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A lot has been said on the conversion of PDF document to word, however, it is even more tricky to convert PDF to Excel and other Microsoft documents. However, on the internet has taken this journey of PDF to Excel and is done with precision and satisfaction

To avoid the allotment of correct columns or placing a whole row in the wrong format, it is important to choose your tool to convert PDF to excel. It can be a very challenging task to find the best PDF to excel converter that can take care of your needs. If you are dealing with a large number of databases, it is important to understand how to convert your PDF to excel sheets and what are your requirements from the convertor.

To help you understand your offline and online needs, here are the best online and offline software to help you convert PDF to Excel.

PDF to Excel Offline conversions

In comparison to the online counterparts, the offline PDF to Excel converters generally come with a larger set of tools. This software helps the conversion of PDF to Excel a smoother process with the help of superior characteristics. Since these are the desktops versions, these PDF to Excel converters can undertake bulk conversions and give results in quicker frame time also look PDF to Word Converter.

Let us take you through some of the best tools for PDF to Excel conversions.

1. UniPDF


One of the most user-friendly PDF to excel converter which can undertake PDF to excel, word, Image conversions, Text format or HTML with a simple drag and drop over the program window. Even post this the conversion is simply done by clicking the convert PDF to excel button. The converter then works on working on the conversions and resending the Excel file in less than a minute.

Along with the PDF to excel free version, there is also a paid version for the same. The free desktop version will be providing you simply a three page PDF file and for the conversion of any more of that, you will require to get the paid version.

2. PDFZilla


Another one making it to the top list PDFZilla is not just a tool to convert PDF to Excel, providing you a broad application in terms of its functionality in the conversion of PDF to Word, Rich text, GIF, PNG, JPG, text and many other formats The tool can work in more than 20 different languages and can be used as a PDF to excel converter with just a 3 click model of conversion.

Only functional in the Windows OS right now, this can be claimed to be the best conversion tool thanks to its ability to perform batch transformations quickly. Available at a budget-friendly price of $29.95, this is a boon to many professional operations.

3. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

Another one of the best choices in the offline list, Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is considered one of the best for the conversions due to its OCR characteristic which works in making your journey from PDF to excel file an effortless one.

This app provides you a brilliant quality as it can preserve the layout of your document during the conversion process.

Along with that it also provides the chance to create, format, and finally present a genuine and authentic document to reduce your physical work. Another one of the major selling points is the conversion of various PDF documents in a single PDF file, making it one of the customer favorites.

PDF to Excel online conversions

For the other operating systems that don’t support the offline models, the online PDF to Excel converters are a boon. Complete with OCR tools and other software programs in the completion of the task of file format online, this is one of the most beneficial for both the paid and unpaid operations.

Let us take a virtual tour of the best online tools to answer the question of ‘How to convert PDF to excel effectively online?’

1. Smallpdf  – Best free PDF to Excel Converter Online


One of the most accessible convertors to the common people, this PDF to excel converter is one of the most versatile tools which can be transformed according to your needs. Smallpdf can be used for the conversion of PDF files into PowerPoint, word, and of course excel sheet according to your needs.

Along with this, Smallpdf also provides the feature of compressing, splitting, and even merging your documents.

For those of you concerned about the privacy this PDF to excel converter also works in the facilitation of the encryption procedure of a file with the added advantage of the additional e-signature to input in a document.

2. PDFConverter – Best Free PDF to Excel Converter Online


A brilliant tool for conversion purposes, the PDFConverter is one of the best free PDF to excel converter. One of the best in the field, PDFConverter can be used to convert PDF files into various other file formats including Word, PPT, JPG, and of course excel and the conversion is even possible vice versa.

The simple presentation of the site makes it possible for even the most amateur computer users to understand and operate the tool. The user would simply need to upload the document to the window and click the start button. Post this, the tool converts the file which can then be downloaded simply to make sure that the data is retrieved and analyzed for further use.

3. OCR Software – Convert PDF to Excel Online

OCR Software

Though originally not made for the conversion of a document, OCR or optical character recognition sites can be used for the simple conversion process with a more detailed understanding of the documents.

For any file up to 200 MB, online OCR tools such as the can be used for the conversion. Post uploading the file you can just wait for the tool to scan the documents for the character recognition process. You can simply suggest the table format option in which you can choose the data aligned in columns and rows for the data you need in what order. Once the software completes the automation process you can go ahead and save it in an Excel format. But with this software, there might be a need to manually check the data and format according to the need.


PDF or Portable document format, can be converted to an excel format with no worries about loosing the data or format. You can understand your need from the list above and make an informed choice in the selection of the conversion software for your requirement.


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