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How Can E-Invoicing Help You?

Are you tired of wasting hours manually managing invoices? Do you need a way to cut down on invoicing errors while boosting worker efficiency?

If so, it’s time to bring your invoicing system into the 21st century. Our e-invoicing solutions bring you the efficiency you need to get the job done without the hassle.

With our quality e-invoicing system, you can start focusing more on what really matters to your company. With our automated system in place, you’ll free up precious time and put your employees to better use.

But that’s only a fraction of the benefits you’ll get from switching to our e-invoicing system. Below, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how making this switch can help you grow your business.

What Is E-Invoicing?

E-invoicing revolutionizes the accounts payable process with powerful AP automation. This technology works to eliminate your company’s invoicing paper trail with an automated and digitized e-invoicing system.

Our reliable e-invoicing system relies on state-of-the-art AP automation to provide your company with the accuracy it needs.

Is E-Invoicing Right for You?

If you’re looking for to eliminate unreliable manual labor, make e-invoicing your go-to solution.

E-invoicing automates one of the most important processes in your business—and it does so in a way that can increase accuracy, boost speed, and increase overall efficiency.

Without e-invoicing, you can expect to spend countless numbers of hours manually filing invoices—and even longer fixing errors.

If you’re serious about improving your business’s efficiency, it’s time to invest in a proper e-invoicing solution. The good news is that we offer fast, reliable, and secure services at one of the most competitive prices you can find.

Still not sure if our e-invoicing solutions are right for you? Check out the game-changing benefits your business would receive from making the switch to e-invoicing today.

Benefits of E-Invoicing

NTCePay e-invoicing offers several powerful benefits that can be leveraged to grow your business and boost your bottom dollar.

We provide top-of-the-line e-invoicing solutions that offer you all of the following benefits.

• Saves Time

First and foremost, an e-invoicing system saves you time.

No longer will you have to rely on hours of manual labor to have your invoicing done right. Even better, you can take your invoicing out of human hands—providing for quicker and more reliable results.

E-invoicing takes advantage of cloud-based technology to automatically upload your invoicing data into one centralized hub. This automatic process makes sure that your invoicing is done in a timely manner—all without the help of any of your employees.

This means that you can focus more on developing the part of your business that makes you unique—and not on mundane paper work.

• Reduces Errors

What’s more, with our e-invoicing systems, you no longer have to sacrifice accuracy for speed.

If you’re still updating your invoices manually, you know just how dangerous working quickly can be. One mistyped number that goes unnoticed can have you spending hours trying to get your finances back in order.

Not only will this cause internal headaches, but it can damage your reputation to any other businesses you may be working with.

For this reason, it’s important that you provide accurate and timely invoices. As a SaaS (service as a software), e-invoicing leverages powerful automation to ensure that your invoicing is done with a careful attention to detail—and to speed.

• Improves Productivity Levels

This allows for you and your employees to focus more on what really matters.

And let’s face it: not many people are too motivated about sitting behind a desk pushing papers. With our e-invoicing systems, you can put your talent to better use by freeing up their time and fully exploring their skill sets.

• Makes Tax Season Easier

Ask anyone in your finance department about tax season, and you’ll likely get more than just a few groans.

The truth is that trying to prepare your taxes under traditional methods of invoicing can be unnecessarily time consuming and stressful.

Not only will your company be charged with sifting through mountains of paper to look for unpaid invoices and other critical information, they’ll also need to tie up any loose ends for accurate reporting.

Our e-invoicing solutions eliminate this nightmare by providing clear, easy-to-sort-through digitized invoices. By choosing us, you have immediate access to the crucial information that your company needs come tax time.

Looking for unpaid invoices? No problem! Our software can highlight any invoices that must be resolved before you settle your books.

• Prevents Fraud

Let’s put it another way:

By not investing in e-invoicing systems, you are putting your company at increased risk of fraud. The unfortunate reality is that scammers frequently target the finance departments of many businesses—and without e-invoicing in place, your business could be next.

These scammers work to mail in fake invoices that can leave you paying out more than you should. For this reason, it’s imperative that you protect your company’s finances with a reliable e-invoicing system.

Our e-invoicing solutions provide you with the security you need to combat these types of situations. With built-in security measures in place, our reliable system cuts down on the opportunities for fraud, helping you protect more of the money that you’ve earned.

How Much Can E-Invoicing Save You?

It’s time to answer the question you’ve all been waiting for:

How much can e-invoicing really save you? Let’s take a look at the true cost of keeping your outdated invoicing system.

With e-invoicing, you can save costs related to:

• Decreased employee productivity

• Processing and mailing

• Invoicing errors

• Early-pay discounts

• Late fees that you may incur for not processing invoices on time

• Filing and storage fees

Though some of these expenses may seem small, they can add up to take a toll on your business over time. This proves especially true when examining funds that are lost because of time spent handling unnecessary parts of the invoicing process.

Perhaps one of the costliest effects of not having an e-invoicing system in place is failing to pay your invoices on time. Studies have shown that a significant number of businesses fail to make their invoice payments on time due to the confusion and the clutter of traditional invoicing systems.

And late payments are never good news. By failing to pay invoices on time, companies find themselves subjected to costly late payments that can seriously dent their budgets.

With the right e-invoicing system in place, you can start to recover these lost expenses, as well as better appropriate employee time for more sustained growth.

Through this approach, you’ll increase your company’s competitive edge and secure a longer-lasting place in the market.

Is E-Invoicing Safe?

How safe is e-invoicing? With digitization often comes the fear of decreased security.

Don’t let your fear of digitizing your system hold you back. As we’ve seen, traditional forms of paper invoicing have security threats of their own, and these often prove much more real.

Our e-invoicing solutions provide top-rated security so that your business can conduct sensitive financial measures with ease. In fact, our enhanced data encryption helps secure your sensitive information in ways that traditional methods simply can’t.

This encryption and firewall service helps make sure that no one has access to your data but you. What’s more, you can be sure that your data will never be misplaced. Unlike with traditional methods, there’s no chance that you’ll simply misplace your invoices—potentially giving unintended eyes access to your sensitive financial information.

Instead, your data will automatically be backed up into a secure centralized cloud location. And remember—we take your security seriously. That’s why we offer top-quality data encryption that keeps even the most dedicated of hackers away from your information.

The Bottom Line

E-invoicing offers a number of powerful benefits for companies just like yours. The right e-invoicing system helps to modernize your business, bringing your finance department into the 21st century.

By making this switch, you can finally give your company the competitive edge that it needs. By using this powerful invoicing tool, you can automate this critical finance process to start getting the most out of your business.

With our secure e-invoicing system, you can be sure that your data is stored in a secure centralized location. This automated process ensures that your data is backed up automatically—giving only authorized individuals’ access.

This helps you better sort through and understand your data—reducing headaches throughout your finance department.

Additionally, with our e-invoicing system, you can start saving time and money. No longer will you have to pay your finance employees to focus on menial work. Instead, you can reduce hassle and put your employees to work advancing your company’s interests.

And because your invoices will be paid on time, accurate, and filed quickly, you’ll start saving money in ways that before simply weren’t possible.

Consider making the switch to e-invoicing today to start enjoying these one-of-a-kind benefits. Don’t know where to start? Call or contact us today to see how our qualified experts can start helping you.


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