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Booking Workspaces with The Workspace App


In today’s fast-growing world everything seems to be gradually condensing at our fingertips. Now, when everything can happen just by a tap on our mobile screens then why booking workspaces? Add-On Product’s brand-new Workspace app enables its user to book a meeting room simply by their mobile phones.

It is a very concise app that brings all the requirements of meeting space within its reach. Through this app, you can schedule meetings according to your convenience of time and place. Booking for a workspace can happen at any time whether you are at your workplace or walking on the road. Conference rooms, hot desks, and other types of resources can be managed by the Workspace. It utilizes its Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange premise to work out its functions. With this app, you can work through some of the brilliant and efficient features like –

  1. Looks for available meeting rooms and workspaces
  2. Books workspaces considering the social distancing norms
  3. Hot desks can be reserved at any hour.
  4. QR code scanning avails booking, simply.
  5. It also allows booking, cancellation, and rescheduling of meetings
  6. You can also verify the meeting time and location of the workspace.

Most of the apps are incapable to function on different types of mobile devices. But this app can sufficiently work on both iOS and Android. Moreover, as this allows one to book for a meeting room just by tapping on the screen, one can also customize it by feeding in their criteria for a workspace. The Workspace app is capable to trace meeting rooms near your location too!

Determination of Workspace Availability by Color-Coding

This smart app has fantastic programming of color-coded floor plans. With help of floor plans or office maps, the app presents to you a visual representation of the meeting space.  The color-coding of these floor plans determine which area of the workspace is free to be utilized. By different colours of color-coding, it denotes the availability of the meeting rooms. You can book a meeting room or a hot desk of your choice by just tapping on the floor plan of a place and easily schedule a meeting for you are your team. The app is very COVID friendly too as its administrators work their best to implement social distancing norms. After you have booked a meeting room, its administrators will prevent others from booking it to abide by the said norms.

Quick Booking by QR Code Scanning

Quick Booking is another striking feature of this app. Its QR code function allows you to scan workspaces like the hot desk or the door of a meeting room. By this, you can determine the place’s availability for a meeting and can also on-spot instantly book it for immediate use or for a scheduled meeting with your own choice of date and time.

Obviously, if you have booked a meeting you might require a reminder for it. But it may also be that you do not want it. Keeping anything on your mobiles’ calendar will automatically remind you. But with this app, it is an option to reserve a meeting on your calendar.

Hot Desk Management and Desk Sharing Feature

In this pandemic scenario, most companies are in favour of making their employees work from home or in shifts. The Workspace app enables hot desk management which allows employees to quickly find hot desk and book shared hot desks in advance from their mobile devices. The app can find huddle rooms and also customized meeting rooms so that there is less stress during meetings. Nevertheless, it can also find meeting rooms that are in close vicinity of an employee. You can do it by just feeding in their names in the app, and then it will do its work!

Combining It with Resource Central

If you combine this app with Resource Central then you can easily book meeting rooms by filtering it according to your preference and location through Outlook. By this, you can manage your meeting from the beginning till the end. The app’s additional features are visitor management and individualized catering services.