Crucial Apps That Will Help You Run Your Business

Running a business involves a lot of moving parts. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps these days that will help you run your business efficiently. Here are some crucial apps that you should be using:


When running a business, you may find that you have loads of files that are hard to keep track of. Paperwork, contracts and other important documents have a tendency to get lost in the mix, and while you can scan them onto a computer harddrive to eliminate paper mess, you run the risk of losing them when the computer crashes.

Thankfully, Dropbox will help you store your files virtually without the fear of losing them when your hard drive or computer breaks. Dropbox is a cloud-based system, meaning you can access your files from any device, so it’s not tied to one computer. This is great because it eliminated paper mess and saves you from losing files due to technical difficulties.


Grammarly is something that you should make sure everyone who works for your business is equipped with. The free browser plugin automatically detects grammatical mistakes in your writing and offers suggestions on how to fix them.

Grammarly also goes beyond simple grammatical mistakes. As well as grammar, it detects mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and even word choice and style. It is probably the most in-depth correction tool available.

It’s an extremely important tool for anyone who will be writing to clients or other professionals, as having typos on formal documents looks unprofessional and can reflect poorly on your business.


Another aspect of running a business that can be deceptively hard to organize is projects. If you run a business that provides a service or you have multiple employees that each work on individual tasks, Trello can help you and your employees stay organized.

Trello works by creating a space for each employee to manage their projects. Your employees can manually move their projects through its stages so you can see what’s going on. It’s a great tool to help you keep track of what everyone is doing, and you can even use it to assign projects.


Quotient is great for businesses that work on providing goods and services to specific clients. It can often be difficult to meet clients face-to-face to give proposals and quotes, especially if your client is far away from your business. Quotient allows you to make all of your proposals and gives your client the ability to respond online.

Clients can also check off on optional components, provide feedback and ask questions, which will help give them a greater feeling of control on the project. You’ll love having all of your proposals and quotes in one easy place.


Finally, if you’re looking for a great umbrella app to help you easily manage all aspects of your business, check this out. Quikflw is a great option for you. It is one easy space for you to manage a number of things, including proposals and quotes, invoices, delivery information, orders and more.

With Quikflw, you can make proposals to clients and send them invoices in the same place that you track services, products and deliveries. You’ll also be able to easy manage paperwork and documents.

And the best part is that like Dropbox, Quikflw is completely cloud-based, so it can be accessed from any computer or device. You can manage on Quikflw from your office or from your phone on the go and you don’t have to worry about losing everything when your computer crashes also have a look into

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