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5 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring Interim Professionals

Interim professionals might share similar DNA with temporary or contract staff but on a fundamental level, they represent something else entirely. Whereas temp workers are often brought in through an agency and are often paid an hourly rate through that agency and contracted workers are typically hired for special or seasonal projects (or when more specific expertise is required), interim managers are agents of change. They are experts in the respective fields; executives that are usually brought on board to oversee a team and steer a project to its conclusion.

But what specific benefits do they bring to the table and why should you be considering hiring an interim manager to bring your next project home?

  1. Cost

Hiring a full-time manager just to help get a project over the finish line is rarely a practical solution as you’ll be left once the project is completed with extraneous executive staff. Interim managers, meanwhile, can be brought in at a moment’s notice to complete a task and they’ll move on once that task is completed. This gives you much greater control over your labour costs.

  1. Speed

Interim professionals specialise in being able to hit the ground running and can be brought up to speed on a task within days. There will also be various interim professionals that will be perfect for your needs as long as you’re willing to work alongside a bespoke interim recruiter. If you can work together to finds the perfect interim manager then they should be able to slot into the project almost immediately.

  1. Flexibility

Having the right skills at the right level at the right time can be an invaluable asset and that’s exactly what interim professionals can offer. They are also incredibly flexible when it comes to timeframe and workload.

  1. Fresh eyes

Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in your work as you start to miss the wood for the trees. Having a fresh pair of eyes on a situation, however, will allow you to gain the value of a new perspective and new ideas which can be a game-changer when it comes to projects that might be dragging their heels. This is why interim managers are so powerful when a business either requires immediate impact or when it’s going through a big change and needs someone to steer the ship.

  1. Filling the talent gap

Finally, with technology advancing every day, businesses are more often being required to utilise skills that allow them to keep up with their competitors. This means hiring people with these specialises skills, which is not always a practical solution. Interim managers, however, are all about specialist skills and can be used to fill a talent gap until a more permanent solution is found.


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