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5 Mobile Apps Every Working Individual Should Have

Smartphones are one of the best tools for communication ever invented by humankind.  

Thanks to smart apps, smartphones aren’t just mere phones that can tell time like your Omega Seamaster watch. They are now multifunctional tools that conveniently fit in your pocket.  

With the use of high-end processors and 4G technology, smartphones and apps are now an indispensable part of our daily lives.  

Among the many apps produced over time, productivity tools such as to-do lists, calendars, and note-taking apps continue to grow in popularity amongst working individuals.  

This is because having apps like these on your smartphones is not only convenient but also makes it easier for working individuals to keep track and manage their schedules anywhere at any time. 

Here in this article, we talk about five mobile apps that every working individual should have on their smartphones.  



Todoist is an easy to use organization app that is currently available for free on both iOS and Android operating systems.  

This app can turn you from overwhelmed to on top of it in just a few minutes. It focuses on providing you with the confidence to make progress and complete tasks that are important to you.  

Todoist has a simple and user-friendly interface with features that include a reminder tool and alarms for deadlines and meetings, organization settings by day, week or month so you can check upcoming tasks as well as an easy to adjust priority setting so you can get the important things done faster. 

Another great feature that Todoist offers is that you can track your progress as time goes on and review completed tasks. The app also lets you sync your files across all your devices. 


Drafts 5 

Drafts 5 is a popular note-taking app among iOS users.  

While the app has recently switched its services from free to a paid subscription, users are still willing to pay for its services because of the great features and customizability it retained.  

Drafts 5 is a key holding place for all text-related ideas. Its simple and user-friendly interface allows you to click less before you can start typing your thoughts away. 

The app also allows you to play around with settings such as the fonts, formats, spacing, etc. Even the app icon itself is customizable.  



There’s nothing more frustrating than spending the last ten minutes trying to remember all of your passwords. Not only does it wastes valuable time that could be used for something more productive, but it also induces stress.  

Using a password manager is one of the best mobile ways to secure your accounts and information. 

1Password is one of the better password managing apps out available on iOS. Its easy-to-use interface and excellent security features make it the best app to store all your valuable data on.  


Otter Voice Notes 

This app is great for not only voice memos and recordings but also for hands-off notetaking and documenting.  

One cool feature that Otter Voice Notes brings to the table that other voice-recording apps don’t is the transcripted text of your recordings. This feature also highlights key phrases that let you jump to the more relevant parts of your recordings.  

Otter Voice Notes makes for the perfect app for working individuals who regularly have conferences, meetings, and interviews as it can also identify speakers automatically by using its built-in voice-recognizing feature.  



Trello provides tools to define your projects and their requirements. Its key feature is the online dashboard that lets you create, organize, and set priority levels for activities and tasks.  

A great option that Trello gives you is the ability to share your dashboards with work/teammates to interact and collaborate easily from anywhere at any time.  

Users can also leave comments, links, files, and photos as a convenient way of file sharing.  


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