Finding a traffic app that works for you is surprisingly difficult, particularly if you are looking for one that is responsive and has all the up to date information. Whether you are keeping it in your pocket when on your bike or sticking it to the windscreen of your car, using your phone for navigation is not unheard of but with so many apps it can be difficult to pick the perfect application. So, before you renew your moped insurance online and head out on the road, allow us to show you the best navigation app out there to beat the traffic.

Google Maps

By far one of the best apps for navigation is Google Maps. This provides you with up to date traffic information as well as the option to choose an alternative route. This can be controlled either by voice or through normal search and an provide you with all the updated information that you need to get from A to B this is beneficial for those looking for most recent road layouts as this is updated regularly. In addition to this, all road traffic incidents are reported, allowing you to monitor live traffic options.


If Google maps is a little more complicated than you would like it to be, there is the option of using Waze. This is a simple to use software that is updated by users for the benefit of other users. With traffic updates, road accidents and even road closures all documented by users, you get the most up to date road information possible. This can be updated by passengers in the go and allows you to enjoy a whole new driving experience making sure that you are never late for an event again.

Apple Maps

In addition to Google Maps on Android devices, there is also the option for Apple Maps on IOS devices. This is very similar to that of Google maps and provides you with all the information you need to get out on the road and follow the fastest route. With a simple to use system as well as direction to the lane that you should be in, this is the perfect application to help you get from A to B quickly without having to worry about anything. Simply put in your destination and the address you are travelling from and the app will take care of the rest.

TomTom GPS Navigation

This application is like having an official TomTom satnav on your mobile phone. With up to date information, 4 maps to use offline and advanced lane guidance for you to take advantage of, this is the perfect app. But it comes with a catch. The first 50 miles of each month is free when using the app but after this, you are required to pay a monthly subscription. The price of this is £14.99 for one year and can be £34.99 for 3 years, making this great value for money from your phone.

With this in mind, there are a number of perfect applications for you to use from your phone that give you the directions that you need instantly. Which of these apps will you be trying out first?


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