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How to prepare for CCIE enterprise infrastructure?

Certification and degrees are great ways to upgrade skills. Especially with the fast-changing world, it is easy to fall back in your field if you do not upgrade yourself. This is where certification comes in. As a networking professional, it is essential to further increase your knowledge by taking up such courses. Not only are these courses super helpful, but they also inform you about the latest updates in the networking world. Today we will be looking at how to prepare for the CCIE enterprise infrastructure with some help from resources like SPOTO CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure practice lab.

What is the CCIE enterprise infrastructure?

It is a certification to prove your skills in the technical world of enterprise infrastructure solutions. To achieve the certification from Cisco, you need to pass two exams. One of which is an initial or preliminary exam that includes the primary information about enterprising tech. Furthermore, afterward, a lab exam is the second part of the certification. That involves a lot of hands-on experience in enterprise networks. So, for preparation, why not try these out.

Studying for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

Preparation for this certification is not easy, as these exams are super tough. So today, we will be mentioning a few ways you can prepare well for these.

Syllabus of the exams

For preparing for the exams, it is necessary to look at the syllabus or the topics that will be a part of the exams. All the detailed syllabus and topics are mentioned on the Cisco website for both the exams, the qualifying, and the lab one. It is essential to know what is part of the exam, to prepare for any exam. You should go through the detailed syllabus and PDF available on their site.

Get the official Textbook

On the website of Cisco, you can place an order for the Cisco press book. This book can help prepare for the qualifying exam of the CCIE enterprise infrastructure exam. You can quickly place an order and get your hand on it for further study.

Look for information dumps

Many excellent websites have dumps of questions that come up in these exams. These are accumulated from verified past exams and individuals who have already taken up the exam. These are a great way to prepare for the exam. Ensure that before the exam, you check out these and at least go through these questions once to know if you are well prepared for the given topics in the syllabus.

Online video lectures

Another great way to prepare for the exam and lab practice is through online video lectures. There are many paid and free courses available that have people tutoring that are well acquainted with the exam. Furthermore, even if you can’t afford expensive one’s, sources like Youtube have great content.

Final thoughts

The field of networking and enterprise infrastructure is a dynamic one. That’s why all individuals in this field are taught to update their knowledge through certifications. CCIE Enterprise infrastructure is an excellent certification to do. This will polish your skills. This exam can be taken onsite as well as online. So do check out the official Cisco website to register. Good luck!


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