and have been found to adhere to strict industry standards.

Property Locations

Before employing a property management company, it is important to take into account the states in which it works.

Let’s say a property is owned by a person in Florida, but no company is currently in charge of managing real estate in that state.

Due to its lack of connections in the community and likely lack of local expertise, it might not be the best candidate to recruit in that situation.

A company that already has operations in the area where your property is located will be familiar with the market and capable of effectively promoting and anticipating local peculiarities, such as changes in the local climate or rental trends.


An owner should be well aware of what the company offers before choosing a property management company. Owners should establish their needs and communicate them to the businesses they are considering.

The owner is still ultimately accountable for their asset, including any renters residing there, even when they have hired a property management company to take care of it.

As a result, it is crucial for an owner to select a property management they can rely on.

A reliable property management company should take precautions to prevent property loss or damage, complete repairs on schedule, and maintain correct records. A business owner should become familiar with the organization’s communication guidelines.

How frequently will a business publish updates? Will a business have to contact an owner or will the owner first have to contact the business? One further thing to consider is offering residents useful services like round-the-clock emergency maintenance. Owners and property managers benefit much from tenants who are content, helpful, and desire to stay in a property.

Numbers  of Property Unit

The number of units a firm manages may be more pertinent even though the duration of its existence may appear to be an important aspect.

A company’s size and level of success can be estimated based on how many units it operates.

A company may have abandoned ineffective strategies and now understand how to appeal to a wider range of renters if it has a robust portfolio with a sizable number of units under management.

Years in Business

The most seasoned employee isn’t usually the greatest in business.

However, there are some advantages to working with a seasoned business.

An organisation is more likely to have dealt with a variety of properties and potential problems at those properties the longer it has been in operation.

A business owner may feel more at ease and confident in their choice by researching a company’s history and perusing reviews and resources.

If a property owner employs a management company to look after a property in a different state than their own, this is crucial.

Our top Pick

An owner might not have the time or energy to handle the property if business comes up. Here are some of the top property management firms that may assist investors and real estate owners in putting less importance on the little things and more on improvement and growth.

1. Greystar

Why It Was Selected: Greystar is a multifamily property management leader in the US, managing over 500,000 units. Despite being one of the more current members, Greystar has quickly established itself as a leader in the property management sector.

The company is on track to manage more than a million units, and with its current managed unit count of about 660,000, it may eventually cover all 50 US states. This is another Property Management Services.

Its current success can be due to its unwavering commitment to making investments in its homes and to using stunning, detailed listings to draw wealthy residents to its neighbourhoods.

It also serves a range of residential customers, including the elderly and students.

More than $32 billion in assets are under the management of Greystar, one of the world’s top commercial and multifamily real estate companies. Also check Lawn Care Software

A website that isn’t as user friendly as it may be appears to be one disadvantage.

However, property owners may rest easy knowing that Greystar is a top-notch partner because Greystar continually invests in and enhances properties while aiming to recruit the best residents.


Besides Washington, D.C., there are properties in 45 different states.

669,137 units will be handled by 2022.



2. Cushman & Wakefield.

Why It Was Selected: Cushman & Wakefield has been managing residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings for more than a century. This enables it to keep up with industry changes so that its clients can, too.

Cushman & Wakefield, one of the country’s oldest property management firms, has over a century of experience finding upscale tenants for its clients’ properties. This is another Property Management Services.

This Dallas, Texas-based property management guru spends a lot of money hiring top talent, who then use cutting-edge, innovative technology, like AI modelling and intricate workflow processes, to draw in the best tenants.

More than 170,000 apartments, including high-rise, upmarket, mixed-use, recently constructed, reasonably priced, and value-added complexes, are managed by Cushman & Wakefield.

The staff at Cushman & Wakefield is equally committed to enhancing the local communities as they are to enhancing the communities for visitors.

Through the charities that its employees support and assist by raising money for, it has a tremendously positive social influence.

Despite the company’s enormous dedication to innovation and technology, locals have extremely limited access to internet resources.

To increase earnings for property owners, Cushman & Wakefield customises its marketing to the types of residents it aims to draw.


Washington, D.C., 32 states, and various property locations.

Accounting, financial reporting, marketing, project management, and sustainability are just a few of the services offered.

The number of units under management as of 2022 was 171,713.



3. Lincoln Property Company

Why It Was Selected: The influential Lincoln Property Company was chosen because it is a market leader in property management and is growing its clientele in a variety of business fields, such as real estate consulting, investing, and property management. This is another Property Management Services.

Lincoln Property Company has offices all across the country, but its main site is in Dallas, Texas. Owners can benefit from improved management and quicker problem-solving as a result of this. Despite having added commercial real estate to its portfolio, Lincoln’s primary business is still residential communities.

As a result of the company’s Service Organization Controls (SOC) accreditation, the reliability and transparency of its standards and reporting have been assessed by a third party.

Lincoln Property Company is committed to providing satisfied customers and renters. To protect capital and increase value, it collaborates with each owner to create a unique management strategy. To protect resident safety and owner value, it also provides its personnel with extensive radon, asbestos, lead, and mould training.

Lincoln works closely with business owners, but a disadvantage is that there aren’t many internet tools available to locals.

The business is a trustworthy, well-respected option on the market, despite this drawback.


Properties are used to represent Washington, D.C., and 34 other states.

Among the services are IT, marketing, accounting, purchasing, and revenue management.

210,183 units will be processed by 2022.



4. WinnCompanies

WinnCompanies, a seasoned property management pioneer renowned for its ecologically friendly initiatives that benefit both owners and tenants, was picked as the reason it was chosen.

More than 100,000 units, including affordable housing and renovated historic buildings, have been purchased by WinnCompanies. Also check condo management software

This is another Property Management Services. These “deep energy retrofits” seek to maintain the distinctiveness and character of a location while making older buildings more energy-efficient without increasing the energy costs for owners and occupants.

To get LEED certification for their buildings, WinnCompanies adheres to the best practises recommended by groups like the U.S. Green Building Council & Enterprise Green Communities.

Unfortunately, sustainability projects typically have greater up-front expenses, and new property owners might not immediately see a return on their energy-saving efforts.

Despite this slight hiccup, property owners should give WinnCompanies some thought given its history of creating $3 billion worth of real estate and commitment to quality.


The locations of the properties span 22 states and Washington, D.C.

Opportunities for joint ventures, asset management, sustainability programmes, management consultancy, and construction management are among the services provided.

101,233 units will be processed by 2022.



Why new property owners might not find energy-saving options to be as cost-effective.

5. BH Management Services

Why It Was Selected: By investing in a high-performing property management team that provides excellent resident service, BH Management Services has experienced phenomenal growth in a short period of time.

BH Management has built up an impressive portfolio of more than 100,000 properties, including student housing, over the course of roughly 30 years. This is another Property Management Services. The headquarters of this property management company are in Des Moines, Iowa, and it now operates in 26 states.

High-quality residents are drawn to it by the variety and appeal of its property options. The organisation provides a resident portal, online payments, online maintenance requests, and online applications for immigrants to make life easier for its many people.

Even at residences, it offers a variety of wellness options to enhance individuals’ physical and mental well-being. Like other top multifamily management businesses, BH Management Services is cognizant of the markets it competes in and makes a concerted effort to maintain low turnover and high occupancy.

Despite the fact that it provides excellent possibilities for residents, particularly online, there aren’t many tools available to property owners.

However, property owners may relax knowing that their tenants will receive devoted service and thoughtful attention.


26 states have property in them.

101,177 units will be processed by 2022.



Due to the owner’s limited resources

Our Verdict

After carefully examining some of the best in the country, we came to the conclusion that Greystar is the greatest property management firm overall due to its wide operations, the number of units it manages, the large investment it makes in its properties, and its top NMHC score.

Cushman & Wakefield, the company that came in second, is active in more than half of the states in the union, has in-depth expertise of the property management sector, and is dedicated to the local communities where it conducts business.

How We Selected the Top Property Management Firms? For the NMHC list, the top 10 companies were taken into consideration. These five businesses stand out because of their history, wide range of services, and influential clientele. They are experiencing great growth both at home and abroad.

No other company in the enterprise can match the unique innovation that each of these full-service businesses offers.

How We Chose the Best Property Management Companies

It’s difficult to choose the best property management firm. There are several factors to think about, particularly their costs. But you shouldn’t simply think about the price.

Take into account their reputation and client endorsements. Look for reviews from owners of similar properties if at all possible. It pays to ask each candidate some challenging questions when choosing the best property management business; doing so may result in a long-term cooperation.

In order to avoid wasting time on activities you believed the firm would handle for you or on finishing one contract and beginning another with a new company, it is crucial to select the best option for your real estate business.

The Cost of Employing the Finest Property Management Companies

One of the most crucial expenses to consider when selecting a property management firm is the percentage of monthly rent fees that they will charge. Typically, 8 to 12 percent of the monthly rental income from residential properties is charged by property management companies.

As an illustration, if one of your properties rents for $1,000 per month with a 10% charge, the property management business would make $100 on that property each month.

Property management companies will charge you this proportion for managing all of your properties. The levies for commercial premises might range from 4 to 12 percent.

Although one of the most major amounts of money that property management companies will charge is a percentage of the monthly rent, they may also charge additional costs, such as setup fees for contracts, fees for watching over vacant property, and maintenance fees.

They may even charge an extra fee to act as a reserve fund for things like insurance, property taxes, and other expenses.

The property management company can represent the owner if issues with property lines occur. The owner could be charged for a land survey that is necessary to establish the property’s boundaries. Discuss the prices and potential fees before selecting one of the top property management firms.

Before You Hire One of the Best Property Management Companies

There are several benefits to working with one of the top property management firms. The majority of property management businesses should increase a property’s profit margin, help renters with maintenance issues, and make sure that proper eviction procedures are followed. Also check Document management software

The greatest property management companies, however, go above and above to carry out these duties as skillfully as possible and uphold your preferred level of communication.

An owner shouldn’t have to negotiate with any tenant issues or complaints when working with the top tenants because the procedure should be seamless.

Additional benefits of working with a property management company include the following:


It’s not always simple to pick the best property management firm. When choosing candidates, property owners can, however, make better choices if they are informed. Here are a few of the multiple specific queries about property management.

What are the workings of a property management company?

To handle the ongoing maintenance of rental properties, property owners use management firms. Between the property and the tenants, property management businesses act as a bridge.

They screen potential residents before allowing them to occupy the space, make sure rent is paid promptly, maintains the property properly, and follows procedures for evicting renters when necessary.

How is a property management company typically compensated?

A portion of the monthly rents collected, often between 8 and 12 percent, goes to the property management company.

How much of the revenue do property management firms keep?

Typically, a property management business retains 8 to 12 percent of the monthly rent received.

What duty does a property manager have to the owner first?

Despite the fact that a property manager has several duties, the owner’s profit must always come first.

What abilities are necessary for a property manager?

Even though they are not required to have qualifications or licences, property managers should have expertise in the field, as well as knowledge of lease agreements, management, and vendor management.

Customer service, collections, communications, and computer skills are a few more crucial abilities.

What aspect of property management do you find to be the most difficult?

Attracting and keeping decent tenants has been and probably will remain one of the most difficult aspects of property management.

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