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Look for These 5 Special Features in ID Card Access Control Systems

Flashing an ID badge is an ordinary part of the average worker’s day. It’s so normal, in fact, that it’s easy to overlook how integral these ID cards are to your business’ security. But there’s more to these badges than a simple photograph and name. To make sure your ID card access control systems are working to their best abilities, make sure they have these five features.

1. In-Person Plastic Card Printer

Any delay that prevents you from putting an ID card into an employee’s hand costs you time and peace of mind. It means they’re relying on other employees to access spaces and data, and you have no means of tracking their attendance or whereabouts until their badge arrives.

When you need to print ID badges on the fly, outsourcing this task doesn’t make sense.

That’s why the security experts at Avon Security Products recommend investing in an in-house instant ID card printing machine. An in-house plastic card printer streamlines your onboarding and guest services departments, giving you full control over this security system.

It also saves you time. You can quickly issue ID badges to new hires and visitors as you need them without having to defer to a third party.

2. Digital Access Control

Digital access control removes the need for a physical security team at every entrance. This frees up these professionals to focus on more important tasks when protecting your property.

3. Holographs and Watermarking

A sophisticated instant ID card printing machine can produce badges with holographic watermarks alongside other identifying information like a photograph, name, and position.

These added security features make it difficult to counterfeit or tamper with your ID badges, which will be a huge deterrent to potential fraudsters.

4. RFID-Embedded Technology

RFID technology takes your ID card access control system to the next level. This technology allows for contactless entry to your building, so your employees and visitors don’t have to swipe or punch-in to move through your space.

In a time when you want to eliminate shared surfaces and increase social distancing, HID proximity cards outfitted with RFID technology can help your office meet your disinfecting goals.

5. Integrated Time and Attendance Tracking

Today’s ID card solutions are more than just an access control tool. Nowadays, you can use these badges as a punch-in system.

Tracking your employees and visitor’s attendance with a timestamp takes a load of busy work off your hands, as it instantly records this information without paperwork.

It also protects your bottom line. With a seamless attendance system that tracks clock-ins and clock-outs, you only have to pay employees and contractors for the exact time they’re on the floor and not a minute more.

On their own, each item on this list is a helpful security feature, but their true value is when you pair them together. As a set, they create a comprehensive security system that will protect your business, no matter what industry you work in.

Use this list as a rubric when you next assess your security plans. If your current system is missing something, it’s time to upgrade to a better, more secure program.


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