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20+ Apps To Improve User Engagement Of E-Commerce Websites


If your website is stuck on the same number of users and visitors for a long time, or you cannot increase the traffic and conversion rate on your website, you are missing out on something. The time that a customer spends on your website is spent on shopping and creating a bond with your brand. It’s your part to ensure a strong connection and repeated visits from your customers. And that’s when apps to increase user engagement come into play.

There are plenty of powerful apps that can skyrocket the engagement of your e-commerce website. These apps help you create discount pop up, chatbot support, follow us widgets, and corner ribbon to display special deals. All these elements increase the engagement of the users and the number of conversions on your eCommerce website. Let us dive into more such apps and how they can be a boon to your eCommerce website.

E-Commerce Apps To Increase Customer Engagement

The right combination of powerful e-commerce apps can boost your customer engagement and the overall quality of your website. We have listed a few such apps below that ensure more engagement time and new customers for your business. Unlock ways to deliver a better shopping experience and strategies to enrich your business.

1 – Whatsapp – Contact Us

Whatsapp has a broad user base all over the world in 180 countries. Solving your customer queries and issues effectively creates a connection between your business and them. Businesses use WhatsApp chat support to enhance their e-commerce business.

Whether your business is big or small, you can engage with your users through WhatsApp. It is both convenient and personalized. It can be done easily with Wix WhatsApp and other apps that specialize in building websites.

2 – Pop Up

You must have noticed that whenever you enter a well-established eCommerce website, a pop-up shows up, either for creating an account, discount codes, or special offers. These pop-ups are a fruitful investment for your website. It makes the customer feel welcomed, engaged, and informed about all the latest deals from your brand.

3 – FAQ

Customers visiting your site might have some general questions and queries for which they might not like to spend time talking to a customer support agent. Confusion about a product or service can turn away your potential sales lead. To make your site more interactive, you can add a question button displayed anywhere on the website that solves basic queries. Also, mention an email address with the FAQs to receive further inquiries from your users.

4 – Instagram – Follow Us

Almost every business today is on Instagram, from small thrift stores to big popular brands. Use social media handles to increase your customer reach and let more people know about your services. Add an Instagram widget on your eCommerce website to gain more followers. This way, you can engage with your customers daily with posts and reels. It increases the chances of conversion and increases traffic on your website.

5 – Corner Ribbon

Do you want your website to look more appealing? Try an app to add a corner ribbon on your website which promotes special offers, discount coupons, or sale notifications. Usually, this will help you boost the traffic and make your website look more visually stunning. You can customize the text message displayed on the ribbon anytime.

6 – Contact Form

Many successful eCommerce websites use the contact form to interact with their customers. A contact form comprises the user’s name, email address, phone number, and message. You can use this information to send them mail or message regarding upcoming sales, price drops, or limited offers. Also, a customer can drop their questions in the contact box, which establishes a bond between the business and the customer.

7 – Facebook – Follow Us

Facebook has the most users worldwide. What’s better than becoming Facebook friends with your customers? It is a great strategy to get more website traffic by engaging your visitors on Facebook. The best thing about this platform is that it is cost-free and dynamic.

You can share pictures and videos to keep people engaged. Convert your customers into your Facebook followers by placing a Facebook widget anywhere on the website at an easily visible spot.

8 – Click To Call

Help your visitors reach out to you directly by placing a call. We live in a busy world where slight inconvenience can turn your visitors away. On mobile, the click-to-call option allows visitors to call you by clicking on the widget directly. On the laptop, your number appears bold and clear for easy dialing. Make your website more serviceable and engaging by placing a click-to-call widget on your eCommerce website. It also makes your website look more legitimate and handy.

The Bottom Line

There are abundant apps that can revive your eCommerce website with the help of interactive pop-ups and easy calling options. But installing each one of these apps separately is a much hectic task. Downloading 20+ apps also requires large storage space. Hold on, what if we tell you that you can access all such 20+ apps to boost your eCommerce website on a single platform? Yes, it is possible with smartarget.

Smartarget has over 20 apps that you can use to elevate engagement on your eCommerce website. This platform saves you plenty of time and storage. In addition to that, you also get to learn more about similar apps to build an attractive website. Charm new customers; turn them into a sales lead, and eventually into a loyal client easily with smartarget!