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DottedSign- An Electronic Signature Solution For Your Business

Most of us create documents, print them to sign a signature, and scan to the computer either to send or to store in business management programs. The whole process of creating, printing, signing, and scanning a document not only consumes a lot of time but money and effort as well.

In this era of advanced digital technology, we can easily access all the business-related data, files, and documents from the comfort of our smartphones–and we really don’t like to wait! So why make your employees or clients print documents to add signatures?

In 2020, most business processes will start from mobile devices. It is the right time to invest in a reliable e-signature solution for your business. Plenty of electronic signature tools are available on the web, but DottedSign is the best one that lets you sign all your digital documents within minutes. It not only enhances productivity at workplace, but also provides your client with a better experience.

DottedSign- The Best E-signature Solution for Your Business

DottedSign is the best and smartest e-sign solution for multiple platforms, like iOS, Android, and web browsers. It enables you to sign business documents in a digital, secure, and convenient way. It creatively simplifies workflows and keeps a business moving forward productively. It comes with a visual status bar that keeps a project moving by providing you with updated documents’ status. You can also assign signers and  send them notifications and reminders (regarding when to sign or when a document is signed) to keep all the workforce on the same page.

The invention of electronic signature adds a great convenience to business processes as it provides a quick, comfortable, and effective way to sign various digital business documents like NDAs, sales contract, financial agreements, W-9 forms, etc.. DottedSign helps you simplify the signing process and prevents unnecessary delays while signing,sending, or tracking documents. The best thing about DottedSign is that it’s an e-signature solution  that not only allows you to sign digital documents on web browsers but also works well on iOS and Android devices. It is an all-in-one solution that enables you to sign remotely on any device with your customers–anywhere and anytime.. It saves a lot of time by reducing the need to email signers, print copies, and fax business documents. All you need to do is import a document that requires a signature, or request a signature and tap the send button to deliver your documents in a timely manner.

There are many electronic signature solutions that allow users to sign documents and digital files that only focus on web browsers. DottedSign goes the extra mile. This smart e-signature solution lets you sign all of your documents by using your Android or Apple devices even while you are on the move. It is not only designed for businesses and enterprises, but also for individuals  to sign documents and contracts on a day-to-day basis. It is the right time to say goodbye to manual and traditional document signing, scanning, and faxing, as DottedSign simplifies your signing process and makes your work life easier.

Highlighted Features of DottedSign

Sign Documents with Ease

DottedSign is designed to help you sign digital documents like contracts, invoices, and bills, etc. by using your mobile device or web browser without the need for printing. A small tip is that you can save your signatures in DottedSign so that the next time you can simply insert the signature without doing it twice.

Assign Signers to Get Signatures

Once documents are imported successfully, you can assign signers for each of your documents. You can easily import documents by using device’s camera, from your device’s gallery, email, a mobile app, Google drive, and other cloud-based solutions, etc. Once an individual is assigned as a document signer, DottedSign will send notifications via email so he/she can sign the document in a timely manner.

Real-Time Document Progress Tracking with Automated Flow

When different signers are assigned, DottedSign will keep you updated with the real-time progress of signing tasks to keep you moving properly. You can also set auto signing reminders, expiration dates, and other personalized messages to the recipients.

While DottedSign has fulfilled your signing needs, DottedSign Pro can satisfy those who are keen to a different level of e-Sign experience. In a nutshell, the premium version encompassees all standard features and more, including but not limited to unlimited number of signing tasks and assignees, able to create template and use the attachment. More importantly the SMS one-time password (OTP) provides one more layer of security to verify the signers’ identities, in addition to the Email OTP that has already provided.

DottedSign is now offering a 30-day free Pro trial. Claim today by visiting DottedSign website. Unlock all advanced features and enjoy the freedom of workplace mobility.


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