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How to Select the Proper Tractor for Your Agricultural Tasks

The most valuable thing for the farmer is the equipment and machinery. In this regard, the tractor is considered the most universal vehicle. The idea of buying one may seem frightening, but after that, it will turn to be a good purchase if you choose it wisely. When deciding on a particular item, the first thing you should do is decide on the model. Here are some tips to help you select which tractor suits your needs best.

The Selection Criteria

First of all, take into account the size of the land that you own. Large farms require tractors of high power as, for example, John Deere models that perform many tasks, such as plowing and mowing. A perfect addition to this particular tractor will be john deere diagnostic code reader that will help carry out maintenance works.

Previously, tractors were commonly used on farms for a couple of agricultural tasks. Today’s tractors are used for plowing, sowing fields, lawn care, landscape maintenance, transporting or spreading fertilizers and cleaning bushes. Tractors have advantages both on small farms and in ordinary garden plots. So, you should primarily answer the following questions before making a purchase:

  • Major tasks it should do;
  • The power of the vehicle;
  • The type of the engine;
  • The size, etc.

Tractors are generally available in a wide range of options, taking into account certain tasks and conditions. Compact vehicles of 15-40 liters ideally carry out heavy work like plowing and digging.

The Engine Requirements

This is the most important part of the tractor, which you first need to pay attention to when buying. Most manufacturers prefer installing a power unit from world-famous manufacturers, such as Kubota, Yanmar or Mitsubishi. The life of the tractor will depend on how reliable the engine is. All manufacturers of universal types have their own technical support in almost every region. This eliminates the monopoly on the sale of spare parts. There are manufacturers who produce in-house engines and you can’t buy them anywhere else.

Warranty and Service

Every year, the tractor operates from 900 to 1200 motor hours. With a three-year warranty, the interval between services will be 100 motor hours. Take your time and find the best possible options with good warranty conditions.

If you buy a tractor from an unknown brand, then you should find out all the details of their technical support. Does the company have its own warehouse, where consumables and spare parts are located? Do not hesitate to ask a dealer.

Universal Usage

Although the models are available in a huge range, today’s tractors are designed and manufactured universal to perform a wide range of tasks. Compact tractors can perform various tasks from gardening to simple agricultural work, with the ability to do more by attaching various mounted implements, such as wheel loaders or seeders.

Now, you know all about the features, which should be considered first. Choose wisely and get the most out of it.


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