10 Reasons to Move to Solar Electric Power Generation

It cannot be said that 2019 is not bringing us new developments in the advancement of renewable
energies. Solar energy is one of the most advantageous things you can bring your home. Let us see
how it can be the future of consumption and energy supply in all parts of the planet.

The following is why you should switch to solar energy:

Saving on the electricity bill

Solar energy, especially photovoltaic solar energy, will save 85% of the electricity bill in many cases.
If we know how to take advantage of day time by using the appliances that consume the most
energy, our electricity bill will be reduced to a minimum. The contracted power must always be paid,
but the consumption of active energy from the electricity company can become zero if we make
efficient consumption.

You can sell back to the grid

This is one of the most critical points that the new energy regulations bring us. When production is
lower than the consumption during the day time, you can sell the energy back to the grid. It provides
you with an advantage to buy back the energy from the grid during off-peak hours at night and make
your solar power more economical and sustainable.

Power access in remote locations

Especially for rural locations where the power line does not reach, solar energy is THE SOLUTION.
Solar panel installation with batteries can provide electricity to a home or company located in a
location that is difficult for electricity companies to access.
For example, the power network in the Iraq region is in a bad state with the increasing refugee crisis.
Also, solar power is an only viable solution for the people living in tents.

Grants in 2019

Most of the governments in the world are providing people with grants to encourage the use of
green energy. So, the total cost of installation and operation of solar energy has come at per or
lower than the standard energy from the grid.

25-year warranty

Photovoltaic solar panels, at least, have a 25-year warranty, although some brands usually raise
them to 30 years. Keep in mind that the amortization data of the installation is usually between 3
and 7 years, always depending on the use that is given to the generated energy.

Low cost of heating and air conditioning

One of the main factors that cause our electricity bill to fire is the heating and air-conditioning of the
houses. In the coldest and hottest months of the year, we want to enjoy the comfort that heating
and air conditioning gives us, but in many cases, we have to limit the time we use stoves, air-
conditioners, underfloor heating or any device that we have connected to the power grid to avoid
huge bills.

With the installation of solar energy, we would reduce the cost of air conditioning or heating of our

Unlimited power source

Another advantage of solar energy is that it is renewable and unlimited. This type of renewable
energy is often referred to as alternative energy since the primary source of production to date has
been fossil fuels.
Fossil fuels are finite, that is, one day they will run out, and it will be inevitable that solar radiation
will become our main source of electricity. The great advantage is that we will always have it at our

Stop climate change

Greenhouse gases are causing global warming and thawing of the poles. With companies and homes
producing electricity with solar panels and the total implementation of electric vehicles on the roads,
we will be able to curb climate change.

Minimum maintenance

One of the most significant advantages of solar energy is that once the solar electric panels are
installed, maintenance can be performed by unqualified personnel, which means the owner can do it
on his own.
The cleaning of the solar system is critical and should be done once a month. Also, once a year, it is
advisable to perform an inspection of the wiring, connections, and panel to make sure everything is
working correctly.

Increase in the value of homes

The real estate market sees those homes that have a system with functional power connectivity.
When an electric system is installed at home, it increases the rating of the property as it has an
additional power source which is also efficient and economical.

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