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Improving Air Quality In Your Office


There are many people working in the same office? Feel the air quality is not good in your working area? You need to take some actions. Having fresh air not only improve your long term health, but also will improve your productivity.

You can take the following steps to improve the air quality in your office and thus lead a healthy and comfortable life.

Step one: use a portable air purifier

People may be surprised to hear that indoor air is probably more polluted than that outside. In fact, you should perform some tasks to maintain the cleanness and purity of air in your house including the bedroom, den, kitchen and living room. The most common and effective method is to use a portable air purifier.

Air purifiers do a good job in the following ways:

  • Removing dust, dust mites, pollen, mold spores and other pollutants;
  • Absorbing different chemical fumes, gases, odors and smoke;
  • Killing micro-organisms including fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Step two: control the source of indoor pollutants

Cleaning your house regularly keeps it free of indoor pollutants, especially dust on your furniture. The vacuum cleaner is a key part of a thorough cleaning. Also, try to clean every day rather than once a week or month. This keeps pollutants at a constantly low level and prevents you from spending half a day on a massive cleaning spree. Additionally, if you own pets, it is highly recommended that you bathe them frequently. It’s better for their health as well as yours.

Step three: carrying out frequent inspections.

Check frequently for any leaks in the heating, gas, water or oil equipment. Fix them immediately once any leak occurs. Moreover, make sure that the carbon monoxide detectors work normally.

Step four: ventilate as frequently as possible

It is important to ventilate your house as frequently as possible and circulate the air. Never forget to open the windows and let yourself breathe in fresh air.

Tips to Remove Cigarette Odors

While smoking is perceived by many as a fun and enjoyable experience, cigarette smoke rapidly spreads to different areas and surfaces around the home, causing it to linger for a long time. So not only do the smoker and any nearby people smell like an ashtray, but also, upholstered furniture, pillows, carpeting, rugs and curtains smell the same, if not worse. To help you get rid of that smell, here is what you need to do:

Let in fresh air

Opening your car or house windows brings in clean and fresh air and clears out the cigarette smell. Unfortunately, this does not help in getting rid of the embedded odor in your upholstery, curtains or carpets. Thus, you have to use reliable and highly effective fabric fresheners.

Using fabric fresheners

Fabric fresheners such as Febreze are considered highly safe and effective, especially when removing bad odors on different types of fabric. This is enhanced by their neutralizing abilities. To use the freshener, one should spray it directly on the carpeting, curtains and/or upholstery. To ensure that you cover every inch of the fabric, adopt a side to side motion while spraying. Another advantage of using fabric fresheners is that they can also be used on dry clean only types of fabrics.

In a nutshell, you can:

Use fabric fresheners on your clothes after washing them and before taking them to the dryer, or by hanging the non-washable garments like wool sweaters on a clothing line before spraying them.

You can also spray the car’s floor mats and upholstery or indoor upholstered furniture with fabric air freshener. In the car, once the first shot of spray has dried, close all the windows and doors except one. Then, turn on the air conditioning system, direct another long shot of spray on the car’s interior, and close the door. With the AC on, the odor-neutralizing chemicals will circulate through the vent system, getting rid of the old cigarette smell.

And of course, it goes without saying that once you get rid of the bad odor, you should cease smoking indoors or in the car.