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Showroom Condition – How To Clean Your Car Like A Pro

Cleaning Your Car To Perfection

When you clean your car, there needs to be an effort behind it which has a “ritual” flavor to it. Well, there doesn’t need to be, but the idea here is that you regulate the process to such an extent that you can almost do it unconsciously. The car is parked in the right place, you use the right methods and materials, and do so consistently throughout the year.

Some climates make this easier than others. If you’re cleaning your car in Florida, the weather will always be conducive to cleaning. The coldest it gets in Florida is really just a mild inconvenience. If you’re cleaning in Alaska, you might have to follow indoor cleaning options in winter, or only clean the vehicle in Summer. Different regions have their idiosyncrasies.

When Do You Clean Your Car?

The common knowledge on this is that you need to clean your car at minimum twice a month, it’s better if you’ve got a day set aside where you spend about an hour doing the job every week. Additionally, common knowledge indicates it’s wise for you to put some sort of protective coating around your vehicle.

What makes the most sense for many today is a “ceramic” coat, which is a chemical coating that goes on top of whatever waxing or other protective coats you’ve applied to the vehicle. Such ceramic coatings can preserve vehicles from chemical damage, general wear and tear, and other issues impacting vehicular cleanliness, as well as stability in terms of structure.

These coatings won’t protect against everything, but they will add protection to the vehicle, keeping it cleaner longer. Think of it like this: a protective coating may keep the underlying paint from being impacted by gravel thrown by a semi. But a fist-sized rock through the windshield—there’s no coating that can protect against that!

Even so, there’s an additional layer of protection that develops collaterally from a concerted effort to keep a vehicle clean. Because you’ve put so much work into the process, you become a more conscientious, defensive driver. Put it this way: you value what you work hard for more than what is simply given to you. It’s the same with how you clean your car.

Detailing: It’s Not Always Going To Be Your Best Option

If you just hand your vehicle off to a detailer for $100 once a month, you spend $1,200 a year, and you don’t value the work done. If you do it yourself, you save at least $1,000, and you’re more careful to preserve the work of your hands. It’s easy to understand when you break it down.

Even so, professional assistance can be a great help in prompting you toward more efficient management of your assets. As the old saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. Showroom condition cleaning will require an interior and exterior approach. It’s wise to save time and get better results from the people at carpro.global.

Keeping Your Car As Clean As Possible

Through options like this you can avoid wasting time “reinventing the wheel”. Vehicles have been around since the earlier part of the twentieth century. There are methods of cleaning them in play that have a hundred years behind them, but don’t hold a candle to new means of producing better outcomes.

New waxes, chemical compounds, and washing best practices are developing all the time. What it means to be “showroom ready” today differs from twenty years ago, or fifty years ago, or a hundred. And that’s just going to keep transitioning. So learn best practices and apply them as it suits you. You’ll keep your vehicle on the road looking excellent much longer.


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