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How to Drive Less

When you were a teenager, you may have found it exciting to drive for the first time. You might have been excited about your first car and wanted to drive it all the time. But now, you may feel that driving is filled with stress, and it’s just a way of getting where you need to go. Luckily, by making a couple of changes, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on the road.

Why You May Want to Drive Less

There are a lot of reasons you might not want to drive as much. One of the main reasons to use your car less is that you’ll save money, whether on maintenance, parking, or gas. If you don’t drive quite as often, you’ll save money. Many people need to fill their tanks throughout the week, which could add up, no matter what your mileage is. You won’t need to purchase as much gas by driving less, especially if you have a gas guzzler.

When you don’t put as many miles on the vehicle, you won’t wear it out quickly. You will not need to do maintenance as often, and the car will not require replacing as much. By cutting back on how much you drive, you can ensure your vehicle lasts longer, and maintenance will not cost as much.

Consider Using an eBike or Other Alternative Methods

One way of reducing your number of trips is by purchasing an electric bicycle. If you live close enough to school or work, you can replace many of your car trips with a bike ride instead. Certain types let you carry kids or cargo, and you won’t have to worry about traffic or parking. An eBike has a motor that assists you, so you don’t get as sweaty while moving. If you’re thinking about getting one of these bikes, you’ll want to do your research on things like different styles and types of batteries. When considering the various battery types, don’t be afraid to compare the options to find something that suits your lifestyle.

An eBike isn’t the only alternative to driving you to have. Many cities and towns have public transportation that isn’t hard to use. You could consider taking the bus, using a ride-sharing service, or taking the subway. By doing so, you might reduce your stress levels since you won’t have to deal with traffic. And it could be fun to try out new transportation methods, especially if you haven’t ridden on a bus since school.

Consider Living Closer to Your Most Frequented Locations

It might be obvious but try living closer to your worksite. Many people find they do the most driving getting to and from work. If feasible, you may try moving close enough to take an alternative transportation type. It’ll save mileage, and you might be able to sleep in later since your commute won’t be as long.

Of course, many worksites are closer to the downtown locations where there is not as much housing. It also tends to be more costly, so you may not be able to move nearer to your work. See if you can work from home for some or all of the time. Or you may consider moving closer to other commonly visited locations instead. For example, you might try to live closer to a child’s school, grocery store, or family you visit frequently. That way, you can reduce the morning commute a bit. The more you can walk to your destinations, the less you will have to drive.

Change Your Shopping Habits

Many people go to stores to look around but not purchase anything. Many people enjoy window shopping at least occasionally. It might be easy to walk around the store without a purpose, seeing what catches your eye. And you may like the idea of finding a fun item.

Besides harming your budget, it can also put extra miles on the car if you go to the store for no reason but to look around. Instead, consider saving these trips for times when you need to get something. Consider combining multiple trips into one as well. Keep a running list of items you need so you don’t need to run out for one thing.

When possible, you could consider shopping online. It doesn’t require driving at all. Today, you can find a range of online retailers who are highly competitive with physical locations. And if you have a large enough order, you might not need to pay for shipping. Or you may set up a membership with specific sites so you can receive free shipping, no matter how much you order. Of course, some items, like groceries, might be cheaper to purchase in the store. Still, you might be able to save money in other categories, like electronics or media.

Try Entertaining at Home

Today, many homes have open floor plans, allowing residents to entertain from the comfort of home. With the extra space, it’s easy to make everyone feel included. If you want to cut out some driving, try inviting family and friends to your home instead of meeting them elsewhere. It will save you gas money and wear and tear on the car. And since you won’t be going to as many bars or restaurants, you’ll save money on expensive drinks and meals. If you and your friends want to take turns entertaining, you might consider carpooling if you live close enough.


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