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Want A Car That Matches Your Level Of Adventure? – Try Kia Sportage

The all-new 2020 kia sportage is a compact SUV car manufactured by Korean carmakers. If we talk about the SUV market, then the Kia is one of the biggest emerging names replacing many other car brands. The people are continuously declining towards the Kia because it is its perfect blend of technology and looks.

The 2020 kia sportage is the best car that you can opt for; if you are an adventure-loving person and plan an adventure trip with your family, this car is the best for you. The interior of the carr is perfectly designed to provide sufficient space for five people. It is a mixture of a hatchback and an SUV car. Unlike the hatchbacks floating in the market, the car is spacious, making it a perfect companion for your long drives and traveling. So, let us hope in and take a detailed overview of the car.

Overview of the interior

The interior of the 2020 kia sportage has a multi-functional touch screen that can be easily paired with your smartphones. You can install the Apple Car play on your I-phones or the Android Auto in your android version mobiles if you want to connect with your car. You only have to command, and the entire mobile app will be visible on your screens. The car also houses a Harman Kardon surround-sound speaker of 320 watts, which means that the car is a full entertainment package.

The storage is the top priority of the traveler that is well taken care of. You will get a total cargo space of 60.1 cubic feet, out of which 30.7 cubic feet is rear. The rear seats are foldable just with the touch of a smart button. If you are thinking of resting along with traveling in your car, you can simply fold the rear seat and enjoy it. it can be a perfect element of your nigh outings.

Also, people love to enjoy the view of the sky in the nighttime. To fulfill that purpose, the car has a sunroof. Now you can just sit down on the rear seat, fold them and start gazing at the sky. The keys available with the car are smart. Along with that, the car also supports a climate control option, which can help you to easily climatize inside the car. The parking of the car is also made easy with the smart feature of this car. Whenever you are making a parking car, then the car will assist you in monitoring.

Now, let us discuss what the safety measures taken in the 2020 kia sportage are

  • There is a forward collision warning given to the driver whenever they come very close to someone, object, or another vehicle. It makes the driver attentive and saves from accidents.
  • The car can also smartly detect the pedestrian crossing on the road and send you signals.
  • If you feel that you cannot focus on the driving, then there is an attention warning for you. It is best suited for those who are having a habit of night driving.
  • The road is divided into various lanes. If you are changing the lane or getting out of your lane, then the car will give you a warning for your and other’s safety.
  • Whenever you are changing a lane, there is a blind spot that can not be seen through the rearview mirror. This blind spot is the reason behind significant accidents. The 2020 kia sportage has this blind spot detection and helps you in changing your lane efficiently.
  • There is a smart cruise control function that in the car that helps you control your car wiry the options like stop and go.

There are many interior color variants available in the car, like the other variants. The options are:-

  • Snow White Pearl
  • Cherry Black
  • Burnished Copper
  • Pacific Blue
  • Hyper Red
  • Sparkling Silver.

Exterior Features

The 2020 kia sportage is a unique yet upgraded design from the previous version. The car is given a new sporty look with a sport S trim and new headlight onboard. The rear and the front bumper are redesigned by the brand to give it a more elegant look. Many views also love the curved design of the front exhaust. The tires used in the car are 225/60 size built for getting a perfect on-road grip.

Detailing of the engines and fuel consumption

The engine is specially built, keeping in mind the people who love to travel more. The engine’s capacity is 2.4 Liters, which is substantially high and helps the engine overcome load easily and bear it. The engine’s power is 181hp that rotates at the range of 6,000 rpm, which provides a 135 KW of energy. The torque, on the other hand, is 165lb-ft at the rotation of 4000 per minute. The engine is six speeds automatic and runs on a regular fuel type.

The fuel efficiency of the 2020 kia sportage is varied according to the pace you are driving the car. If you opt for the highway, the fuel consumption per 100km is 10.1 liter, but if you are in a city, you may cover around 100 km in 9.1 liters of fuel. The rear and front brakes are ABS and have an independent suspension.

The final wordings

So, this is the detailed description of the 2020 kia sportage, which you must consider before buying one. The best part is that if you are a traveler who loves to carry their car along, it will be your perfect companion. So, if you are planning a car for you must consider this option. There several color options and models that you can choose from. Just write down your requirement and start making a mix and match of the features and combination.

As you find the best combination for you, just contact the dealer nearby and get your 2020 kia sportage booked.


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