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4 Reasons Profisee Is Right For Your Manufacturing Business

The manufacturing industry requires many processes. From product research, planning, and creation, there are different types of information needed to make each action effective. Research data has to be accurate for the company’s target consumers. The planning phase must have accurate measurements, materials listing, and installation process for both machine work and human resources. During the creation phase, feedback data is necessary to improve the efficiency of the process.

Profisee, a data management software company, has worked with many manufacturing businesses. Often, a lack of proper data management leads to inaccurate decisions and catastrophic losses. A single error can sometimes be a cause of multiple manufacturing mistakes or problems in the production process.

If you are considering having data management software for your manufacturing business, understand how programs like these can be a great fit.

Streamline data from research to planning phases

The company’s official hashtag #TrustYourData says a lot about how important accurate information is for many industries. In the manufacturing industry, it is essential to consider all angles of research to see which products appeal most to the consumer.

Often, these details become lengthy and complicated that there are details unavoidably missed when interpreting data from the research to the planning phase. With data management software, you are able to streamline the process from the research towards the planning process. Examples include the following,

Smartphone manufacturing:

Companies can integrate research data from user experience on how to upgrade their smartphone models. These can include desired features, faulty functions, as well as other concerns about the latest model.

Infant products:

Business manufacturing goods for infants can compile data on safety, parent feedback, and other information taken from actual consumers on how to further refine their products. This information can be placed virtually in a data management software, to be utilized by the planning team within the company.

Clothing and fashion:

Research phase of clothing companies are with consideration of popular media, looking over trends seen online, as well as demand feedback from present consumers. These details can be accessed directly within a single data management platform to give insights leading to the planning phase.

Blueprint storage of manufacturing processes

In a manufacturing business, there are many professionals that require access to the “blueprint” information. In a modern-day context, this is known as the Master Data–the crucial information in your business that cannot be modified, mistakenly deleted, or mishandled. The problem with manual data management is that company owners are sometimes forced to create multiple “blueprints” to make things easier for those who need to access them.

What happens in this process is that some modifications, misinterpretations, or damage is made with these blueprint copies, leading to problematic decision-making.

When you have data management software in place, it is possible to keep the integrity of the Master Data, allowing you to be at peace with how processes are executed in your manufacturing business. How does having accurate Master Data help in manufacturing?

Chronological order of manufacturing process:

Some products need to be installed through a chronological order. Any disruptions with the proper installation process may lead to damage or a faulty product.

Chemical-related processes:

Other manufacturing companies have in-house chemical procedures. An accurate Master Data can help in avoiding mishaps and occupational hazards for these types of work.

Logistical information:

When a manufacturing business has several partners, it is also essential to keep the main data for the transportation of goods to these other companies, schedule of deliveries, and other related concerns.

Having a business-ready data

Manufacturing industries will oftentimes need business-ready data to present for potential investors. This is also helpful for general assemblies, stakeholder reports, and other types of information presentations needed for the business.

A business-ready data allows you to:

Create easy-to-understand information with ease:

Numerical and text data can easily be translated into visual information for in-person reporting or creating documentation.

Have accurate insights:

If you need insights on several channels, such as in your marketing, analytics, or production team, you can easily provide and interpret the related data accurately and confidently.


Creating long-term goals and short-term goals for your business? The accessible and easy-to-understand data can also help in developing strategies needed for goal creation.

Processing data for analytics, business intelligence (BI), or automation

Within a data management software, there is no need to enter data manually in a tedious manner for processing. The earlier you invest in a single software platform to place in all your business data, the more it will become efficient for you to access and process the information needed for areas such as:


Analytics regarding sales, profits, production completions, and other types of related data can be interpreted easily.

Business intelligence (BI):

Increasing the speed and accuracy of data engineering within your business, easily accessible in a single platform.


If you are hoping to remove unnecessary work in your manufacturing business, data management can identify tasks that can be shifted from manual towards automated processes.

Data Management for Manufacturing Companies: A Valuable Asset

The manufacturing industry serves as an undeniable pillar for many other businesses that help our society function–your company creates goods that people need. Thus, accurate and trusted information is essential in manufacturing through data management software.


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