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How to Make a Virtual Invite For a Corporate Event

Designing the right invitation for your upcoming corporate event can help set the right tone. Invitations create a buzz about the event and generate excitement in the audience. They are also the first point of contact between the invitees and you, setting out all the essential details such as date, venue, and timing of the corporate event. Get the design right, and you can guarantee attendance at the event.

Digital savvy companies prefer sending virtual invitations for their events to save on time and money. Unlike traditional invitations on paper, virtual invites give you enough room to customize, experiment with the layout, and add other interactive features.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to design stunning virtual invites for a corporate event. Here are all the expert tips you need to know before you send out the invitations. Regardless of the event, the right kind of invitation can make your event extra special.

Design email invitations to wow your guests

Inviting your guests via email is an excellent way of promoting the event. Event-related email invitations have clickthrough rates between 25 to 40 percent. It is important to keep in mind the following points when you are sending a custom email invitation to the guests:

  • Use a persuasive subject line that grabs the attention of the recipient. Unless the subject line indicates urgency or creates a FOMO, the chances are that the reader will not bother to open the email.

For example, “Meet us at the Annual Sales and Marketing Roadshow” | Complete Marketing Solutions” tells the recipient what to expect and nudges them to open the email to know

  • Critical information such as date, time, venue, and RSVP address should be mentioned in your email invitation. Instead of crowding the email with all the information, you can also add a link to the event website.
  • Add relevant images but ensure that they don’t distract the reader from the original messaging.
  • Include a clear call-to-action button so that the recipient knows what to do next.

Take your invitation game to the next level with video invites

After meticulously planning your event, can you really afford to have a low turnout? While emails provide necessary information to the invitees, video invitations are far more engaging and can make the invitation much more powerful with 8x improvement on the click-through rates.

Moreover, video invitations can be directly shared on social media, resulting in more publicity for your event. Here are some tips for designing attendance-boosting video invitations:

  • Select images and clips that reflect the theme of the event. It will help you set the tone. You can browse through free stock images online and take your pick.
  • Use eye-catching fonts to add details about the event. But make sure to choose readable fonts to avoid any miscommunication. Steer away from comic fonts or funky colors to keep things professional.
  • Add more flair and personality to video invitations with text animation, transitions, and fades.
  • Make sure to resize the video invite to make it suitable for sharing on various social media platforms.
  • End the video with a strong call-to-action to show how important the attendance of the guests is.

And here’s the kicker: you don’t have to be a professional video editor to create these invitations. Simply use a free online video editor and unleash your creativity.

Closing Thoughts

A custom-made virtual invite is a perfect way to build up the excitement of your guests before an important corporate event. Make sure to use these tips to design an invite that no guest can say no to!


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