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Maybach Family Foundation

“if you say I am a wealthy person, I think of happiness, work satisfaction,

being able to take care of one’s self and others less fortunate as being a sign of wealth.”

For more information about the Maybach Family Foundation www.maybach.org

When asked why he would devote himself so completely to philanthropy, Schmid-Maybach responded, “I am more interested in doing the right thing than doing the most financially profitable thing.” To him, this means doing meaningful work, being respectful of others, serving a need and deflecting attention from himself. He adds, “If you say I am a wealthy person, I think of happiness, work satisfaction, being able to take care of oneself and others less fortunate as being a sign of wealth.”

The foundation’s inaugural initiative, the Excellence in Mentoring Leadership Program, is founded on the premise that the mentor-protégé relationship could further innovation in the fields of science and research, art, design and architecture, community and ethics, as well as business and technology. The program gives extraordinarily talented young adults from disadvantaged circumstances the opportunity to connect and be mentored by distinguished global leaders in order to make a difference in their lives and in

the world. Inspiration for the program was drawn from his great grandfather, who, as an orphan, realized his own promise thanks to the support and partnership of Gottlieb Daimler.

The foundation also developed the Africa Health Sciences project in Uganda where the talented Dr. Muzoora Conrad is currently conducting tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS co-infection research. He works under the guidance of his mentor, Dr. David Bangsberg, an internationally acclaimed AIDS researcher from the University of San Francisco. As part of his project curriculum, Dr. Conrad had the opportunity to attend the International Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston, MA and received grant writing and leadership training in New York, NY.

In support of the arts, the Maybach Foundation implemented a documentary arts program in New York. Currently, thirteen women and ten men, representing such countries as India, the United States, and Serbia were considered in the selection process for the first phase, a photography protégé program. In June, the first photographer protégé was selected and has begun working with mentors. Additional phases to follow will include protégés in other disciplines such as film and journalism.

Recently, in celebration of the foundation and its work, a reception was held in conjunction with the Milken Global Conference at Tiffany & Co, Beverly Hills. The event was attended by distinguished guests such as

legendary entertainer Quincy Jones and technology businessman and entrepreneur, Omar Anamat. Historic Tiffany-designed awards were produced in honor of the foundation and a new Maybach was displayed alongside a 1938 model on loan from the collection of Jack Bart of Greenwich, CT.

The Maybach Family Foundation has offices in Stuttgart, Germany and Los Angeles, CA, with the main office located on the Presidio in San Francisco, CA.

For more information about the Maybach Family Foundation: http://www.maybach.org/


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