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How Healthy Car Habits Can Positively Affect Your Credit And Lifestyle


We all own cars and we all drive them nearly every single day. Cars are a major part of the lives of US citizens, with nearly 98% of all households owning at least one car. Everyone owns cars, but not everyone follows the fine practices that make owning a car and their lives a lot easier. If you are someone who is suffering due to your car, you are doing it wrong. Cars should be fun and they should be used as a means of transport, not as a headache. However, not everyone follows healthy car habits that positively affect your lifestyle.

Owning a car means you probably took an auto loan and that can also be a headache. All of this can give rise to frustration. But they don’t have to. Before you hop on to the next car selling website wanting a new car, do read this article as we will give you some tips about following healthy car habits. Yes, not only should you follow good habits in your life, you must also follow healthy habits for your car too, if you do not want to end up suffering due to your car.

  • Pay your loans on time

Most of the people in the US who own a new car (or even a used car) go for a car loan. We know, car loans can be frustrating as you need to keep paying interest for years depending on the loan you choose. Very few people in the US actually buy a car with cash or cheque by paying the full amount upfront. Most people depend on auto loans.

Of course, you need a good credit score to avail of a good auto loan, but did you know that paying your loans on time can itself help improve your credit score? Always, right at the beginning of the month, try to pay your auto loan first before anything else. Never slack off on your loan as not only will it hurt your credit score, but if you miss too many payments, your car will be confiscated.

As you pay the loan, your credit utilization will also decrease. If you choose a loan from 3 to 5 years, your credit history will also be positively impacted. Not only will having a good credit score make your life a lot smoother, it will also allow you to buy other things with your credit card. Furthermore, down the line, if you want to purchase a new car after selling your old one, you can get an even better car with the credit score you have.

  • Reducing expenses

It is quite easy to get caught in the slippery slope of spending a little and then spending a little more, till your entire pocket runs dry. To keep that from happening, you need to analyze your expenses and keep track of what and how you are spending.

We know purchasing a car does not only mean that you will have to spend the money on auto loans, but you will also have to spend money on gas, repairs, annual maintenance, servicing, and also some accessories for your car. We would recommend that you keep a good track of all the services that you are using and to maintain the balance and keep an estimated figure. Keeping track of how much you spent and how much you will have to spend in the future is actually a pretty good habit.

If you do not own an electric car, you will have to worry about gasoline prices. So, you need to be smart about what type of fuel you need to use. For regular gasoline cars, it won’t make sense to use premium with that extra money. For premium, do not put regular inside your tank. Whenever you fill up, be sure to fill up as much as you can, otherwise, you will find yourself wasting gas while hunting for a gas station. Some grocery discount programs are also available that you can look into. These will allow you to save up whenever you go to your local gas station to fill up your car.

Of course, before you buy a car, we would recommend that you buy a car that is most efficient. Don’t get carried away and get a car that looks cool but is actually a gas guzzler. Unless you have a specific need for that type of car, always do your research and try to buy a hybrid or a very efficient car. That will not only alleviate your gas expenses; but if the car is reliable, then it will also not break down and require you to go to the mechanic every single week.

  • Take care of your car

Once you purchase a car, it does not mean that you will just throw it around anything and everything and expect it to come out unscathed. Also, you need to keep an eye on everything about your car and not just drive it for the sake of driving it.

First, you must perform regular maintenance checks. Get ready to get your hands dirty as not every repair requires a trip to the mechanic. For starters, you can check the engine oil level in your car. After the manufacturer specified the range, when it is time to change the oil, you can do it yourself to save a few bucks instead of taking it to the mechanic. Also, after 5,000 miles or so, you need to rotate your tires. If you don’t know what tire rotation is and why it is useful, you can look for it online.

Next up, you must also check your coolant level. Check the coolant and if it is discolored or if it has some problems, you can take it to the mechanic. But if you are confident, you can perform the repair yourself. Also, check the belts and hoses inside your car. Moving parts inside your car will always experience wear and tear due to friction. Yes, it can get a lot easier for you if you perform all of these checks yourself instead of always looking for a mechanic.

So, if you follow these advices, not only will your life be a lot less frustrating, but your credit score will also be decent enough so that you never are rejected for another loan when you need it.