Can Social Media Marketing Boost Your Real Estate Business?

Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a great way to promote your real estate business as social networks give you a
great, often low cost, way to spread the word about a property you are trying to sell or even lease.

Before you set up your social media campaign, you should remember that the job of a real estate
agent does have some risks associated with their professional duties and that can include
professional negligence or false advertising —something that can prove extremely costly. However,
professional liability can help with the legal defense costs that result from a lawsuit filed against
them as well as any settlements and judgements related to the claim. Check BizInsure’s website to
find out more about professional liability insurance for real estate agents.

In today’s digital era, social media marketing has become the go-to for the purpose. Platforms like
Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter are making a massive impact on the real
estate domain. Here’s how it can help real estate agents:

1. Spread the word

In 2018, there were about 243.6 million social network users in the United States. The number may
have certainly grown over the period. So, it’s clear that social media channels are now strongly
ingrained into people’s internet usage behavior. Everyone seems to be using at least one of the
popular social networks. As such, creating a buzz about their real estate business or an upcoming
project becomes easy through social media marketing. It helps companies to foster relationships and
encourage social sharing to attract more and more people who are looking for properties.

2. Get targeted traffic

Social media marketing indeed helps businesses boost conversions. But for real estate agents, it
does so by getting very precisely targeted traffic. Take Facebook Ads, for example. The social
platform allows real estate agents to use various targeting options like interests, demographics,
income, location, and so on to ensure that their ads reach that customer segment. This increases
their likelihood of getting in touch with a property-seeker who would genuinely be interested in the
offer. So, real estate businesses get ample opportunities to target the right audience on social media
and increase their chances of closing huge sales.

3. Provide customer service

Just like any other business that's focused on providing maximum satisfaction to clients, real estate
agents also have to leverage social media to up their customer experiences. The best part about
social media is that everything here happens in real-time. If a customer wants to talk to an agent,
they can just drop a message on their page and get a response in a jiffy. The promptness, however,
will depend on the company’s dedication towards customer services. No matter what, real estate
agents can build strong relations with their clients and provide effective after-sale services by
maintaining an active social media presence.

4. Save costs on hefty advertising

The good-old television, radio, and print ads are good at their place, but they can drain businesses
out beyond a point. A more cost-effective alternative to promote a real estate business is social
media advertising. Compared to traditional ads, social media ads are much more cost-effective.
These campaigns are also easy to create and are much simpler to run. So, real estate agents can save

whopping sums of money on advertising and use that amount for investing in business expansion
and other core areas.