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SEO Marketing Strategy: Strategy that Matters in 2020!

SEO Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimization is necessary in today’s competitive world. With the increase in internet penetration in Indian markets, digital marketing is booming and with the digital world, SEO is directly linked.

Starting the organization online is a tough task in 2020, as competition is leading to a big level. In the growing field of globalization, organizations are giving their hearts to defeat other organizations. Collecting information about search engine optimization is a must, as it can help in setting up a better strategy for business growth. But on the other hand, one should know what does this indicated.

People thinking to go online should know what is SEO? SEO is known as search engine optimization and one of the most essential ways of increasing online visibility. Though this is one of the complicated tools as there is a lot of interconnected link with it.

Does SEO marketing strategy matter?

The answer to this is yes. Today, the growing use of the internet has let the lead generation company open their gates to a wide variety of customers globally. SEO is a must for online companies today. In the growing world of technology, people are making use of the online portal so that they can get the desired product on time. Opting for the SEO marketing strategy will help in fighting against all the online competition properly. SEO is the perfect horizon with which the company can raise its standards completely. This tool not only helps in attracting the customer, but it even makes sure that all the applications in your website are up to date. SEO is the best way of managing the website properly. Customers can ultimately reach their desired results if they can look for such a tool on the website.

How impactful is the SEO marketing strategy for today’s business?

  1. Such a tool is the best to understand the customer- Different people have different choice, as some like to opt for text, whereas others like to go for massages. Finding what your customer needs is a must in today’s time.
  2. Going beyond google search- in 2020, thinking to create visibility over the internet is not easy. Adding a tool like SEO will not only help in creating a better business brand, but the organization can build better customer support by such a tool. For instance- if the customers online are thinking to look for a better application for their use, then make sure to rank the app accordingly. this is one of the finest ways of driving online competition at a good rate.
  3. Data markup- Markup is basically a perfect key between screen less future as well as the factual reality. So, understanding as well as adding the right page that includes the information related to products along with events and the contact information will help in creating a type of satisfaction.

Adding SEO is a better way of uplifting the organization and enhancing the goodwill of the company in the right way possible.

SEO Marketing Strategy that matters in 2020-

  1.  Snippets Dominate Search Clicks– The website can easily boost the power if it has the right tool of click. The feature of a snippet can help in boosting the search engine of the website and it can lead the online portal easily. It is one of the best ways in which all online organizations can easily increase their traffic and can lead the market properly.
  1.  Boost optimization– SEO marketing strategy includes website optimization. That means if you add the SEO tool, then it becomes easy for you to make your website more available on the online platform. It helps in adding the correct keywords that are searched for a maximum number of times by the people to avail of their desired result on time. In 2020 all the online readers like to make use of the keywords for finding their relevant information regarding a particular topic. So, SEO makes sure that all the required and relevant information reached the reader in less duration of time. This will help in adding a maximum number of customers without any hassle.
  1.  Website security– Just designing the website is not the only thing that needs to be kept in mind. But on the other hand, do make sure that the website is safe and away from all the malware attacks. We are aware of the fact that today the internet is used widely. That is why the threat of data hackers is even more. So, adding the SEO tool is becoming important because it not only helps in updating the website, but it even makes sure that the site is free from all malware attacks.
  2.  Voice search– There was a time when people used to use plugin keyword to look up for their required information. But now it is becoming more advanced with the arrival of cell phones. People these days are more likely to search using the voice note. It not only helps in saving the time of the search, but you can look up to the best search accordingly.
  1.  CTR along with Dwell time– Today every individual likes to get the information only with the light and fast speed internet. That can only be possible with SEO, as it can help in getting the required information on the fingertips. CTR is even called as Click through rates and dwell time indicates the total time that one spends on getting the information over the internet. These factors affect a lot in bringing the company to a good high. SEO help in affecting the rate of search as one can easily look for the required result. SEO strategy, not only help in increasing the adding more customer in the organization, but it makes sure that the rank of an organization reaches a good level. The amount of time spent by the reader on a particular page, help in knowing how much a person is satisfied with the information that is offered by the organization online.
  1. High quality content– All the ads are the best way of adding the maximum number of customers. It is the perfect way of driving the business perfectly. High quality content will help in building a better SEO marketing strategy.

Why SEO strategy is important for online traffic?

While searching for anything on Google, you type and look out for the links which appear in the first or first two pages of Google search. Very rarely any of us decides and navigates to third, fourth or to further pages to look out for the information. Human mentality is whatever they are searching for, they should find it in first or at most second page of Google search. They won’t take the pain to navigate to the last page of Google search to find out what it contains. Here comes the role of Search Engine Optimization which helps your website to come on the first or second page of Google search. There are different ways of doing it both organic and inorganic.

Once your website comes on the first or second page of Google search, automatically the website traffic increases and the conversion rate goes high. Search Engine Optimization takes time but has shown results in various examples. Organic results are the results that appear with the help of Search Engine optimization and are not paid. There are instances when people pay for their websites to be listed upwards. This method is termed as inorganic. Search Engine Optimization is comparatively cheaper than the Pay per Click (PPC) model where you allocate the daily budget and pay once the user clicks on your link.

Once the Search Engine Optimization begins, your content gets indexed in a better way and the results are displayed within search results.

Search Engine Optimization increases the website to run efficiently.

  • Web traffic on your website: As your website is listed upwards, more and more people will visit the website and the traffic goes up on the website. The more upwards your website is listed, the more clicks and visits your website will get.
  • Provides genuinity to your website: As the website is listed upwards on Google Search, there is a thought that the website is genuine and the trust factor gets linked to it. The rand gets trust and the brand gets recognized. Google also ranks the websites based upon the total visits and the visiting customer’s feedback.
  • Helps achieve business and financial goals: With more and more people visiting the website, people start getting aware of your product, your organization the more are the chances to meet the business and financial goals of the organization.

Search Engine Optimization is the most important tool for organizations today. It not only refers to the use of meaningful keywords, but it even boosts the number of customers. One must know that an seo is much more than good keyword. These all are the part of different strategies that are comprehensive in nature. Whatever is the business, the digital era is booming and it increases the requirement of Search Engine Optimization to achieve the business and economic targets of the organizations. The size of the business does not matter what matters is what are your aspirations!

Author bio:

Apeksha Goswami is a Digital Marketing Executive at Activant. Her focus is on creating a well-knit digital link between the audience and the company which helps develop a sturdy relationship and drive new traffic towards the clients. She believes in herself a little more and also loves to express her thoughts to the world on Instagram.



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