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10 Best Educational Android Apps For College Students


These days, every college student has a smartphone. A lot of people think that students use their mobile phones to surf the Internet, chat with friends, and watch videos only. However, a smartphone can be an excellent tool to learn new skills. Keep on reading the post to discover the top 10 educational Android apps for college students.


Do you want to learn new skills, but don’t have time for additional lessons in a physical classroom? Feel free to use the Coursera app to study on the go. The mobile application brings access to thousands of video-courses from different universities. There are paid and tuition-free video lessons available.

Each course requires a student to spend from a particular number of hours per week. After passing an online course, the platform provides a certificate that you can share on LinkedIn. Also, it brings the ability to download video lessons to watch them when there is no Internet connection.


It is a platform that allows everyone to become a tutor and share video lessons online. The mobile app has a convenient and intuitive interface that allows finding an online course by surfing particular topics and applying different filters.

For instance, you can take off from a search query video lesson with a low rating or short length. Also, you can choose courses in a particular language. The Udemy application provides the ability to enable captions and download videos on a smartphone.

If you’re not good at writing top-notch assignments, you can examine an essay services review to find a reliable paper writing company. However, it would be better to enroll in a creative writing course and learn how to create leading-edge papers.

World Map Quiz

Do you want to improve your knowledge of geography? Download this application on your smartphone and start learning the world map. The app highlights a particular country on the world map so that a user needs to select its name.

This app also shows a continent and drives a user to find a country by its name or flag. If a user picks an incorrect country, the app shows a correct answer. It helps to learn more about the countries around the globe.

Khan Academy

It’s an application from a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to provide education to everyone. It is a repository that gathers tons of useful information for students. By using this application, you can learn almost everything. There are a lot of lectures in math, science, economics, arts, etc.


According to the Wall Street Journal, it is the best mobile application for learning foreign languages. It has a convenient to use interface that engages a user from the very beginning. You can download this app to your Android smartphone from the Google Play Market and start learning one of the 30+ languages available for free.

The app supplement every new word with an image that helps to remember it better. Moreover, it has the achievements system that drives to learn new words and complete new tasks.

Tandem Language Exchange

Do you want to become a master in any language? Start by practicing real conversations in this Android application. By using this app, you can find a native speaking partner from a different country to start practicing your language speaking skills. You can chat and receive corrections from your partner. Also, this app allows sending audio messages and making video-calls to improve your accent.


Do you like geometrics or want to improve your knowledge in this field of study? Download this app and get the glossary with all of the geometry theorems and axioms. There are a lot of geometric problems to train your brain and develop geometric thinking.


It is a comprehensive tool for students who need help with assignment at college. It is a study app that provides the ability to find a solution to any problem with ease. After installing this app, you will get access to thousands of textbooks.

If you have a complicated problem that doesn’t have a solution in a textbook, you can snap a task on your smartphone and publish a question. Consequently, an expert will answer it for you. The app will send you a notification when your problem is resolved.


Do you want to become a software engineer, but don’t know where to start? Get this app on the Play Market dive into computer science. This app will stick you to coding by practicing 5 minutes a day. The in-built mobile editor will help you to code on the go. Also, you can create a personal website from scratch and host it by using a smartphone only.


It is not a simple app to learn programming languages. It is a community of software engineers who gain their coding skills. By using this application, you can create your public profile, compete with peer learners, and writer code by using a smartphone in your hand. Also, the community will help you to find a solution to your problems.

Helpful App for Students

Sometimes studying can be exhausting. If you want to increase productivity, and stay focused on doing your homework, use the Forest app on your smartphone. It brings gamification into the education process by blocking distracting apps and growing a tree while studying. Also, it brings the opportunity to collect coins for grown plants and spend them on planting real trees.