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ACMarket App – Best PlayStore Alternative App 2020


At long last, Android users have another app store to download their apps from, but this is very different from the official method. ACMarket is a third-party app store offering thousands of modified and tweaked apps and torrents downloader for free. And you don’t need to root your device to use it.

Download ACMarket on Android:

ACMarket is pretty easy to download, but there are a couple of steps involved in doing it. You can’t get it from the official app store, but you can download it straight to your device.

  1. Before you can do this, you need to allow unofficial apps to download on your device. Open your Settings app
  2. Go into Security and tap on Unknown Sources to enable it.
  3. Close Settings and download the ACMarket APK onto your device from https://ac-market.org
  4. Open your Downloads folder and tap on the ACMarket APK file
  5. Once the installation has finished, ACMarket is on your home screen

Using ACMarket

Easy to download and even easier to use, just a couple of taps will get you the apps, games and movies you want:

  1. Tap the app icon to open the store
  2. Pick an app category
  3. Browse what’s in the category or use the search bar to find a specific app or game
  4. Tap the result then tap on GET
  5. When the app has installed, the icon is on your home screen

ACMarket Features:

ACMarket provides users with thousands of free, modified apps and games, along with all these cool features:

  • Geo-Restrictions Lifted – all apps and games are free of restrictions, so anyone can use any app wherever they are
  • Organized – the developers created categories for the apps and games so you can easily find what you want to download
  • User-Friendly – ACMarket is incredibly simple to navigate and use
  • Ad-Free – Unlike other free ads, ACMarket is not full of ads that get in your way, nor are there any surveys to complete
  • Free – nothing in ACMarket requires any payment. All the apps are free, and you don’t get charged for any in-app purchases or features
  • Up to Date – all the latest apps and games are included in ACMarket, including premium apps of free
  • Fast Download Speeds – highest download speeds available in any unofficial or official app store
  • Safe – ACMarket is one of the safest app installers and is updated regularly with bug fixes and improvements. All apps are virus-scanned, and nothing unsafe is allowed in. Plus SSL encryption protects your downloads and keeps your data private
  • Huge Choice of Apps and Games – choose from standard Android games and apps and modified versions with extra features, unlocked games, tweaks and much more


Many countries allow people to provide cracked or modified apps, but it is considered to be illegal to download and use them in many places. Plus, ACMarket does offer pirated content, which is not something we condone the use of. Please use ACMarket carefully and responsibly; if you find a game or an app that you like, consider buying it through the official channels.

Is ACMarket Only For Android Devices?

At this time, yes. ACMarket is an Android app store and, while we have it on good authority that there may be an iOS version in the future, we don’t know when that will be. In the meantime, there are lots of other unofficial app installers just for iOS and other platforms.

What About Using it on My PC?

Using ACMarket on your PC or Mac is possible, but first, as it is an Android app store, you can only do it by downloading an Android emulator first. Once you have that, you can install the ACMarket APK file and enjoy an alternative app store on your desktop.

ACMarket is one of the best alternative app stores available today, and it serves the Android market very well. You do not need to go through the hassle and risks of rooting your device first, and it is completely free. Don’t get left behind; download ACMarket today and revel in everything it has to offer – you won’t want to go back to the official app store. Share this with others and let the developers know what you think of ACMarket.