Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Having a business that doesn’t have an online reputation is one of the most significant risks for new entrepreneurs and people trying to develop a startup. However, ending up on the first page on Google is everything but simple. There are so many suggestions on what to improve on your website, so you have a better ranking on search engines, but there are as twice as many myths that were not debunked on time.
Digitally representing your product is the face of your business. Before focusing on promoting your business on the Internet, you need to make sure that you have created a high-quality digital representation of it. You can try the MVP approach that allows a business to validate the viability of an idea with minimal costs. Fortunately, you do not need to figure it out on your own, as experts in this matter can help you, check the cost of building an app.

Not having a digital marketing background makes it harder for anyone to separate truth from myths. To help you understand how to become visible for Google and increase your traffic numbers that way, we bring you 10 best digital marketing ideas for your business.

  1. Google Search Console

If you’re not making the most of this fascinating free tool developed by Google, it’s time to change that. You can submit your sitemap to it and let Google know your website exists, which is the first step of your website appearing in search results on Google.

  1. Google My Business

Besides Google Search Console, Google has so many free tools that could help you elevate your business and gain new visitors to your website. Google My Business enables you to appear in geographic search results. In other words, if somebody is looking for a business like yours in the area where your business is located, your business will be suggested to the user searching for this information.  It will help you reach a higher position in search results as well.

  1. Loading Time

If your website is not loading fast enough, you’re losing customers. Simple as that! Your website speed will show Google how quality your website actually is and whether it should suggest it to its users or not. To ensure your website is loading very fast, you should:

  • Minimize the HTTP requests on your website
  • Ensure image file sizes are smaller by compressing them
  • Use faster hosting
  • Take a look into your page speed insights


  1. Keywords

 Content is king, but keywords create the empire. Without keywords, you can’t expect to have organic traffic on your website. Keywords are the most crucial part of every SEO strategy. More importantly, neglecting the importance of keywords will harm your ranking and might even reduce the number of current website visitors you have. Your page titles and meta descriptions should always contain relevant keywords, and the best keywords for your pages can be determined with keyword research. However, make sure you avoid keyword stuffing as it might create an opposite effect from what you’re expecting.

  1. Backlinking

If you still haven’t started building backlinks to your website, you should start immediately. Having a strong backlink portfolio helps you increase your reach, attract potential customers, and engage them in further action. You can build links through outreach or by creating content with long-tail keywords which are important for your business.

  1. Video

We already mention that content is king, but if you’re wondering what type of content has the highest impact on users, it is video. Having a video on your website automatically increases your chances of having a higher position on Google. You can incorporate it into your homepage and introduce your product or service, or you can implement it in your blog articles and provide additional information for your readers.

  1. 404 Errors

Have you ever been looking for information, thought you found what you need and ended on a 404-error page? To avoid this annoying situation for your website visitors, you should remove every 404 page you have and set up a 301 redirect. This way, your visitors will be redirected to a website that can provide them with the details they were searching for. To check your 404s, you can actually use Google Search Console.

  1. Social Media

Having content which will be shared on social media doesn’t directly improve your ranking on Google; however, it implies you’re doing it the right way. Use social media as the indicator which topics or products your target audience prefers and optimize it and ensure it offers quality information. It will help you get more organic traffic from both social media and Google.

  1. Mobile Search

Do you know what percentage of your website visitors are checking your website from their mobile phones? Not optimizing and customizing your website for mobile is something nobody can afford nowadays. To ensure your potential customers are enjoying the content you have on your website, from images, videos, text to contact forms, you will need to keep in mind that part of your audience which is checking it on the go.

  1. Optimize. Optimize. Optimize.

Optimization is not a one-off thing. You will need to continually upgrade your website according to new updates from Google. Also, ranking results are not definite, and to secure your position, you will need to optimize your website frequently. It implies your meta titles and descriptions, keywords, anchor text, alt text, titles, headings, etc.


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