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6 Ways to Pay Less Interest on Your Loans

If your financial situation is similar to most Americans, it is likely that you’ve tried to take out a loan before. Regardless of whether that equates to owing a tremendous amount in credit card debt or making loan installments monthly, debt is an undeniable part of your life. Unfortunately, loan debt entails that you have thousands of dollars in interest installments over the loan period.

Additionally, you also need to deal with the mental strain of realizing you owe a big amount of money and that you’ll be settling your debt for a long time. Dealing with everything at once is discouraging. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Luckily, there are easy yet effective ways you can do to ease that burden.

Using a thought-out approach, you can settle your debts faster than you expected!

Consolidate Your Debts

Many lenders directly promote particular loans as debt consolidation loans. These permit you to combine your credits into one. If possible, you can consolidate payday loans and installment loans to lessen your cost on interests. As of today, consolidation loans are more difficult to avail of, and you should only consider it after exploring all your other options since it will demand huge collateral.

While consolidation loans can be a tempting alternative due to their lower repayments and interest rates, they can typically set you back in the long haul. Besides that, you will also risk losing your collateral if you can’t handle the monthly payment.

In short, it is much riskier than sticking with your present obligations. It is not difficult to merge your obligations. However, it is also easier to acquire more debt somewhere else, so be cautious and budget carefully. You need to establish how your repayment plan works before consolidating.

Make Bi-weekly Payments

Rather than making regular monthly installments toward your credit, pay half-installments twice a month. There are two advantages to this method:

The first is that the application of your installments will be more frequent. Consequently, less interest can pile up.

The second benefit is that you’ll pay 26 half-installments every year, which converts into an additional full installment in the same year. With that said, you can effectively shorten your loan period by a couple of months to years. In the event that you apply this strategy to a 30-year contract, you can cut down the period to 26 years!

Set Up an Automatic Payment

You can also opt to avail of automatic payment to acquire the option of bringing down your interest rate. Automatic payment is available for various loans such as personal loans, installment loans, mortgages, and car loans. Most lenders and borrowers prefer this method since they are more likely to pay on time, and you don’t have to stress over making your installment every month.

With your present obligations in mind, you can easily verify whether you meet all requirements for this alternative with your lenders. In order to ensure that the lower interest benefit can help you save money on interest, a direct inquiry and follow-up will suffice. It generally won’t work for a credit card. However, you can utilize automatic payment for your installment loans.

Pay Off Loans Early

You can chip off thousands of dollars in your interest just by shortening your loan repayment term. For instance, the interest you accrue in your loan is lesser if you finish repaying your obligation in 17 years instead of 25.

At times, it is better to settle your debts all at once. But, there are also instances wherein it is best to opt for more affordable alternatives.

You need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of settling on a method. The benefits of paying off your debt in advance are paying less interest and saving money for future financial investments and goals. But, remember to ensure that you still have enough cash for emergencies before paying your installments early.

Refinance Your Loan

Refinancing your loan is probably one of the simplest methods to lower your installment and interest. It will also help you pay off your obligation in a fraction of the time, assuming you have a decent credit score.

Numerous lenders are offering extremely low financing costs on different loans, so if you are considering refinancing your loan, now is the ideal opportunity to do it. With that said, some loan rates are too low that you don’t need to refinance your loan at all. It is vital that you understand how loan rates work before deciding to refinance your loan. Check out reliable articles that focus on interest rates explained in simple terms.

Use the Avalanche Method

Using the avalanche method, otherwise called debt stacking, you’ll settle your obligations in order of highest interest rates to the lowest. Each time you pay a debt, you will save more cash every month to put into the following obligation. Furthermore, since you’re handling your obligations depending on the interest rates, you will generally pay less in total.

Similar to an avalanche, it may take some time before you notice its impact on your overall debt. However, after you acquire a bit of momentum, your obligations and the total interest you’re paying will steadily go down in the long run.

 Settling debts can be overwhelming, particularly when you have obligations on several credit cards. But, through the strategies above, you can take control and pay off your obligations while saving cash on interest.


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