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*Fixed* Windows Key Not Working on Windows 10

windows key not working

The windows key not working on your keyboard makes it simple to carry out keyboard shortcuts for system applications, open your Begin menu, and far more. Shedding this capability can be frustrating to take care of, as it may slow down your process or make your system slower to make use of.

Luckily, there are several ways to do away with this concern. In our write-up, we’ve collected numerous techniques to potentially restore your Windows key functionality. Make sure to proceed and discover just how to take care of the windows key not working secret, not servicing your Windows 10 system.

*Fixed* Windows Key Not Working on Windows 10

In this article, you can find the best solution regarding windows key not working here are the details below;

What triggers is the Windows trick not working problem?

Making use of individual records from various resources, we could identify some of the most common causes of this windows key not working 10 problem. You can watch this list below, as well as verify that you’re experiencing the problem handy. Doing this may help in the future throughout fixing actions.

After recognizing some typical reasons, we can move onto removing the issue. Our write-up intends to bring you one of the most effective approaches for recovering the functionality of your Windows secret. Even without previous experience in troubleshooting, you can quickly fix everything by following our steps.

Prerequisite: Turn on the on-screen keyboard

Before fixing, we recommend activating the on-screen keyboard in Windows 10. This will certainly enable you to follow directions even if you require to hold the Windows key to release specific apps.

Here’s how to switch on the on-screen keyboard in windows key not working 10:

  1. Click on the Windows symbol in your taskbar and also pick Setups.
  2. Choose the Ease of Access tile.
  3. Scroll down in the left side panel, then click Key-board provided under the Interaction section.
  4. Click on the toggle under “Utilize the On-Screen Key-board” to switch on the virtual keyboard in Windows 10.

Method 1: Switch Off the Filter Keys attribute

As mentioned over, the Filter Keys attribute has a well-known insect that triggers issues with your keyboard. You can transform Filter Keys off by complying with the steps listed below, and also possibly restore your Windows secret functionality within mins.

  1. Press the Windows + R secrets, making use of the on-screen keyboard to bring up the Run energy, after that enter “control” and also click the ALRIGHT button. This is most likely to open up the Control board.
  2. Make sure that your view setting is set to Category.
  3. Next off, click the Ease of Access heading.
  4. Click on the “Change just how your keyboard functions” web link located in the Simplicity of Accessibility Facility.
  5. Make sure that the checkbox beside “Activate Filter Keys” is empty. If you see a checkmark, click on it to remove it.
  6. Click the Apply switch; after that, click OK. You ought to be able to examine if your Windows essential functions as intended now.

Method 2: Use a PowerShell command to restore the Windows key functionality

PowerShell is a potent tool for making adjustments to your computer system, in addition to troubleshooting. It offers you the capacity to implement commands and directly tell your COMPUTER what to do through a scripting language.

  1. Press the Windows + R keys on the on-screen keyboard. This is mosting likely to bring up the Run utility.
  2. Enter “Powershell” and also press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys on your keyboard. Doing so, you’re launching PowerShell with administrative consents.
  3. If triggered, click Yes to enable PowerShell to make changes on your device.
  4. When in PowerShell, copy and paste in the following command, then hit the Enter key on your keyboard to perform it: Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers|Foreach
  5. After the Command has completed running, you ought to have the ability to utilize the Windows trick once more. If it doesn’t function just yet, continue to a different approach in our article.

Method 3: Make adjustments to your Registry

You can try to apply a Computer registry fine-tune to restore whatever into functioning order.

Warning: Before starting this overview, we suggest developing a back-up of your Registry. If you’re not exactly sure exactly how to develop and import Windows registry back-ups, watch ” windows key not working registry Back-up, Restore, Import And Export” from Windows Ninja.

Right here’s what you require to do.

  1. Press the Windows + R keys on your on screen keyboard to open Run, then kind “Regedit” right into the input field. Press the OK button to release the Pc registry Editor.
  2. You can browse the Registry Editor by increasing folders utilizing the arrow icon alongside their names. Utilizing this, locate the complying with Computer system registry trick: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Keyboard Format

Conversely, you can likewise replicate and also paste the key into the Pc Registry Editor’s address bar for faster navigation as well as,

  1. Right-click on the “Scancode Map” computer system registry key and press the “Erase” choice to eliminate the secret. If you can not find this trick, it’s most likely not available on your device– wage a various method listed below.
  2. After erasing “Scancode Map,” close the Registry Editor and also reboot your computer system.

Method 4: Disable Game Mode in Windows

Microsoft recognizes the need for video game optimization in windows key not working 10, so the Game Setting exists. Nevertheless, Video game Mode is much from ideal. Users have reported that it creates conflicts with their keyboards, making the Windows vital unusable in return.

You can quickly transform it off following our fast overview to validate whether it triggers any problems.

  1. Click on the Begin menu in your taskbar (Windows symbol) and pick Setups. Alternatively, you can make use of the Windows + I keyboard shortcut if you transformed the on-screen keyboard on.
  2. Pick “Pc gaming” from the readily available food selection choices.
  3. Change to the “Video game Mode” tab using the menu in the left panel.
  4. Ensure that the toggle under “Game Setting” is set to display “Off.”.

Method 5: Create a new user account

A fascinating yet easy solution you can attempt to solve concerns with the windows key not working key is making a brand-new user account. If whatever works fine on the new user, merely move your files over and begin using the new account.

  1. Click on the Beginning menu and also select “Settings.” You can alternatively use the Window’s + I keyboard shortcut from the on-screen keyboard as well.
  2. Click on the “Accounts” ceramic tile.
  3. Switch to the “Family & various other customers” tab, using the panel navigation on the left side.
  4. Scroll down as well as click the “Add somebody else to this PC” button. The fastest means to develop a new customer on your own is offline– we’ll utilize this method to produce the account.
  5. As opposed to finalizing into a Microsoft account, click on the “I do not have this person’s sign-in details” web link.
  6. Next off, click on the “Include a user without a Microsoft account” web link.
  7. Type in a username and additionally include a password, then click Next. You must right away see the new user-developed, which you can utilize currently.

Method 6: Perform a System File Checker scan

The System File Mosaic is a tool readily available in Windows 10 by default. It’s likewise called an “SFC scan,” and it’s your quickest way to repair damaged system data immediately and various other issues.

Running this scan has proven to do away with concerns with the windows key not working 10 reset stopping working. Below’s what you require to do to run it.

  1. Press the Windows + R keys the on-screen keyboard. This is mosting likely to bring up the Run energy.
  2. Key in “cmd” and also press the Ctrl + Change + Enter keys on your keyboard. Doing so, you’re launching the Command Motivate with management consents.
  3. If triggered, click Yes to permit the Command Trigger to make changes on your tool.
  4. When in the Command Prompt, please enter the following Command and press Enter to perform it: SFC/ scannow.
  5. Await the SFC scan to finish scanning your computer system and also fixing corrupt files. This might take a long period; ensure that you do not close the Command Motivate or close your computer down.
  6. Reboot your device after the check is total.

Method 7: Use the DISM from the Command Prompt

Likewise to the System Data Mosaic, DISM is a command utilized to repair a picture of Windows 10. By running it, you may restore the problem, which causes your Windows secret to shed its functionality.

  1. Press the Windows + R keys on the on-screen keyboard. This is going to bring up the Run energy.
  2. Type in “cmd” and push the Ctrl + Change + Enter keys on your keyboard. In doing so, you’re introducing the Command Trigger with administrative permissions.
  3. If prompted, click Yes to allow the Command Trigger to make changes on your gadget.
  4. When in the Command Prompt, type in the complying with two commands and also press Enter after reach one to perform it: Dism/ Online/ Cleanup-Image/ StartComponentCleanup, Dism/ Online/ Cleanup-Image/ RestoreHealth.
  5. Wait on the commands to finish running and also reboot your computer. You must have the ability to validate if the Windows key has quit working.

Method 8: Check your computer for malware

Below is a brief overview of how to use Malwarebytes for scanning and also getting rid of viruses and various other sorts of malware from your tool. Doing this might get rid of damaging applications that disabled the functionality of your Windows secret. This guide is not set in stone, so feel free to use any antivirus app– it’s up to your preference.

  1. Release your antiviruses application. Once again, we’re utilizing the complimentary version of Malwarebytes to show this process.
  2. Click the “Check” option using the application’s left-side menu.
  3. Click the “Beginning Scan” button to start a malware check on your gadget.
  4. Wait for Malwarebytes to end up scanning your PC for malware. If any destructive data are found, you can instantly neutralize them by enabling Malwarebytes to put them in quarantine.
  5. Optionally, permit Malwarebytes to erase the malicious documents from your PC.

We wish that this overview was able to help you restore the Windows key right into a functional problem again.

If you notice in the future that your system is experiencing similar problems, do not hesitate to return to our write-up and also use a few other repairs. If nothing jobs, we recommend turning to either Microsoft’s customer assistance group or seeking an IT specialist about your PC’s health.

Are you interested in discovering more about windows key not working 10? You can browse our committed Assistance Center area and also locate articles regarding every little thing about Microsoft’s groundbreaking os.

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