You must know, ransomware attacks are on the rise, with an average of 4000 computer systems getting affected every day. A ransomware attack is carried out with the intention of earning money, which is why many young people today have joined the bandwagon to reap the benefits. When the demand for money pops up on your screen, you have a very short time to fulfill the demand, otherwise, there is a strong chance that your information will get leaked out. Even if a small part of the sensitive business information goes out in public, it can become the sole reason for the failure of an organization. So when a ransomware attack is carried out, the victim tries to recover the files by paying a ransom. When organizations decide to pay the ransom, it becomes the business decision. Here, we will guide you through a few strong reasons to not pay for a ransomware attack:

1. Your Business Gets Targeted

As they say, don’t answer the media; otherwise, they’ll have even more bothering questions for you. The same goes for hackers when they attack your system. Keep in mind, when you pay for the ransomware attack, you only enable the hackers to gain control over your business. Secondly, criminals have strong connections in the market. They will make sure every word goes out. So a hacker will tell about who has paid the ransom and who hasn’t. So when a victim is compelled to pay more, there’s nothing that can stop the hacker from receiving their money. So the bottom line is, the same attackers can come back even after the money has been paid.

2. You Might have to Pay a Higher Amount the Next Time

Hackers usually don’t ask for a fixed amount; the average ransom lies between $300 to $1000. However, as more companies are being succumbed to the pressure of getting their information released, hackers are only getting more power to continue with their criminal activities. Secondly, when the victims need to get their data back at any cost, any figure is not a big thing for the criminals. In simple words, the price is set according to what the buyer is willing to pay. For example, if a top-notch company has been attacked, the hackers will easily charge a higher amount to give back the encryption key. Even the company won’t have any issue paying a staggering price for their data.

3. Criminals Can Never be Trusted

Once you pay through a certain medium, the hackers get to trace valuable information about the company. This is why you can’t just trust a simple ransom bargain. There have been several cases in the past where the criminals haven’t given the encryption key even after the ransom has been paid. Simply put, you don’t need to pay the ransom fee when the backup of your data is available. Secondly, when you know that the criminals won’t return the information, paying a ransom fee will only put a cut on your budget. If you ever come across such a situation, you must consult a ransomware removal specialist to help you get rid of the issue.

4. You, Will, Be Responsible for More Crimes

Consider the long term effects of paying for a ransomware attack. Once you pay the ransom and get the encryption key, you will only be encouraging the criminals to carry on with their negative activities. A ransomware attack is nothing less than a nightmare because it can cause massive damage to the reputation of the firm. Today, with much evolution of technology, hackers are stronger than ever and can easily manipulate your system within seconds. So the money you pay as a ransom might be used for a bigger and most dangerous cause.


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