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6 Practical Benefits of Outsourcing Your Order Fulfillment Services


Part of running a successful business is knowing which tasks to delegate. Because let’s be honest, we can’t do everything ourselves, especially as the business continues to grow.

Whether you own an online shop for shoes, a beauty store, gadget shop, or have a mix of different products to sell, there are many credible reasons to outsource order fulfillment. Listed below are some of them. 

1. Reduces the risk of error

 Having an ineffective system, especially one that involves more steps, usually increases the risk of error. Mistakes such as damaged or lost orders usually occur because of poor management of processes.

Instead of risking your brand’s reputation from errors in order fulfillment, outsource it to an experienced logistics company. Unlike online retail businesses that usually have to think about multiple areas, a third-party logistics (3PL) company’s focus is purely on fulfilling orders, so you can trust them to do their job right. 

2. Lowers your shipping expenses

 Outsourcing is popular for its cost-cutting benefits, and you can reap the same for your company. Working with a 3PL provider reduces your overall overhead costs by eliminating the need for additional shipments. They house your products and take care of the order fulfillment services for you.

Of course, they’ll still charge for their services, but what you end up paying is still much lower than if you were to fulfill the orders yourself. 

3. Customizes the fulfillment services to suit your business’ needs

Working with a 3PL should come with the flexibility to decide on specific services that bring the most value to your online business. This is one of the main advantages of outsourcing.

Do you need customer support for delivery-related concerns, tagging and labeling, and packing and re-boxing? You’ll be pleased to know that an outsourced logistics company can take care of all that and more. 

4. Extends your reach

Interested in penetrating new markets? Outsourcing your fulfillment needs may be the change you need to tap into a global market of consumers that will love your products.

Even if you’re not quite sure how to deal with the paperwork, the 3PL provider can help you out and even offer helpful tips to increase your chances of success when dealing with international orders. 

5. Get expert insight

A 3PL company can be considered an industry expert in all things shipping and fulfillment. They’ve done the math, worked with multiple clients, and dealt with thousands of orders already. This puts them in a better position to tackle issues and streamline the fulfillment process.

Outsourcing may even enhance the customer experience, which ultimately leads to repeat customers that can’t get enough of your products and professional service. 

6. Keeps your focus on your business

Any seasoned business owner will tell you to keep your focus on the key areas of your business and outsource the rest to people who are more capable to deal with the work.

Delegating doesn’t necessarily mean you’re letting go of control. It means you’re including more experienced professionals to help you scale your business and grow your customer base.

If outsourcing order fulfillment can free up your time to develop better products, increase brand awareness, and refine marketing strategies, thenoutsourceby all means.

The takeaway

If your goal is to remain competitive and increase your company’s efficiency, outsourcing order fulfillment is an excellent way to crush your goals and get on the fast track to success. Not only will you be able to take on more orders and increase profits, but you’ll also have more time to develop areas of your business that will help it scale better.

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