Using technology from Semantic Machines, a natural language startup Microsoft acquired last year, the company has this week provided a quick demonstration of how you can expect Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant to respond once the natural language technology rolls out to the masses. “This is Microsoft’s vision for the future of intelligent agents, powered by new conversational AI technology from Semantic Machines. “

Microsoft explains the problem with current generation of personal assistants. “They can check the weather, traffic and sports scores. They can play music, translate words and send text messages. They can even do math, tell jokes and read stories. But, when it comes to conversations that lead somewhere grander, the wheels fall off.”

“Natural language interfaces are technologies that aim to allow us to communicate with computers in the same way we talk with each other. When natural language interfaces work as Roth and his team envision, our computers will understand us, converse with us and do what we want them to do, much like most people can understand a complex request that requires a few actions.”

Dan Roth explains : “Being able to express ourselves in the way we have evolved to communicate and to be able to tie that into all of these really complicated systems without having to know how they work is the promise and vision of natural language interfaces”

Learn more about the natural language personal assistant currently under development by Microsoft and the team acquired from Semantic Machines over on the official Microsoft blog.

Source: Engadget


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