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Best Email Management Practices in 2021

Whether you like it or not, email is an integral part of your daily life. We can’t say that the things were totally different a decade ago, but now almost every day we get bombarded with several types of app notifications, social media emails, and other different sources of distraction. All of this has led us to the importance of proper email management. In this article we will talk about the best email management practices and how they can be implemented in order to achieve success.

  • Use Folders and Labels to Organize Your Emails: One of the best email management practices is the use of labels and folders. Create your own folders for the emails in your inbox and set up your own filters to send incoming emails to the certain folders or mark them with certain labels. This way you prioritize all the important folders and check the emails in them before you move on to the folders which contain messages that are not of the same importance for you.
  • Read Only Those Emails That Seems Relevant: You might receive several types of newsletters from different niches such as self-help, fitness, business, blogging, etc. Most likely, you do not read all these emails as soon as you get them. Although you don’t delete them either as they might contain some important information. In such cases, you can set Gmail filters for automatic archiving of the emails into several folders or labels. For instance, blog emails can be archived into a blogging folder, fitness-related stuff can be archived into a fitness and health folder, and so on. Remember you don’t have to read all the emails that come into your inbox. Select those, which are relevant and leave the rest for later.
  • Try Implementing Guidelines For Writing Concise Emails: It can be really frustrating to read a long email, while most of the points could be summarized into only a few sentences. This way you waste your time and the time of the recipient of your message. That is why it is important to write concise emails. Also there are situations when it is much better to make a short phone call or use a voice messenger to discuss something than to write an email and wait for a response.
  • Set Up Specific Hours For Your Mailbox: If you keep on checking your email inbox all the time, it probably distracts you from doing anything properly. It is much better to designate a few minutes two or three times a day for checking your emails. This way, every correspondence can get its required attention without disrupting something else.

Do not forget about the spam and the effect it can cause to your mailbox. There are many different tips on how to reduce the amount of spam, including the use of email verifications services for detecting spammers from fake email addresses

In case you want to automatically manage your mailbox, try using an email organizer, like Clean Email. 0This tool can help you manage your mailbox more efficiently and easily. Instead of just focusing on individual messages, Clean Email organizes your mailbox with several smart viewing options in order to simplify your email management. Clean Email respects your privacy so you can be sure that all your data is safe. Try it and you will see that time consuming and often boring email management can be so quick and easy.


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