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A Checklist for Choosing a Printing Solutions Provider for Your Special Events

Every special event is closely knitted together with hard work, creativity, patience, and a lot of other things. Be it a professional who works for his job or a person who is putting together an event for his near and dear ones. Every special occasion requires efforts. Searching for a printing solutions provider is a huge hassle that often ends up confusing us.

A good printing company should assure you of the best quality product at the most reasonable rate possible. And printing companies offer the assurance as well as the guarantee that your hard work does not go in vain.

So what is the checklist that you should tick off before choosing a printing solutions provider for your special event?

Benefits of choosing a printing solutions provider for your special events

Which artwork do you wish to print?

There are millions of things that go behind planning a special event that requires a range of various printed products. Starting from the disposable menus to the unique occasion cards, the posters and a lot more, call out for an artwork that makes it unique, memorable and customised to commemorate the special occasion.

Digitally creating artwork is a time-consuming work that can be easily created over a vast tray of options ranging from Adobe in-design to procreate and Adobe illustrator. The endless alternatives enable the creativity in an artist to touch the fathomless possibilities. But the process of printing a physical copy does narrow down and cut short the probabilities. You should check the formats that the printing solution providers work with. Since as an artist, you know which design produces a top-quality product, your printing solutions provider should also be compatible with your artwork files.

How do you wish to see the finished product like?

After you zero down on an artwork, the next important thing to check out for is the kind of quality and materials that the printing providers provide. There are a variety of printing companies that do the job of printing, but not everyone can print quality products at the end of the day. It would be best if you asked the printing providers to send across a sample of their work. Sample work can quickly tell you how your artwork is going to end up looking. You should check whether the printers can handle the vibrancy of the colours that you have chosen for your product.

Not only that, but you should also inspect the quality of the materials that the printing providers choose for printing. There are times when the printing companies suggest their customers use cheaper material as a method of cost-cutting. Still, the more inexpensive materials fail to do justice to the work that the customer desires to see.

Before you settle down with a printing services provider, always make sure to compare the sample of the finished products of other companies too. That will give you an overview of the printing work of the companies and give you the options and alternatives to choose from.


As a customer, the most muddled up situation arises during the process of having your printed project get delivered at the date promised by the printing company. There are times when, as a customer, you are running out of time and need to have your project printed at the last minute. Because of the absence of the luxury of time, you tend to turn to the local printing solutions providers or to the companies that promise to deliver the project quite hesitantly.

Every process of printing requires a turnaround time that ensures safe delivery of quality printed products. One needs to understand that despite the promise of the printing providers, the shortage of time does lead to a compromise in the quality and the precision.

Before you choose a printing solutions provider, you should consider giving the printing companies enough time to deliver their best quality printing for you. Not only that, before finalising the company, you should also ensure that the company should not have any history of delayed delivery and false promises.


The pricing of the printing solutions provider varies from company to company and provider to provider. So does their quality and assurance vary? The most vital step before confirming your printing solutions provider is to make sure that you choose a provider that offers reasonable prices and does not compromise the quality of the printed projects.

Some companies do promise quality printing despite the cheaper pricing but end up delivering printing projects that are poor in quality owing to the more inexpensive materials used. There, also, are those companies that ensure you have the best of both worlds.

Before you rush out to invest in a printing solutions provider, whether you are an independent freelancer or a big company, you should always set aside a reasonable amount for the budget for printing.

The process of printing desirable products and quality artworks, especially when planning a special event is exceptionally crucial. As the saying goes, the success of any event is in the nitty-gritty that makes up the event. Companies are the experienced experts that you, as a customer, are looking out for. Their dedicated professionals work round the clock to ensure quality products are delivered to their customers fast. They also have a clear pricing policy that assures its customers and clients of honest pricing.

Are you planning a special event?

What are you waiting for, jump on board and approach best solution providers to take care of all your requirements!

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James Martin is the Marketing Head at Eazy Print based in the UK. His value-driven ideas and innovative approach in the printing industry lead him towards success. James Martin also has a keen interest in writing informative blogs for various leading blog sites.


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