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10 Free And Best Android Music Players 2019

One of the most amazing things about Android is its flexibility. And this extends to music player applications. There are literally hundreds of application in the Google Play Store for audiophiles to choose from. These applications are excellent for those who intend to customize their listening, storage space, and various other preferences. We have narrowed the list down to ten best totally free music player applications for Android in 2019.

Before we go to our list, we will certainly talk about the built-in music player on your Android phone. Google Play Music has standard features where you can make a playlist, shuffle the songs, etc. It also provides cloud streaming. And most importantly, it is already installed on your phone. But why do you need a third-party application?

You’re looking the best Free Android Music Players app? In this article we list down the top 10 best Andriod Music Players app to listen music with a lot features.

Well, for the most part, Google Play Music has limited functions. It is enough for casual songs fans, but not for hardcore ones. Some people also need features such as equalizers, tagging of files, folder views, cooler user interface, etc. However, these features are only offered in third-party app. Below, we list the ten best music players according to their features and interfaces. Whether you are a casual listener or an audiophile, you can discover the one that suits you finest.


Best Android Music Players Apps in 2019


1. Google Play Music

Download Google Music Player

The first one on our list is indeed the best music player for android. With being common and in-built music app on many devices, Google Play Music is worth stating the best music player as well.

Whatever Google makes is undoubtedly a combination of the bests and Google Play Music proves that all over again. This app works offline as well as online.

User Interface of Google Play Music is pretty simple to access, just like any default music players. Over the main page, the music library is categorised as – songs, genres, lastly played, albums, and playlists.

Subscribe to get on-demand access to millions of songs and download anything to listen even when you’re not connected – or sign up for the family plan on Android to provide access for up to six family members for one low price. Plus, subscriptions come with YouTube Music Premium membership, so you can enjoy YouTube Music ad-free, in the background, and offline.

Free features:
*Radio curated by experts for anything you want to hear
*Store up to 50,000 songs from your personal music collection
*Discover and subscribe to podcasts
*Smart recommendations based on your taste
*Listen on Android, iOS, and the web


2. Musicolet

Download Muicolet Music Player

Musicolet indeed forms one of the best free music players for Android with all the basic features like – tag editor, embedded lyrics support, multiple queues, folder browsing, no-in app purchases, equaliser, and a lot more.

As Musicolet is a lightweight app, it does not consume too much space on your device and is not heavy on your device. You can use this app Offline without an internet connection and thus you will not be interrupted by ads. Another plus point of this – Your phone battery will also be spared.

Multiple Queues
Now it is possible to create/manage one Queue while listening songs from another Queue. Musicolet is the only music player in android market which supports multiple Queues. You can create maximum 20 Queues.
Simple GUI with Minimalistic design & Easy navigation
For fast and easy navigation we placed all important components of the app (like Main player, Queues, Folders, Albums, Artists, Playlists) in just one row. So you can access them with just 1-Tap!
Tag editor+: Can edit tags and album-arts of multiple songs at once.
Move/Copy songs, Rename folders directly in app
Folder browsing 📁
2-types of folder structures: 1) Linear (all folders at once) and 2) Hierarchical(folders within folders)
Powerful Equalizer🎚🎚🎚: Separate presets and settings for Speakers🔊, Headphones🎧, Bluetooth etc.


3. BlackPlayer Music Player

Download Blackplayer

As you might have guessed by the name itself, this best music app for Android comes with a black interface. BlackPlayer for Android is one such player that has a customizable User Interface that can be controlled by swipes and gestures.

Features like options for themes, ID3 tag editor, support for File formats like WAV, OGG, MP3, gapless playback, Timer for Sleep, customizable fonts and colour, tag editor, home screen widgets, etc. are few ones to mention.

If you are a black lover, you need to have this app on your device. You can download this app from the Google Play Store for free of cost, and you can also use the paid version for some additional features.

Note: The app size is less than 15 MB. So, it will not consume too much of your Phone memory. You can also move the App to SD card if you are running out of phone memory.

Features of the App

1. Widget support helps to play songs directly from the widget without opening the App.
2. Browse songs in 6 different ways (Playlist, Genre, folder, Artist, Album and songs).
3. Play songs directly from the folder inside the App.
4. Select from multiple themes.
5. Create new playlists as per your need.
6. Set Sleep timer to stop the App after a defined time to save battery.
7. Remove small clips.
8. 5-band equalizer with powerful bass and virtualizer.
9. Set any song as the ringtone from the music player.
10. Play selective songs in the way you want by adding songs to queue through Add to Queue feature.
11. Share the track you are currently listening on the social media.
12. Available in 40 different languages (English, Hindi, German, French, Chinese etc.).


4. Poweramp

Download Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Android Music Player is one such app with a quite intricate UI and free to download. However, after a certain period of time, you will have to pay to keep it working. With its features, this app becomes quite addictive.

There is headset support, customising options, graphic equalizer, themes to choose from, home screen widgets, crossfade support, tag editor, lyrics support, compatibility with various playlists, gapless playback, and so on are some of the features to name.

Key Features:
– plays mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg, wma, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff; V3 also plays opus, dsd (dff/dsf), mka, tak, flv (audio)
– 10 band optimized graphical equalizer for all supported formats, presets, custom presets
– separate powerful Bass and Treble adjustment
– stereo eXpansion, mono mixing, balance, tempo control, reverb, system MusicFX (where supported by the device)
– Android Auto
– Google Assistant support
– Chromecast support
– unique Direct Volume Control (DVC) for extended dynamic range and really deep bass
– crossfade
– gapless
– replay gain
– plays songs from folders and from own library
– dynamic queue
– lyrics support, including lyrics search via plugin
– embed and standalone .cue files support
– support for m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlists, playlist importing and exporting
– downloads missing album art
– artist images downloading
– custom visual themes, lot of skins available on Play
– widgets with many selectable styles, advanced customizations
– lock screen options
– Milkdrop compatible visualization support (and 3rd party downloadable visualizations)
– headset support, automatic Resume on headset and/or BT connection
– scrobbling
– tag editor
– audio info with detailed audio processing information
– ultra fast library scan
– high level of customization via settings



5. Pulsar Music Player

Download Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar is an Android MP3 Player that is a user-friendly neat, clean player and is also lightweight and thus does not cause any heavy load on your system. Smart playlists divided into categories like Recently played, most played, etc. can also be created.

One can also personalise the app. The library makes classification into categories like genres, songs, favourites, mot played, etc. and thus you can seamlessly and quickly search songs, albums, and artists.

Some noticeable features like – last.fm scrobbling, five-band equalizer, in-built tag editor, gapless playback, a home-screen widget, etc. are included in Pulsar player. Pulsar supports Crossfade, Chromecast, and Android Auto.

Pulsar is the ultimate audio player on Android, with millions of downloads. It has been translated into 36 different languages.

Key Features:

✓ Gorgeous user interface and animation with material design.
✓ Manage and play music by album, artist, folder, and genre.
✓ Smart playlists with most played, recently played, and newly added tracks.
✓ Automatic sync missing album/artist images.
✓ Fast search across albums, artists, and songs.
✓ Resizable home screen widget.
✓ Gapless playback support.
✓ Play speed adjustment.
✓ Crossfade support.
✓ Replay gain volume normalization.
✓ Built-in metadata tag editor (mp3 and more).
✓ Display lyrics (embedded and lrc file).
✓ Music visualizer rendering.
✓ Chromecast (Google Cast) support.
✓ Google voice commands support.
✓ Android Auto support.
✓ Disable car auto play on Bluetooth.
✓ Sound balance adjustment.
✓ Last.fm scrobbling.
✓ Various colorful themes.
✓ Free of advertisements.
✓ Sleep timer.


6. Retro Music.

Download Retro Music Player

Retro Music is one such music player for Android that gives you the options to change themes of this app with customizable features like theme and color options, etc.

The songs can be classified in the library as Playlists, albums, songs, and artists. All the features that are rudimentary like – Tag editor, personalisation including the ‘Now Playing screen’, Lockscreen controlling, gapless playback, last.fm integration, folder browsing, etc. are included in Retro Music.

Included Features
-Base 3 themes (Clearly white, Kinda dark and Just Black)
-Gapless playback
-Volume controls
-More than 10 Now playing themes
-Carousel effect for an album cover
-Homescreen Widgets
-Lockscreen Playback Controls
-Lyrics Screen(download and sync with music)
-Sleep Timer
-Homescreen Widgets
-Tag editor
-Create, Edit, Import playlists
-Corner edges like Pixel 2 XL
-Playing queue with reorder
-User profile
-30 Languages support


7. Phonograph

Download Phonograph Music Player

Another best mp3 player for Android is the Phonograph Android music player. This player has a user-friendly interface, and it also allows you to have a never-ending and seamless fun of music on your Android itself.

The player has been stuffed with some useful features like – easy usage with simple Material User Interface, a theme editor, sleep timer, lock screen controls, gapless playback and so on.

You will also come across some additional features in the form of in-app purchases, and at times, you will also encounter the donations section. Otherwise, as a music player, the app is free to download from the Google Play Store.

Material Design
The user interface matches every single detail of the material design guidelines to ensure Phonograph is an eye candy for you.

Easy to Use
No complicated or overblown menus but a familiar and clean interface.

Last.fm Integration
Phonograph automatically downloads additional information about your artists such as their images or biographies. When you install the official Last.fm app, scrobbling will work right out of the box too.

Dynamic Colors
The UI colors change dynamically to match the main contents base color.

There is an inbuilt theme engine with many different colors to choose from.

Tag Editor
The tag editor allows you to easily edit the tags of your music files such as title, artist, album name (…) for single songs or whole albums. You can even either let Phonograph automatically download missing album covers for you (powered by Last.fm) or choose one from your internal storage.


8. MediaMonkey

Download MediaMonkey Music Player

Although you may find the name a bit funky, MediaMonkey takes its job very seriously. It is one of the best Android MP3 Players where the missing album art, lyrics, etc. are downloaded by the app itself.

Chromecast, UPnP, DLNA devices and Android Auto as well are supported by MediaMonkey. It has a 5-band equaliser along with the stereo balance. Third party scrobbles like – Last.fm, Scrobble Droid is also supported.

The significance of this app can be understood through the features like – best search algorithm, Sleep timer, bookmark videos, audiobooks, and similar files as well, a home-screen widget, tag editor, etc.

MediaMonkey helps you navigate, manage and sync large music collections. Key features:
❖ Sync (wirelessly *) with MediaMonkey for Windows. Keeps playlists, tracks and videos including file info, ratings, lyrics, play history, etc. in sync.
❖ Manage Music, Classical music, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Video.
❖ Navigate by Artist, Album, Composer, Genre, Playlist, etc.) with support for multiple attributes (e.g. Genre=Rock;Alternative)
❖ Navigate by Folder **
❖ Play any content supported by your device (using system codecs), with replay gain (volume leveling) and an equalizer
❖ Sleep timer
▶ NEW: Cast to Google chrome cast or UPnP/DLNA devices ** †
▶ NEW: Android Auto support
❖ Bookmark large files (e.g. Audiobooks, videos)
❖ Access and download media from UPnP/DLNA servers **
❖ Player widgets for home screen or lock screen
❖ Edit properties of single/multiple files
❖ Manage single/multiple files (e.g. play, queue, playlist management, delete, use as ringtone, share)
❖ Playlist management with hierarchy
❖ Now Playing views: Album Art / Tracklist
❖ Compatible with with third-party scrobblers (Simple Last.fm, Scrobble Droid, Last.fm)
❖ Full-library search



Download AIMP Music Player

AIMP is one such Android music player that has a pretty clean UI. This app has also got a desktop version. Due to the simple UI, it is easy to use this app, and even newbies can handle it well.

HTTP Live streaming, equaliser, volume normalisation, customisation options like fonts and colours are available, support for MP4, MP3, FLAC, etc. related files, theme options, etc. are a few noticeable features to name.

An access to phone is required to pause / resume playback after call if actions on audio focus change are disabled

Please, report about all bugs into our forum: http://www.aimp.ru/forum/index.php?board=141.0 or write mail to support.

+ Supported formats: *.ape; *.mpga; *.mp3; *.wav; *.ogg; *.umx; *.mod; *.mo3; *.it; *.s3m; *.mtm; *.xm; *.aac; *.flac; *.mp4; *.m4a; *.m4b; *.mpc; *.wv; *.opus; *.dsf; *.dff; *.tta
+ Support for Android Auto
+ OpenSL / AudioTrack / AAudio based output methods
+ CUE Sheet support
+ Playback speed control
+ Balance control
+ 29-band graphic equalizer
+ Volume normalization via replay gain or peak-based

+ Themes: built-in light, dark and black themes
+ Themes: custom themes support
+ Themes: an ability to change theme hue

+ Bookmarks
+ User defined playback queue
+ Automatic detection of tags encoding
+ Album Arts support (from tags / from file folder / from the Internet)
+ Multiple playlists
+ Smart-playlists based on folders
+ Internet radio
+ Lyrics support
+ HTTP Live Streaming



10. PlayerPro Android Music Player

Download PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro Android Music Player is one such app that has not been much popular as it should be. This app offers its users the unique 10-band equaliser. It has Chromecast and Android Auto Support as well as Hi-Fi music support. Customisation features give various options to choose from.

The app does all the essential jobs like – Audio effects, Widgets, Shaking phone to change the track, Video player support, etc. You can download it from the Google Play Store and use it for free through the free-trial period. In case you are interested, you can also buy this app for $4.99.

PlayerPro features a beautiful, fast and intuitive interface, alongside powerful audio configuration options. In addition, there is a choice of several free plugins to complement it: Skins, DSP Pack…

Note: PlayerPro Music Player is a standalone app. Please uninstall this free version after purchase.


Browse and play your music in many different ways: by albums, artists, composers, genres, songs, playlists, folders, and album artists.

Browse and play your videos by folders.

• Listen to your music while driving thanks to the built-in Android Auto (integrated into your car system) or standalone (via the Android Auto app).

• Stream your music to your TV or any Chromecast Audio compatible device.

• Liven up your music library with album artwork, artist/composer pictures, and genre illustrations that you can select from a variety of sources: ID3 tags (embedded artwork), SD card folders, Gallery app, and the Internet.

• Change the user interface of the Player by installing one of the many available Skins.

• Customize the layout, choosing between Grid or List views.

View and edit the lyrics embedded in the ID3 tags of your music files.

Single and group Tag editing: title, album, artist, album artist, composer, track, year, genre, lyrics, comment.

Default mixable audio effects: 5 band graphic equalizer with 15 default presets, stereo widening effect, reverb effects (large hall, medium hall, plate, small room, medium room, large room), bass boost effect, volume control.

Free additional professional DSP plugin: High-Res audio (up to 32-bit, 384kHz), 10 band graphic equalizer with 20 default presets, Pre-Amp control, bass boost control, stereo widening control, left-right volume control, optional mono output. Gapless playback. Auto/Manual crossfade. Replay gain. Audio Limiter. Go to Settings > Audio and select “Download DSP pack” option to install the free plugin.

Music stats and smart playlists: Recently added, Top rated, Most played, Recently played, Least played. Build additional custom playlists using the smart playlist editor and the many different criteria it offers: album, artist, genre, title, play/skip count, last played/added, rating, is a podcast, duration, year, file path etc.



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