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Mindset Shifts and Personal Development for the Budding Entrepreneur

If you’d like to venture into an entrepreneurial opportunity, understand that it takes a specific mindset in order to be successful. Each person’s entrepreneurial journey has the potential to be considerably different. That’s why it’s so important to create your own lane. It’s okay to seek wisdom to learn from others. However, recognize the fact that the advice is relative. What works for someone else’s audience might not work for your audience. As you work on charting your own path as an entrepreneur, personal development and intentional mindset shifts are essential to cultivate and develop through a few key strategies.

Time Blocks and Productivity

Some people work really well at night. Other need to wake up early in the morning to work until noon. When you’re working for yourself, you get to decide your hours. If you’re running an operation that requires people to come in and leave at specific times, your schedule might be a bit defined. However, when you’re a freelance graphic designer, you’ll probably get the opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home or a co-working space. Working from home can be its own distraction at times. This is why it’s wise to submit to accountability in order to be successful. When you’re able to find the time blocks that work for you to be the most productive, you’ll be able to find your space and zone that allows you to efficiently produce excellent work on a consistent basis. Never underestimate the power of excellent work. Plus, there’s a snowball effect that happens when you’re able to accomplish one hard thing. You’ll want to move on to something harder or more challenging. Figure out which time of day is the most comfortable for you to efficiently work in. Once you’ve figured it out, commit.

Efficient Systems

If you’re running this effort as a solo entrepreneur, you’ll desperately need systems in order to keep everything running efficiently. Eventually, you’ll want to hire people to work for you. When you’re able to develop a great team to work alongside you or for you, this is considered an efficient system. Get to a place where the business can operate without you being present at all times. Furthermore, efficient systems also involve the way the back-end runs on your website, the customer service process and how to get orders out in a timely fashion. When you’re running an eCommerce site, you’ll need to be knowledgeable about the value different companies promise to provide. Big Commerce might proclaim to handle the efficiency of the online transaction well. However, do your research to find out if Shopify Plus is superior. Before you invest in a particular system, take a thorough look at the reviews. When people feel as though they’re investing in something positive, they also expect efficiency and a high level of customer service. When you’re able to maintain efficient systems, you’ll decrease the likelihood of dissatisfaction of your customers.

Continued Education

Commit to your continued educational journey as an entrepreneur. This can happen in a variety of ways. Whether you decide to enroll in courses at a local community college or join an online mastermind group, you’ll have the opportunity to seek wisdom from those who have been in a position of leadership within the context of entrepreneurship. Education doesn’t solely involve sitting in a classroom though. Consider many of the successful entrepreneurs before your time. Think of trailblazers like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Read books that talk about what they did to achieve their own levels of success. Consider a diverse amount of information from a range of notable teachers. Within business, you’re going to need to learn more about numbers, finances and money management. Even if you hire someone to run your finances, you’ll still want to be able to interpret charts and understand how to financially forecast the success of your company’s future. Attend seminars and courses that can teach you how to run the financial side of the business. This will also help tremendously when you need to make important decisions.


While there are tons of people who look at realism as a positive trait, it’s actually a lot better to cultivate a positive attitude as an entrepreneur. If you’re constantly looking at what’s potentially realistic, you’ll keep yourself in a box. In order to truly reach your dreams and be successful, it is good to have a sense of unrealistic optimism. Don’t be naive. However, push the limits in order to solve the problems of your customers. It starts with paying close attention to what you’re feeding your mind. Read the biographies of people who’ve been wildly successful in life. Learn more about the public figures who inspire you to move forward. Learn more about the common denominators of all the people who’s inspired you to move forward.


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