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Digital transformation roadmap – a key to your business success

The whole business world is digitised. Trade, payments, operations, software – it’s all based online or happens online. In order to keep up, you have to digitise your company as well. Easier said than done? Possible. That’s why today, you will discover how to create a digital transformation roadmap for your company and what benefits it entails.

If your company has been operating offline so far, digitising everything can seem like an overwhelming assignment. Don’t worry, once you plan or organise work, it won’t be so scary anymore. First off, you have to understand why such digital transformation is vital in your company. The reason is threefold:

  1. You will be able to work more effectively and save a lot of time. Surely, the process itself can temporarily slow your company down. But believe us, after a few weeks, it will accelerate as it has never done before.
  2. If you want to implement modern technologies in your company, it has to be digitised. Just think of all the possibilities that industry 4.0 provides. Automation of work and production, intelligent customer service, secure digital ecosystem located in the cloud – you can benefit from all
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Digital transformation – lay the groundwork

If you want to go through digital transformation as seamlessly as possible, you need a roadmap that will tell you what to do and when. Such a roadmap typically consists of three essential stages:

  1. Determine your business goals and challenges. What can be done better? Where can you save some time? How can you provide enhanced customer service? Can you serve more customers simultaneously?
  2. Take a look at your current IT infrastructure. What online tools do you use and what for? Can you get some more tools to help you work better? Are there any areas of your everyday work that you deem time-consuming or mundane?
  3. Where do you want to land? Here, you have to think bigger. Where do you want to be five years from now? How do you want to work? Understanding and outlining your long-term development vision will help you find and implement tools that will get you there.

Once you have these three points figured out, you can start working on your digital roadmap. Learn more about how to create one here https://noaignite.co.uk/blog/building-a-digital-transformation-roadmap

Create your own digital transformation roadmap

In general, to create such a roadmap, you have to gather answers to all the following questions:

  • What do we need to modify when it comes to our IT infrastructure?
  • What applications and other software products do we need?
  • Do we have to invest in new resources (e.g. a data centre)?
  • What should be done first, and what can be put on hold?

Don’t go overboard with these answers. The best roadmap is always transparent and easy to follow. You could create a graphic flowchart to organise everything neatly (you can even draw it on a piece of paper). The key to success is to gather all the relevant information in one place, divided into specific stages. Each step (or each point) should have a thorough description (e.g., who should help us with this step?). If you need additional information, keep it in separate files (attachments). If you keep everything neat and legible, you will have a vital aid in going through digital transformation.

And what if figuring it all out is difficult? After all, you’ve never done that before. It would be best to ask for help. Don’t hesitate to contact NoA Ignite


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