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6 Tech Moves Everyone Should Make In 2022

Are you ready to take your tech life into the 21st Century? Unless you recently did a complete digital and device overhaul, 2022 is the ideal time to get busy. Why? Because prices are at low levels on key pieces of hardware right now. Plus, there are numerous online sales on core technology items like desktops, wearable devices, the latest smartphones, and tracking tags.

How much will it cost to bring everything up to date? The answer depends entirely on what you need, want, and can afford. Step one is creating a detailed list and making price estimates for everything. Next, review your monthly budget with an eye toward lowering expenses in any way you can.

Remember to deal with the security issue, which is easy to overlook in the mad rush to acquire the latest laptops, smartphones, and other products. Speaking of phones, round up all your smart and digital telephones and decide what to retain and what to upgrade or replace. The same goes for desktop computers that are more than four years old and outmoded tablets. Here’s how to get started on the critical tech changes you should be considering while prices are still low.

Make a List and Get Price Estimates

Techno-assets are not cheap, so create a precise listing of what you intend to replace. Then head to the internet and research prices. Note that during some months you can get major discounts. It’s also possible to snag savings by buying several items from a single seller. The goal of the list is to make an educated guess about what the total cost will be.

Lower Monthly Expenses to Make Purchases Affordable

When you make major purchases, the money has to come from somewhere. One of the best ways to free up funds is to reduce monthly expenses in any realistic way possible. The top of the list, for anyone who owes on student loans, is to refinance education debt. Among the reasons that a refi is such an excellent way to bolster your cash flow are: that you can roll several loans into one and get a fresh agreement with more flexibility.

When you refinance student loans, you can opt for terms that range from five to twenty years and a range of balances. Applying takes no more than a few minutes online, and you need only supply essential financial and personal data. After that, it’s up to you to customize your new loan’s monthly payment and type of rate. Before hopping offline, you just sign the agreement to lock in the long-term savings.

Don’t Forget Security

It’s critical to keep your home, car, and office safe. The very good news is that security system prices have come down during the last five years. As a basic security redo, think about installing all-around surveillance cameras at home and the office. Take your car to a trusted mechanic for suggestions about how to install a top-notch alarm system and possibly an embedded GPS tracker so you can always find your car if it’s stolen.

Upgrade and Update Phones

Advancements in phone technology move quickly. That means you should give serious thought to upgrading, updating, or replacing your phone every couple of years. Most carriers offer discounts for new models. Be careful how you dispose of your old phone’s data and batteries. It’s usually smart to recycle batteries and clean data caches completely before selling or recycling the phone itself.

Replace, Repair, or Upgrade Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets

Have a professional IT person check all your main devices at least once per year to make sure they’re operating properly and are not in danger of crashing. Work with a local service provider you trust. It’s usually possible to get a discount when you pay for service check-ups on three or more devices.

Personal, Pet, Asset Tags, and Wearable Devices

If you use air-tags or e-bag tags to track valuable assets like cars, computers, pets, or bicycles, check them at least every three months to make sure they’re in working order. Never rely on the promise of a lifetime battery. Use your phone’s tracking app to locate each device occasionally to confirm that the unit is still keeping tabs on your goods, pets, and vehicles. If anything fails the test, replace it.

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