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7 Real Estate Seo Tips: Get The Keys To Success

The real estate industry has become extremely competitive, especially in the big cities. To sustain and grow in this industry, one has to put in all the possible efforts. One of the best things you can do is to use real estate SEO because, in this digital world, a man does online research even when he purchases a small product.

When anyone wants to buy a property, then he/she would definitely do research online, and if you have used SEO, then your business would rank higher and more people will visit your website and may take an interest in the property.

When you are into the real-estate business, mainly you have to compete with your local competitors. So, you are competing based on locality. In some locations, the competition is very high and in some, it may not be high. It all depends on that region. But you can gain an advantage over your local competitors by making use of SEO.

When you have an excellent SEO strategy, then your website or business will rank higher in the search results. So, whenever a person of that area searches for property, then your website will come to the top and thus the person will visit your website and if he likes everything, then he/she may contact you. Thus, your visitors will increase, leads will increase and, as a result, your business will grow rapidly.

In this post, we will share some of the most important SEO tips that will act as a key to success for your business.

SEO tips for real-estate business

  1. Create a keyword list for real-estate

While searching for any property, individuals search about it on the web. They additionally track down the agent on Google. In this way, assuming you need to be the individual or business to which a client contacts then you should focus on the right real-estate keywords on your site. You can even recruit SEO services for real estate agents for better results.

You should utilize the keywords that you will use on your whole site. Hence, you should give extreme significance to tracking down the keywords for your site. For this reason, you can enlist SEO specialists and utilize the right keywords on your site.

2. Use long-tail real estate keywords

At the point when you use keywords, try to utilize long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are terms that searchers utilize to find specific search results, bringing about more qualified guests to your website.

You may boost the relevancy of your content and rank higher for more queries by employing long-tail keywords. People prefer to use more words while looking on Google, thus using long-tail keywords will assist you. Thus, make use of long-tail keywords in your real-estate website.

3. Optimize the speed of your real-estate website

The real-estate websites are loaded with pictures, videos, and other graphics. These things are important to attract clients but they may affect the speed of your website. If your website loads slowly, then it may affect your rankings.

Google considers the loading time of the site as a ranking factor. Thus, your website should load fast. The ideal time for loading is 1 to 2 seconds. If your site takes more than this, then it will affect your search rankings. You can hire real estate SEO services to improve the speed of your real-estate website.

4. Enhance the user experience on your real estate website

By improving the user experience of your website, you can make your customers happy and even improve the SEO of your website. If your website does not provide a good experience to the customers then no one will visit your site, and if someone will visit then they will exit within seconds. So, it is important to improve the user experience. There are many tools available that can help you to measure the user experience.

5. Mobile-optimized site

More than 50% of visitors come from mobile, thus it is important that your site is mobile-responsive. If your sites load perfectly on the desktop but do not work on the mobile, then you have to lose many customers. Also, now Google checks whether the site is mobile-friendly or not, if it is not then it may affect your rankings. You can hire real estate SEO experts to make your site mobile-friendly.

6. Add schema markup to your real-estate website

Schema markup helps search engines better understand your website’s content and show it in search results, which is important for real estate SEO. Your home page of the website has many details like prices, location, etc. Schema markups use bots to understand the details of your home page easily then it displays these things in detail in the search results.

7. Build engagement through blogs and FAQs

The blogs, case studies and FAQs can help you provide information to your customers and also use the targeted keywords to your site to boost rankings. So, you can make use of the content in these 2 ways on your site. So, make sure to have a blog, and other mentioned things on your website.


In conclusion, we would say nowadays, SEO has become important for all industries. However, real estate is a little different type of industry, thus you may take help from experts to build the SEO strategy for your business. You can also use the above-mentioned SEO tips to boost your rankings and sales of your real-estate business.


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