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Business Central NAV and The Processes Involved


Dynamics NAV from Microsoft Dynamics series is one of the most popular applications all over the world for business related strategic planning and management processes. With this, all the required management processes can be carried out effectively and efficiently across businesses. It can be useful in various processes like financial management, accounting, sales, supply chain, project management, deployment, operation management etc. Additionally, with the multiple languages and currency usage, this can stand as a worthy solution for you to compete with others in a global manner. With the recent update into the Business Central Version, it has become more effective and efficient than the previous versions. In this article we are going to see about it and the various processes involved.

Business Central Dynamics NVA

Business Central NVA is the latest up gradation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and can be used for many business-related operations. Similar to its previous versions, it can also be used for the business-related processes and operations related to business and resource maintenance and record management. Your complete business operations can be managed effectively with this single tool to a great extent through which you can carry out decision making, streamlining the operations etc. along with accelerating your business growth. For all businesses, this Business Central Dynamics can be considered as a one for all and comprehensive business management solution.

Capabilities of Business Central Dynamics

The advanced features and capabilities of Business Central Dynamics are as follows:

  • Increased Financial Visibility – With the connected data across various departments like sales, accounting, purchasing etc. to make proper decisions. Also, it will aid in accelerating and closing the financial closure with proper reporting in order ton increase the business accuracy.
  • Supply Chain Optimization – With the advanced Business Central Dynamics, many operations like time prediction for stock replenishment, inventory maintenance, resource and capacity optimization, complete inventory overview etc. can be carried out with ease.
  • Sales and Service Improvement – Based on the revenue potential, all the customer interactions will be tracked and recorded in order to prioritize the sales leads. It also helps in accelerating the business from just quotations to cash through acting quickly for the enquiries, service requests and payments etc.
  • Timely Project Delivery – With the help of timesheets, many customer projects can be created, managed and tracked without many difficulties. Through the effective resource management, effective decisions can be made in time considering the project status and time involved.
  • Data Protection – Along with all the above-mentioned features the customer privacy is maintained properly with proper access maintenance, along with the secured data handling and transmission.
  • Business Portability – In whatever platform you’re required, you can use this with great ease and also it can be carried along with you to anywhere so that you don’t need to be fixated to a single spot.

Business Central Sales

Business central sales involve understanding how different processes can be carried out with Dynamics 365. Some of the processes are:

  • Customer Configuration
  • Items and Price Configuration
  • Order Forecasting
  • Sales Quote and Order Creation
  • Shipping and Invoicing
  • Final Sales Reporting

Keep in mind the above-mentioned factors and select this one for all tools to satisfy your business needs completely.