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5 Home Office Ideas to Improve Your Organisation and Effectiveness

Working from a home office? Sometimes a few small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to your organisation and effectiveness when you’re trying to create a workspace from home.

We’ve compiled a list of five home office ideas that are easy to achieve on any budget.

1. Bring some nature into the space

 It seems like everyone is into plants these days. But there’s a good reason why — adding a bit of greenery can stimulate creative thinking. Of course you can always take a walk or go to the park to help trigger those great ideas – but you can inject inspiration into your life indoors too. In a 2012 study from the University of Munich the results revealed that the colour green can help boost creative performance.

Plants are also great for your home air flow and can even purify the atmosphere around you. Head to a local market or plant shop and pick up a few varieties. There’s even plant delivery services you can subscribe to so that you’ve got a new one every month or so.

2. Invest in great stationary

It seems simple but investing in great stationery and office supplies is a fantastic way to improve your organisation and effectiveness. From checks and notepads, to notebooks, sticky pads and more, there’s a range of options that you’ll want to have on hand.

Make sure you have enough of it and that it’s stored somewhere you can easily access it should you need it. If you want to take your stationary to the next level, consider getting it branded with the logo of your business. 

3. Get comfy

Not all office chairs are created equal.

For maximum effectiveness while working, do your research and invest in an office chair that has great support. It’s important to protect your back when you’re working, especially if it’s long hours hunched over a computer screen. A chair that enables good posture is really an investment in your lifelong health — and can even boost your ability to work effectively.

There’s lots of different options available depending on your unique needs so go try out a few before you make the big purchase. 

4. Inspire with décor

A bland and sterile space is not ideal for creativity and good work. It’s well worth taking some time to create an inspiring environment to work from. Whether that’s the colour of the walls, to prints and photographs, to your desk — make sure that you really consider what will work best for you. Of course everyone’s taste is different but consider making a Pinterest board and getting together some inspiration.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect right away – and remember, style changes so make sure to keep things fresh over time to maximise the power of décor.

5. Get your tech right

Technology should help you be more productive, not overcomplicate things. From computers to other smart devices like tablets and smart devices as well as the software you use, make sure that you get the tech that works best for your business and style of working. There’s a lot of tech out here so it might be worth trialling a few different options to ensure that you’re getting the ones that work best for you.


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