Adopting an eco-friendly business style can be a smart investment for any organization, whether you’re a startup or an established business. Not only does embracing sustainable practices help reduce your impact on the environment and preserve natural resources, but they can benefit your business’s bottom line and workplace culture. If you’re a business owner looking to run an eco-friendly operation, here are some key financial benefits of going green.

When reducing your consumption of natural resources, you can lower operating costs and save a significant amount of money. Practices such as reducing energy consumption, recycling and going paperless can help you reduce wasted materials. Being more mindful about energy usage can also reduce your business’s heating, electricity and water costs. Moreover, an eco-friendly workplace creates a healthier environment for your employees.

Promoting environmentally friendly methods can set apart your organization from businesses that haven’t incorporated sustainability into their brand and help you attract new patrons. Green branding is a great way to appeal to both the rational and emotional side of your consumers, especially millennials, who tend to buy goods and services from companies that are mindful of their impact on the environment. Promoting your green initiatives and logo can help your brand’s image become attractive to patrons who share your values. This can boost your customer loyalty and retention, and ultimately, your sales.

Your eco-friendly initiatives can have an advantage toward investors, too. Sustainable investing is growing in popularity because of the public’s increased awareness of the environment. Socially concerned investors generally seek to own shares of profitable companies that are transparent about their operations and have a positive environmental impact. This means that your eco-friendly business style can attract more investors and help you raise more capital.

For more advantages of becoming an eco-friendly business, see the accompanying infographic.

10 Financial Advantages of Being an Eco-Friendly Business from Liventia



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