Getting Started With Local SEO? Check These Tips!

Local SEO

If your company sells products and services in a specific region, your approach towards online marketing has to be in that direction. For example, a small brand that sells couture wedding outfits in Singapore cannot use the same marketing strategies as a big brand that deals in varied online services. That’s exactly what local SEO is all about. Generic SEO and local SEO often use the same techniques, practices and trends, except that the latter has a location component attached to it. 

If you are looking for help with local SEO in Singapore, we recommend that you check the tips listed below.  

Find an SEO agency 

Most enterprises prefer to hire an SEO agency for their marketing work, and that makes sense. It all starts with a website audit that’s offered by marketing companies for free. A website audit is like an evaluation of your portal, which determines where the site stands in terms of interface, user experience, design, SEO and online marketing. Find a company that understands local SEO and has worked with local services. They must have the experience of handling small and large brands alike, and they should be able to guide on various aspects that may influence your website’s online presence and authority. 

As a client, you have every right to ask questions related to their work profile, seek testimonials and references, and get an estimate for the job.   

Fix your website 

Believe it or not, SEO starts with your website, and while off-page SEO aspects do matter extensively for good results, your website’s on-page SEO and other factors do matter. Start by ensuring that all the details related to your business are mentioned clearly on your website. From the name, address, and phone number to store hours, everything should be in detail and must be visible the moment someone opens the website. Secondly, ensure the website’s loading time is fast and quick. Since more than 50% of all web searches are launched on mobile devices, you need to be sure that your website is optimized for mobile users.  

Claim your listings 

Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and other Online Business Directories – You need to claim your spot everywhere for local SEO. The idea is to ensure that people find your business online, and for that, Google MY Business is a great free tool. Your SEO agency can get things rolling, and once that happens, you can expect to find the location and name of your local business in Google Maps. Also, featuring in Online Business Directories helps people in locating your business, which is eventually the purpose of local SEO.  

Improve your presence via reviews 

Having good reviews from customers and clients is a great way of boosting local SEO. You have to consider having a testimonial section on your website and encourage your customers to leave a feedback or review on Google. It may seem like a really small step, but it does impact your rankings in a good way and people will select your company when they see may “stars”.  

In conclusion 

SEO is evolving rapidly, and it is hard to predict how Google will change the way it rewards SEO efforts. You have to find a way to keep a balance between trends and the best practices, and we strongly recommend that you hire an agency that understands local SEO, demographic factors, and can create a solid marketing plan for your business, considering all things that may impact search results. They will also keep an eye on the changing trends, search engine algorithms and other aspects, so you can focus on what needs the most attention – Your core business operations.