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How to Win New Customers and Keep Existing Ones


Best consultants, coaches, copywriters, or designers have one thing in common.

They all thrive to make people trust them and their services.

Trust and customers satisfaction are some of the most important things to keep customers loyal to your business.

An average customer will ask these three questions before making an order

  • Will the seller keep to promise?
  • Does the product or service worth the price?
  • Will your performance bring measurable success?

In order to increase your customer base, it is necessary to always stay in touch with potential and existing customers, and the more added value your company offers, the more loyal your customers will be to you.

Tips to Win More Customers and Keep Existing Ones 

  • Ask for feedback

People like to share their experiences, both online and offline.

You can use a questionnaire to find out more about the individual industries, customer experiences, or customer satisfaction.

  • Offer good customer service

Treat both your new customers and old customers like a king.

Respect them for their orders no matter how small in value they’re.

Try to understand that customers do not have the same behavior, accommodate them as much as possible irrespective of how they present their complaints.

  • Appreciate your customers

Sending a ‘thank you message’ can go a long way to keep your customers.

You can even automate your message and send handwritten greeting cards online with Handwrytten tool.

There are templates to use, and you can schedule your notes for future delivery on your customers’ birthdays, your company’s annual conference, and other anniversaries.

  • Tips for Building Trust

It’s important to build trust in the hearts of your customers.

The best way to do that is to offer high-quality products or services to your customers.

You should also ensure you improve on your quality from time to time and strive to offer the best or better products than your competitors.

If you do not have the resources to be the best in your industry, there are other ways to build loyal customers.

  • Trust grows through relationship

A customer relationship needs to be cultivated. You can do this by sending valuable information about your company, and offers via email.

Not many people like to read emails from businesses this day, but you can standout and make your customer happy to open your email by sending message in handwritten note and append your signature, just like when you write a letter and send via mailbox.

You can sign and send notes online using handwrytten app – choose your handritten style, craft your message and submit your signature.

In this way, you can improve the engagement of your customers with your marketing messages.

  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

This is actually part of the 1 × 1 of successful customer loyalty. But still, many companies hardly bother to understand how their customers feel.

Just ask the key employees and go through the questions together:

  • Where are the things our customers care about most?
  • What would the service provider have to offer in order to win more customers?
  • How would you prefer to be treated instead of your customer?
  • What information are you still missing in order to place the order?

Those who tailor their communication and advertising material to the crucial questions of a potential new customer will also be rewarded with orders.