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How To Increase Your Sales on Amazon: Hints and Tactics

Best Tips and Techniques for Launching Products on Amazon

Amazon is a fast-growing platform. It attracts more and more retailers every year. But what if you are a third-party seller that makes his first step into this competitive world?

There are a lot of ways to grow your sales. Here are the best tips on how to increase your products’ purchases:

Make Titles More Effective

The first thing the customer pays attention to is the product title. Moreover, the product’s title is one of the essential ranking factors of Amazon’s algorithm. It is a powerful tool to attract a buyer. Most of the users have already accustomed to one specific template:

  1. Brand name
  2. Model name
  3. Characteristics (e.g., color, size, usage, etc.)

It would help if you were as straight as possible, so don’t use misleading titles. Also, remember to take advantage of the most popular keywords and search results. Add them to your title to increase your popularity and brand recognition!

Use Better Item Images

Product images are crucial for turning views into income. Also, they generate traffic on search engines.

It is easier to receive information through a photo than through tons of text. That’s why product images are vital. Photos’ goal is to attract clients and make them buy your product.

Your photos must be of decent quality. They must attract, not scare away the customers. Images that don’t portray the product and its usage enough lead shoppers to be skeptical.

You must provide the buyers with all of the details they need. Then they will decide whether to buy your goods or not.

Important! Confusing pictures can lead to negative feedback. Buyers want to receive an item that they expect. If that won’t happen, they will express their anger in their reviews. Get instant notifications about all reviews with Amazon review software.

Advertise Your Product

Marketing is the key to increasing your sales. Many beginners advertise their items only on specific dates, for example, on Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year’s Eve.

It is a widespread mistake! It would be best if you cared about the promotion of your products during the whole year. Consider advertising your items during holidays or even create a year-long marketing plan!

Marketing profits you by increasing label recognition. It helps to retain current clients and attract new ones. Also, it’s an excellent way to sell off your old items.

Next time your product launches on Amazon, use promotion to its full potential. You can choose Amazon PPC promotions or external advertising. Both are going to benefit you a lot!

Optimization for Mobile Devices

Many Amazon sellers often forget the importance of this factor. But you shouldn’t overlook it. The fact is, 63% of the youth visit online stores using their mobile phones.

You need to ensure that the elements of your listing look great on any mobile device. Check your:

  • Listing’s title
  • Product description
  • Feedback
  • Ads

By optimizing your listing to mobile devices, you can boost your sales among the youth. Listing optimization may seem hard from the start. Still, every retailer must think about his product’s look on both platforms!

Update Your Listings 

Customers’ search terms are changing with time. And if you want to know how to rank your products on Amazon’s first page, you shouldn’t lag.

Actualize your Amazon product listings. For example, update your keywords or add information from the reviews every 30 days.  Optimizing your Amazon listings with specific keywords will increase your traffic.

Understanding search algorithms and SEO is a vital perk for Amazon product sellers. Also, keep your description up to date. It will increase both the number of views and initial sales.

Make Use of FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon helps you with more than just storage and transportation. It helps to increase your profits!

When it comes to selling products, it’s all about trust. FBA promotes your sales because of Amazon Prime. Once buyers notice the AMZ Prime symbol on your page, it removes some of their uncertainty. This also reduces your efforts in customer service since the Amazon support team handles all shipping issues.

The primary advantage of AMZ Prime is transportation. According to a poll, 79.8% of buyers in the United States shop on Amazon because of shipping quality. Use this vital statistic to your advantage! Also read what to do when Amazon lost package in transit.

Follow Amazon’s TOS

Breaking Amazon’s guidelines can lead to some severe consequences. If you do it, Amazon might even ban your account. It may be a fatal blow, and you should avoid it at all costs.

Following the rules brings a lot of benefits. Amazon sets a high standard of service quality. If your listings abide by the platforms’ rules, it gives clients confidence. Also, it increases the chance of further purchases.

Get More Reviews 

There is one thing that every retailer should keep in mind – product reviews are essential. It is a crucial factor for your reputation and performance on the platform as a whole.

It would be best if you ensured that your items are well-reviewed. Every new comment on your listing adds a new perspective on your product.

But what is the most effective way of getting more customer reviews? How can you stimulate clients to leave a review?

The solution is pretty simple – feedback requests and email campaigns. Of course, this can be a time-consuming task, but now you can automate it using Amazon review software. For example, you can use SageMailer; this Amazon feedback tool is one of the best on the market!

Using its services, you can increase product reviews, seller feedback and reduce the negative comments on autopilot. Interaction with your clients is crucial for receiving feedback. It helps you to handle customer issues, improve your products and manage your online reputation. So, Amazon feedback software is a nice way to increase your sales on Amazon. It truly deserves your attention!


We hope that we were able to help you with these tips. Follow them the next time you launch a new product, and you will see the results!


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